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Computer Tech Reviews – Excellent Computer Tech Gifts to the Holidays


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Computer Tech Reviews – Year after year, tech products make popular holiday products. However, if you’re buying a computer techie who has every little thing, what can you get them? A common item like an iPhone, iPad device, or anything else refuses to do. It would help if you found a thing unique, but still helpful something or maybe fun.

Here is a selection of wonderful computer tech gifts in 2010. We’ve assembled a list of great and unique gifts via reliable sources like DESKTOP World, GeekyGadgets, and Feeling stimulated. With this list, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Apple mackintosh TV

Stream iTunes, Netflix, and YouTube with this product. Sync this gadget together with your iPad or iPhone. For just $99, it has many abilities and an 8 GB area.

Great for: Movie lovers.

Kindle fire Wi-Fi

Computer Tech Reviews – For book enthusiasts, having the convenience of downloading books and reading all of them anywhere is the gift that will bring on giving. The price maintains coming down and may even fall under $265.21 around Christmas time.

Great for: Bookworms; people who like to read at any time, anywhere.

Star Wars MP3 FORMAT Alarm Clocks

A unique present for the Star Wars enthusiast is an alarm clock, lamp, and you may play your MP3 player delete word.

Great for: Star Wars followers; teenagers.

Samsung Epic 4-G Android Phone

Computer Tech Reviews – Know someone who must update their phone? This particular Android is an excellent choice, along with 4G wireless connectivity, GPS NAVIGATION, and so many more features it will strike their mind.

Great for: Anybody who isn’t happy with their very own smartphone.

Fisher-Price iXL

Until now, it seems this may be the hottest doll of 2010. It’s a lightweight media player and leisure system geared toward the younger group.

Great for: The kids.


Computer Tech Reviews – Start a lot of shopping online? Are you tired of entering your credit card advice each time? Save time using SmartSwipe, a device that shacks up to your computer. Just swipe your card, and your advice is encrypted and brought to the retailer for a harmless and easy transaction.

Great for: Those who shop a lot online, people who find themselves nervous about making MasterCard transactions online.

AAAXA M2 Micro Projector

Computer Tech Reviews – Do you employ projectors for work, along with sick of lugging one all-around? This small projector matches the palm of your hands. It also can be used as a press player and is the most effective projector in its class.

Ideal for: Anyone who uses a projector – teachers, artists, and those who make many presentations.

Ion Twin Video Camcorder

Come with an aspiring film director within your family? Want something just a little different from your average video camera? This digital recorder features a pair of lenses to capture footage via two angles.

Great for: A person who travels a lot and wants to record their travels; an aspiring filmmaker; an individual creative.

Sound Asleep Ease and comfort Pillow

Is there a better reward for a good night’s sleep? This kind of pillow features a built-in phone speaker so that you can listen to some soothing tunes on your MP3 player throughout the pad.

Great for: Someone who demands music or white noise for you to fall asleep; a music partner.

WorkFit-S from ErgoTron

Computer Tech Reviews – This kind of ergonomically designed computer desk allows you to arrange your computer monitors, keyboard, and more in ways brutal with conventional desks. It Could is a more high-end surprise at $899. It is a worthwhile price for someone who consumes a lot of time on the computer (like any Cleveland computer tech) and suffers from back and neck soreness or other discomforts.

Perfect for: A computer repair tech; somebody who works from home.

iPad-controlled AcuTouch 9500 Massage Chair

Computer Tech Reviews – If you want to spoil someone for Christmas time, this high-tech massage chair can do the trick. Lay back and unwind while controlling the massage options with your iPad, iPhone, or perhaps iPod touch. So why is it not the chair?

Great for: Someone together with back problems; someone most likely willing to spend a lot of money in.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

Computer  – These are headphones for many who don’t like headphones. They are cozy and not overly bulky, excellent to use during your workout, looking forward to the bus or working on your laptop.

Perfect for: People who don’t like headphones yet need them; anyone who also listens to a lot of music.

Jaclo Aquavolo MP3 and Chromatherapy Showerhead

Computer Tech Reviews – Most people would not bounce for joy upon getting a showerhead for Christmas. Still, this is not your average showerhead. It can play tunes out of your MP3 player, has colored lighting, and has different water pressure settings. It’s not low-priced, but it makes showering enjoyment!

Great for: Anyone who is bored with the standard shower experience.

Sneaky Uses of Everyday Things by Cy Tymony

While this gift isn’t electronic, it’s a fun and fantastic book techies will love. They have full of all sorts of ideas for plans you can do around the house, like the best way to generate battery power using residence items.

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