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Brim Espresso Machine reviews: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Well, this is one machine that is at the brim of perfection. Brim Espresso Machine reviews are let’s just say quite polarizing. The machine which recently made its debut had a lot of hype but that might have also been the reason why customer reviews are so conflicting.

With such publicity, one would have thought that things were going to be going in one direction. That is the positive one. Things seem not to be going to plan. We took a look at some of the reviews and here is what consumers think of the Brim Espresso Machine.

Brim Espresso Machine Reviews: The Good

Several pros come with the Brim Espresso machine. This is the majority of the reviews though contrary to what some bloggers are writing about the product. There seems to be quite a large section that is impressed by the device. Here is one a thing that they have highlighted to be the beacon of the entire device.

Brim Espresso Machine reviews

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Brim Espresso Machine Reviews: Performance

This is one thing that has driven the machine to rave reviews. the machine works and works well, at least according to users that left reviews on Amazon. The machine makes amazing beverages and the fact that it is easy to use makes it even more amazing. most first-time users have given the machine props and we also have to admit that the machine is pretty comprehensive.

Put the milk heating feature in the mix you have a perfect espresso maker. Most reviewers have highlighted that their satisfaction interns of built quality as well as performance. If the machine is built well, it is only right that the coffee must be perfect. The Brim Espresso machine does deliver in this regard. It has been rightly touted as a performance beast and we endorse the name.

Brim Espresso Reviews: The Bad

There are some minor complaints that customers have raised and that they wish to be addressed. These include

Brim Espresso Machine reviews

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Brim Espresso Machine Reviews: Pricing

Brim Espresso Machine reviews: Yeah, this is one machine that is certainly not a budget machine. Remember that a machine is a premium machine and it comes at a premium price. Most customers have highlighted that their biggest constraint is the 349 dollar price tag. Compared to most machines available on the market, the Brim Espresso Machine is a bit pricey but in terms of value, it is certainly worth it.

Brim Espresso Machine Reviews: The Ugly

Well, some transgressions can be forgiven but for a premium product like the Brim Espresso Machine, some are too ugly to slide.

Brim Espresso Machine reviews

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Brim Espresso Machine Reviews: Customer service

This is one thing that you will hate about the product. Customer support is very poor. Chances are you are going to suffer if you want to get a return or extended customer support. The company has promised to look into this though and we hope that it goes in the right way.

If the customer service issue is not fixed, it’s not rocket science that the company is going to be battling negative reviews for a very long time. There is a need to strengthen their online team, with features like chatbots and live chat services. That way they are ensured that all their customers get service that they won’t have to go and vent about on review platforms.

The good features of the Brim Espresso Machine easily outweigh the bad ones. If you want a premium machine you have to buy this one. If the price and the design also are things to consider there might not be any coffee maker that comes close to this one.

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How much does the Brim Espresso machine cost?

The Brim Espresso machine retails for $307.99

Can you return the Brim Espresso machine?

Yes, If your Brim Espresso machine is faulty you can return it.

Where is the Rim Espresso machine made?

The Brim Espresso machine is made in Italy