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And what will I Do While I’m With Glasgow?



First of all, on a yearly basis there’s the Celtic Relationships Festival, one of the world’s nearly all anticipated cultural events, like over 200 concerts, speaks, ceilidhs, workshops and lane artistry, all celebrating often the Celtic culture (wow would you lot of c’s! ).


February begins with Completely new Territories, an international festival connected with live arts in Tramway in the southside of the Urban centre, featuring some of the most talented and also influential artists in the world.

Then you certainly have the Glasgow Film Festivity, which is exactly what it says around the tin, and is fast becoming a massive event in UK motion picture circles, exploring the types of fantastic wee films you’d never ever see at the Odeon yet which should be given a chance whilst they won’t make any funds. Finally, you can come and also visit the Aye Write Festivity at the fabulous Mitchell Catalogue. It lines up the ointment of international talent, and also aims to encourage reading, composing and creativity in Glasgow, so is well worth a look.


One of my personal favourites seems in March, the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. This particular gets bigger every year, and you will be treated to humour (good and bad) all over the City, from up and coming skills as well as the larger more recognized acts touring today. Within March we also like to signify St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th. It’s not an event as such, but given our own deep Celtic connection this always turns out to be a day to not miss in Glasgow.


With the April showers arrive one of our greatest social events, the Glasgow Worldwide Festival of Contemporary Visual Artwork (AKA the GI Festival), which has firmly established Glasgow as a leading light within global art circles, especially when it is coupled with Scotland’s Nationwide Art Fair in George Square, the UK’s almost all prestigious contemporary art sensible outside of London. Finally, you will find a cool little festival referred to as Triptych, which explores all types of musical genres and always gives some more colour to The spring.


May brings you typically the increasingly attended Maydaze from the City Halls and the Outdated Fruitmarket. It starts while using the tremendous Mayday Rally, along with continues until the excitement breaks into the next event, Major Big Country, our Americana Music Festival. To be honest, May well is a little light on the key events cycle, but It’s my job to find a great deal to do at any rate, as there are plenty of gigs, shows and shows to keep me personally going, so just have a glance for what’s on for all those here and you certainly will not be bored.


The big journal buster in June may be the Über-cool West End Event, which parades down the actual streets of one of the trendiest areas in the City. With regard to jazz lovers, there’s the actual Glasgow International Jazz Event, and for those more deeply in love with more mainstream music, you are able to grab a ticket intended for Live & Loud.

With that said you’ve got Bard in the Botanics, which tributes Shakespeare in the western world End’s Botanic Gardens, the first annual outdoor Mark twaindostoevsky festival in Scotland). Likewise in June however, you may be treated to the Lord Provost’s Procession, involving bagpipes, chale, colourful floats, street artists and free family entertaining.


July brings typically the Glasgow River Festival, which often celebrates the River Clyde, with brilliant events such as Zapcat Races. Again, there are certainly not too many big events besides T in the Park that everyone usually jumps on to a bus for, since it’s held outside the Town.


For those lovers associated with tartan and traditional Scottish displays, Piping Live! and also the World Pipe Band Competition will give you what you need in August. From the huge display of global skill at Glasgow Green, keep in mind to bring the ear connects as it gets pretty noisy the nearer you get! Aug also brings the soccer (soccer) season back, plus it runs until May the subsequent year.

Get yourself to a Celtic or Rangers game along with joining in the electric surroundings, learning as you will precisely why football is so important to Glasgow. More important to me, however, is usually eating! This month you’ll find out a lot about Gourmet Glasgow, where our best restaurants ever single provide you with a great set food list and free dram involving whiskey for an outrageously good deal. What could possibly be better?!!


This month introduces you to typically the Merchant City Festival, an excellent week event that competitors every year all that trend-setting happening in the West End. There are also opportunities for Open Day in Sept, where loads of our best-compensated attractions open their doorways and simply let you walk in just like you own the place. Superb!


The Glasgay Festival throughout October is one of the largest multi-artform festivals in the world, along with whether you’re into the traditions or not, the whole thing’s only so colourful you’ll be used if you’re here while really on. Glasgow in August also brings Halloween, exactly where kids and adults alike dress like Harry Potter and Princesses, and you could join in on one of the many tough mystery tours or dishes organised all over the City, or perhaps go watch one of the frightening movies they always wear in the cinemas.


Within November, as the weather will get colder the events fill a person with an inner warmth. The actual Christmas Lights come on, as well as George Square becomes overwhelmed with stalls, a glaciers rink, chestnut roasting, nativity scenes and more, and the entire City becomes made with the actual festive buzz.

Whether you believe it’s too early to get into it or not, Glasgow in the main does not mind and just gets upon with enjoying itself within the lead up to the most exciting occasion. Continuing on this festive concept, Glasgow’s Pantomime Season commences at the end of the month.

It is really an experience you won’t want to neglect if you’re looking to catch a certain amount of Glasgow patter at its funniest, no matter whether you’re young or even old. Just book a plane ticket at one of the venues and see how good it really is. You might also include Whisky Live, which remembers our favourite tipple.


What more can you say in relation to Glasgow in December, apart from that they have just fun all around? Initially, up, you can visit The german language Christmas Market in Port St Lucie. Enoch Square, and put into the bratwurst and currywurst sausages, spanferkel, garlic in addition to salami pizza bread, as well as a great deal more, not forgetting often the dazzling plethora of treats and treats, all cleansed down with gluhwein.

Have a tendency to ask me what’s in all of them that, but take it by me that it all likes great! There are loads of fairy-lit cabin stalls dotted across the Square selling things like elaborate wooden toys, funky wax lights, intricate jewellery, and much more. As well, there are literally hundreds of activities organised all over the City, this book a ticket regarding whatever suits your likes.

The main event though will be Hogmanay, and you’ll be hard forced to find anywhere else in the world that gives the kind of experience you’ll get in the nation where it all started.

And so do a great year on me, and if you want to know more, merely visit the site and get in contact.

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