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Construction Companies in Trivandrum


Top construction companies in Trivandrum build everything from 2 BHK flats to individual houses, apartments, and villas. They also handle Vastu-based building designing and other related services.

These companies utilize both local knowledge and international trends to create impressive structures. They’re also able to deliver their projects within the timelines set by clients.

Entity Structure

The entity structure of a construction company is the legal structure under which the business operates. Choosing the right one is crucial to the success of your business. This is because it determines how your business will be taxed and what protections you have from liability. It would help if you considered the benefits and drawbacks of each option before making a decision.

The building construction industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are becoming available to help build more sustainable, efficient buildings. For example, a company called Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions recently created Kerala’s first 3D-printed structure. This is an exciting development for the building construction industry, as it demonstrates that the process of building a structure can be faster and more cost-effective.

There are many steps involved in the building construction process, including obtaining permits and selecting suitable materials. It is essential to work with a contractor or builder who is familiar with the local regulations and can assist you in navigating the process. This will ensure that your project complies with the local laws and codes.

A quality builder will be able to meet your requirements and provide you with a luxurious space for your home. They will use the best methodologies and techniques to make your dream come true. Heather Homes Pvt Ltd is a top-rated builder in Thiruvananthapuram that will provide you with quality construction at affordable rates.

Personal Liability

Despite the fact that many construction professionals are highly trained and licensed in their field, mistakes still happen. Sometimes, these errors result in injuries and property damage. When this happens, someone has to pay to make things right. Typically, this cost is covered by insurance policies. However, if your company has a wrong claims history, it can significantly increase your worker’s compensation premiums. A good claims management program and a culture of safety can help you avoid unnecessary claim activity and keep your worker’s compensation rates low.

Negligence can also lead to lawsuits and financial penalties. Lawsuits can be filed by affected parties, such as property owners or occupants. In some cases, a lawsuit can result in the revocation of professional licenses and severe consequences to an individual’s reputation and career.

Contractual liability is another potential risk for construction companies. This liability stems from obligations and agreements stipulated in construction contracts. Failure to fulfill these obligations can lead to breach of contract claims, which may result in financial claims or legal penalties. Clear communication and diligent performance are crucial to minimizing contractual liability risks.

An excellent commercial general liability policy will cover the physical injury or property damage that your business causes to others. In addition, most policies include completed operations coverage, which covers the liability of projects your company has already finished. This is a vital feature because your liability could continue for years after the project has been completed. Often, these policies will have both per-incident and aggregate limits for coverage.


Whether building homes, apartments, or commercial buildings, construction companies in Trivandrum take on a wide variety of projects. These firms range from long-established players to newer entities that have made a name for themselves in the field. Regardless of their niche, these builders are dedicated to customer satisfaction and strive for high quality in every project.

The most important coverage that construction companies need is general liability insurance. This policy protects the company against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage. It also covers legal fees and damages resulting from a lawsuit. While this type of insurance may seem expensive at the outset, it can help a construction company save money in the long run.

Insurance policies are available for nearly every kind of risk faced by the construction industry. Some are required by state law or specific types of projects, while others are designed to mitigate risks that are unique to the construction industry. In some cases, insurance can even cover costs related to natural disasters.

One common type of insurance is a bond. These bonds guarantee that the work a contractor does will be completed correctly and within a set time frame. They are backed by surety companies, which means they will pay the owner of the construction project in the event that the contractor breaks the terms of the contract. These bonds are typically a requirement for businesses to bid on specific projects.


Construction companies in Trivandrum must pay various taxes to operate legally. These include registration fees and stamp duty. These charges are based on the fair value of land or the consideration paid for the property, whichever is higher. They also depend on the type of building and its location. The local government collects these taxes. However, it is best to consult a registered professional before paying these fees.

The cost of building a house in Kerala can vary significantly depending on the size and design of the home. Some builders may offer cheaper options, while others will charge more. It is recommended to find a builder with a proven track record and good customer service. Moreover, it is essential to check their license and insurance before hiring them.

Recently, the Kerala state government has introduced a new luxury tax on buildings. This will affect buildings with a floor area of more than 3000 sq ft. The new tax will be levied in addition to the existing permit fee. The new tax will come into effect on April 1. This change will not affect existing buildings, but it will increase the price of constructing a new building. The use of premium materials and complex architecture will also result in higher prices. Besides this, there will be additional costs for interior furnishing and sanitary fittings.