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10 Marketing Issues to Address for your Law Firm Retreat


From team development to corporate culture, excursions give you a captive audience to the firm’s internal business, rendering it a perfect time to discuss an often ignored part of your business marketing. You can create long-term changes that may be much easier than you think by taking just a few short minutes to sit down with associates, associates, and staff. Below are twelve simple yet crucial troubles to bring up at your next business retreat… Learn the best info about San Jose bail bonds.

1. Points of Difference

To stand out in the water of law firms, you must discover and then market what makes your firm unique. Are you aimed at personal attention? Have a 100-year history in a particular place? Employ attorneys who chat multiple languages? Bringing together spouses, associates and staff can quickly bring about a clear vision of what makes the firm various and how that fits with your clients’ needs. You can then utilize that as part of your law firm advertising business development plan.

2. Firm Personality

If your company were a car, what would it not be? Solid and brutal like a Ford truck? Luxurious and fast like a Ferrari? Sophisticated and state-of-the-art such as a Mercedes S-Class? How about an ice cream flavor? A coffee? A movie genre? These routines not only make for an exciting discussion but work to help you define your firm persona. Once that emerges, seek ways to incorporate it into the firm’s daily business- via answering the phones on your letterhead.

3. Define your message and brand

It can be a word, a symbol, or a detto but having a message can do more to keep attorneys for a fancy passing page than almost anything different. Decide your message and stick to it, whether rubber stamping your symbol on alphabets and emails or displaying your firm rule on the company website. Duplication will help attorneys stay on meaning and help clients recognize their presence.

4. Set obvious marketing and business development ambitions

For firms who depend on billable hours, marketing frequently takes a backseat. Make which change. Retreats are an ideal time to create and set clear expectations for attorneys and partners for a non-billable period devoted to marketing and business advancement. And don’t forget to reward the actual performers!

5. Use your human relationships

Relationships are crucial to advertising your firm. Have the lawyers and staff brainstorm personal contacts in specific industrial sectors that they have neglected, and promise to call or check them out at least oncee a year. On the internal part, create relationships between lawyers and staff by integrating younger associates with mature rainmakers who can act as advertising mentors.

6. Look at your client list

The 80/20 rule says that 85% of a firm’s business originates from the top 20% of its clients. Go through that listing and ask yourself what you can do to grow more business from those companies. Are you cross-marketing between practice areas? Taking a wide variety of practices together in a single room can create instant tips on what else you can perform for them.

7. Take a good look at your own personal printed materials

Do you have a logo? A tagline? Do you get a letterhead reflecting the firm’s persona, or would it be a generic stuffy document? Bring samples of everything from being aware cards to envelopes for you to brochures and take a refined, hard look at them. You may well be surprised at what you get. From moving a logo all around to creating an email-based signature, the ideas that can come from the careful and trustworthy evaluation can make a big difference throughout moving forward with marketing ideas.

8. Evaluate your website

Be sure you look at your website as a marketing tool, not a THE IDEA plaything. Video, podcasts, and blogs are great, but practically nothing can replace a good, sturdy, well-organized homepage and defined practice areas. Also- look at how the attorney journal is categorized. Are they simple to navigate and easy to read? Otherwise, consider hiring someone to update and redesign-it’s a simple as well as a non-expensive way to remodel your firm image instantly.

9. Re-think your attorney biographies

Nobody, NO ONE, is going to read the three-page attorney biography. Although they may be proud of their achievements, attorneys must realize the value of being clear and concise. Have the attorneys sit down with copies of their bios and take the time to update and modify what’s there. From instances to clubs and businesses, limit the information and concentrate on what the attorney can do for any new client, not the actual have done for old types.

10. Consider bringing in an expert

Whether a web designer, graphic designer, or marketing specialist, investing in professional help can not merely keep attorneys and staff members on track. Still, it can give critical feedback on a firm income.

Remember: be prepared, have a schedule and keep focused on the accessible discussion. Involve everyone from associates to associates to staff members and keep an open mind for you to marketing ideas, plans and wishes. But most of all… make it an authentic priority to institute individual strategies when the retreat concludes.

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