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Basic and Practical Career Assistance Book ‘Do What You Are’ – Review


“Do the things you Are” just shook my family out of nowhere, which I hasn’t been expecting. Although the concept due to these two thorough psychologist scientists (Paul D. Tieger and also Barbara Barron Tieger) are very well established for several years now, frankly, it was the first time to me that I was reading aiming to understand the 16 forms of personalities. What are these sixteen types of personalities by the way? I desired to know more…

How can the entire human population of about 7 billion folks be just divided into these kinds of 16 types? How can that be like that? I had a lot more scepticism on my mind compared to the positivity.

Anyhow, I decided to offer it a go. Right from the start the book “Do What You Are “was so interesting, I sensed gripped to read on and find out more. That’s what I did.

The particular strange awkward four-page combination like ENFP, ESFJ, ENFJ, INTP, etc in the beginning sounded silly & foolish without making any perception to me. But later, they proved to be magical letters.

Because I continued, I didn’t learn much about what these style types are and how useful they would be. The only way in my opinion to validate were a couple of ways:

1 – To try and do further research and get more information on the reliability and truth of these concepts in its request on others.

2 instructions The second way was to use it on me first.

So that I started my journey initially to apply it to my family in order to validate this unit and convince myself initially about these concepts.

Well, simply speaking, it helped to change playing to a great extent the way I consider it now. I guess it used the most impactful impression in the mind.

I have read many more similar books in life specifically on career and self-improvement. Many of these have their own special angles to address human existence and the mind and they absolutely are good and also add benefits. But this book “Do What You Are ” completely includes a different subject and makes that much more simplified to know about themselves through a proper proven and also validated system.

The first distress and complexity about lifetime and human being are that tastes us still don’t know `who actually we are’ as well as `who actually we are used to be’. We just dwell and design our lives determined by many factors like friends and family influences, cultural norms, friends’ influences, society, schooling and so forth and we start becoming incredibly practical and intelligent (that’s what we think). But the actuality remains that most of us finally end up living mediocre lives. The reason it is like that then? Likely after when we retire from work we will have a chance to think about it…

“Do What You Are micron simply helped me to understand what exactly job and work I can choose which will interest my family more, which will connect with my very own innate talents, which will help me to do more & really it, which will help me to be able to excel in it, and which supports me to enjoy it all regarding my life.

Well, one crucial point to learn is that it won’t matter if the talents which usually we eventually find relate to something very ordinary and also small. In many cases, you may like to be able to dream of becoming a doctor, yet on the contrary, you may hate the feeling of medicines and injured folks, whereas you may only love to draw sketches.

In that case, absolutely becoming a doctor may be far more impressive, society friendly and also gets you more money within. On the other hand, the route for attracting sketches, and concentrating on it may not provide you with much money or the type of status, a doctor or attorney or business tycoon can take advantage of.

The writer, the traveller, the musician, the acting profession, the researcher, the reporter, many more such types may not apparently give you the belief that it can bring good cash and status, and you may possess your own requirements or family members pressures to earn much more in life. That is where whenever we deviate from our natural talents and get on the popularity.

But you should know that there are possibilities that even if by other effects you happen to become a doctor or even lawyer, still you may turn out having an ordinary living since you also may not be doing that good work to patients which any passionate doctor or law firm can do and also you may likely have got a burn-out after 10 or higher years. So eventually may well enter into a lose-lose condition in future.

On the other hand, if you choose to stick to your needs innate talents and understanding (be it small or maybe ordinary), the initial route might not exactly show you big rewards, standing or money, but soon after years of commitment and effort, it starts opening up brand new opportunities for you. That’s the type of patience that is required right after we know about ourselves via “Do What You Are. ”

Getting read “Do What You Are” is one thing but attempting to apply it to you is the diet pill. I am very confident that it may help you as it has allowed me to unclutter the misunderstandings for myself.

Through this particular book – I ended up being an “ENFP” – Uninhibited, outgoing, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving.

I was doing a job in the bank in Operations exceeding 10 years. Now if you happen to check out who ENFPs are like with this book “Do What You Are”, you will come to understand why I used to be at the wrong place intended for so many years. It has altered now. I am in the ‘Communications/Advertising field and involved in publishing, graphics and creativity. However, I was blessed to get this opportunity in life recently, nevertheless, that’s what now I Think Therefore I’m moving closer to what I did in the morning.

The book has allowed me to establish clarity about us and my life to a significant extent which indeed is an excellent feeling. Every day, when you get up, you feel fresh right from the very first hour and feel completely geared up for the day ahead. That is all that matters for the short term. With this approach in mind, a person automatically will achieve their own long term goals and desires too. Just try to concentrate on the small gains and what issues most to you in the short term will lead you to big victories.

“Do What You Are” has become among my favourite books. I feel such as preaching about this book to any or all… This feeling is simply depending on my own research and expertise and the impact it had on my life. But I crave you to read it using a positive frame of mind and by supplying sufficient committed time to allow you to understand the concepts.

I wish anyone luck if you do happen to seize this book…

By Zeerik Ahmad

About The Author

I’ve been in the corporate sector exceeding 20 years now. I have provided in Banking, Quality, Course of action Management, HR, IT, Promoting, Advertising, PR and CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. I have obtained diverse coverage mostly in Middle Far east (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt) and now in Lahore, Pakistan.

Besides, I love the concept as well as a model of E-Business and I think it has lots of potential for people, Small & Medium Corporations (SMEs) as well as a large business sector to take full take advantage of.

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