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Almost all Small Business Owners Get The Fear — How Branding Your Business Will help you Overcome It


Ten years back, I left behind the corporate globe and started my own company.

It was terrifying. Things I wasn’t expecting was to discover that a decade on, sometimes, it still is.

Every small company owner gets The Fear – it can be part of the deal. It’s barely surprising when you think of the potential risks we take, the burdens all of us shoulder.

I left behind a great job, an excellent salary and perks, and benefits, not least the peace of mind that the bills will be paid each month. But job protection wasn’t enough to complete me.

I wanted more — I wanted to make a grand residence doing work I loved; a function that meant something in my experience, work that did well in the world; work that was a manifestation of my authentic personality. I love coaching and composing and helping other people make a great living carrying out work they love. That was, as well as remains, my purpose, the guiding light – what actually of as my To the north Star.

My North Celebrity guides me in whatever’s happening. It’s an unshakable source of guidance, a trusted stage from which I can always get around, no matter what’s going on. It is the point that drives me, along with my business, and makes all this worthwhile. It gives me courage – something all small businesses need in spades.

My dad – owner of his business, as was the father before him- rapidly gave me the most excellent advice on which day I started ten years ago. He said: “Once you’ve worked for yourself, you will never return to having a job again. There’s nothing much better in the world when it’s going well. But let me tell you – you will be sharp at 4 am worrying about where the next client comes from. And when it’s awful, it’s terrible because nobody else can shoulder the duty for you; it’s yours on your own.
So be sure you know precisely why you’re doing it. ”

The young man, was he right! If it is going well, when there are consumers lined up, and the words are generally flowing onto the site, it’s beautiful. I feel lucky and honored to do the project I do. It’s hard work. Nevertheless, dragging yourself into a task, you hate daily is not as hard.

If it is not going so well, running a company00 is the loneliest job globally. There’s no one to share the idea with, no one else genuinely understands, and even if they accomplish it, they can’t help you. They might pour you another take in and listen while you sob about how hard it all is usually, but the buck stops along with you, and you know it. Nobody can make it work but you, so in retrospect, you get The Fear.

When The Worry strikes, you need passion as well as the purpose

That’s why knowing WHY you do what you are is essential. When there’s no work arranged, and you have no idea what to do about it, that is when you need your passion — the core of your brand name – the most.

The Fear whispers that it’s all for absolutely nothing, it will fail, and it can be all hopeless. What’s the idea? You ask yourself. And that’s the question at the core of your brand name and at the bottom of it all — what IS the bloody point?

The worry doesn’t care about KPIs.

I had formed The Fear last weekend: a complete case of the wobbles, the ‘what the daylights am I doing’s. Self-doubt packed my mind at night, and limitless lists of everything I had to do filled my time. I have a great business trainer and all sorts of plans and techniques, but they’re nothing when confronted with Fear. When it strikes, you cannot find any logic, no list, or zero KPI in the world that can calm it. The only thing that can fight fear is love rapidly cheesy, I know – in this case, you enjoy what you do that number.

Your North Star means that you do it.

That thing that you do – that you love, that creates your heart sing, that you just do in a way that no one else would it – whatever it may be rapid, that’s what makes it all worthwhile. That’s your North Legend.

Whether it’s writing and coaching or maybe cooking or gardening or maybe consulting or fixing someone’s gadgets or teaching men and women how to use social media or baking artisan bread; it doesn’t matter what its, as long as it’s meaningful along with feels like you have a purpose inside. That’s what gives you typically the sense of fulfillment zero jobs ever could rapidly because it comes from the heart. Which explains why it must be at the heart of your manufacturer. It’s central, critical, and practically vital to what you do.

How to handle it when The Fear strikes

If you get The Fear, there are certain things you must do. The first is to be quiet, kind, and gentle on your own; don’t give yourself a hassle; that’s counterproductive. Treat yourself while you would a terrified kid learning to swim – comforting them that everything’s getting all right and they can do it.

The second reason is to look to your North Celebrity for direction – remember why you do what you do, your own sense of purpose, associated with passion and mission on the planet. Tune into that portion of your soul that recalls why you took this difficult, winding, uphill road toward success, and listen to this. Because when you go back to which unshakeable truth, that unshakable point of guidance, all of a sudden, you will know what to do. You might not understand everything you need to do, but the next thing will become clear.

Small steps on the right path

Then, slowly, get up and start, take a deep breath, and get back to this. It doesn’t matter what you do, do something related to your North Celebrity, something that’s heading the right way. Slowly but surely (sometimes quickly and surprisingly), you’ll get back in the stream, and the right clients will probably be drawn to you.

You’ll prosper again, and The Fear will probably be alleviated until the next time.

And then, the time it strikes, it is likely to know how to greet it, and it also won’t be so terrifying.

Thus here’s the big question: Do you know what your North Star will be?

Do you know exactly what it is that you are most likely passionate about in your business, actually drives you, offers your work meaning, and gives you that magical sense of fulfillment?

If you want a clear, shining Northern Star that provides your company with an unshakable source of advice, then coaching with the Legitimate Branding Company will help.

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