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Could Beat 4 Cancers


In the cold weather of 2009, when I went back home after a haircut, My spouse and I examined myself in the reflection and noticed a small, increased, dark brown lesion with indistinct borders on the final of my right eyebrow. Having seen, diagnosed, biopsied, confirmed, and surgically taken off hundreds of cancerous lesions during my professional career, I knew we were in big trouble.

The Dermatologist did a strike biopsy of the lesion that came back from the lab well as a Malignant Melanoma. Simultaneously, he biopsied several skin lesions on my back, and the outcomes came back from the lab positive for multiple Principal Cell carcinomas. He planned to surgically remove these fatal lesions, irradiate the sites, and prescribe several chemotherapy courses. I said yes to the surgeries but no to the radiation and chemotherapy.

When I thought it prudent to obtain an overdue and complete actual physical exam from my Common Physician. With a spike inside my white blood cell count number, which was understandable due to the body’s reaction to these subtle cancers, my PSA degree had increased from second. 4 to 5. 9 often indicated a problem with this prostate gland, as any studying above 4. 0 is indeed abnormal.

My Urologist assumed that the increase in my PSA level and WBCs could be due to an infection in my prostatic gland and prescribed a 5-day course of drugs, followed a week later simply by another PSA test. The following PSA test, instead of demonstrating a decreased level of prostaglandin, demonstrated an increased level from a few. 9 to 6. 6.

I scheduled a prostate biopsy, revealing that I had a tumor in 25-30% of the péripétie. My Urologist wanted to remove my prostate gland, irradiate the area and prescribe various rounds of chemotherapy. He/she also recommended a complete system nuclear scan to check for any possible cancer tumor spread to my bones and organs.

In the interim, I developed three surgeries to remove the particular Malignant Melanoma from my eyebrow and the Basal Mobile carcinomas from my backside.

I had a complete body checkout (NMR), which revealed a lesion, the size of a pine, in my left femur, believed to be a sarcoma.

My Oncologist confirmed the diagnosis in addition to wanting to remove two inches of width of my femur, perform a free rib graft to switch the lost bone, tie the bone graft having titanium plates, then irradiate the area multiple times, followed by many courses of chemotherapy.

I sensed that I had won the tumor lottery. Four different types of dangerous cancers at once. What was I actually to do?

It was late in The fall of 2009, and I was getting urged by four diverse doctors to undergo the traditionally developed medical treatments of “cut, shed and poison” therapy. So I took a poll of my physicians using, asking them all the same concern: “If you were in my problem, what would you do”?

My GP stated that he could have the surgeries, not rays or chemotherapy. My Skin specialist said that he would not have rays or chemotherapy. My Urologist stated that he would have his prostate gland removed, although he did not undergo radiation or radiation treatment. My Oncologist stated that he would have the surgery to clear the sarcoma. But not contain radiation or chemotherapy. Is the content going on here? Four physicians routinely prescribed chemo and radiation therapy, but examine followed the same protocols if they happened to have the same cancers that I acquired. What hypocrites!

I now have many contacts in the medical field and attained multiple services concerning my predicament, and I also started researching alternative, nontraditional treatments for cancer. I came across a study that polled 1200 Oncologists on whether or not they would follow the standard protocol of radiation and radiation treatment if they were diagnosed with several types of cancer. Depending on the cancer style, 85-91% of the oncologists said NO; they

will themselves not use chemotherapy or radiation to treat their cancers. WHY? Radiation brings about cancer, and all chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic; they will cause cancer! Just browse the warnings on labels of the chemo drugs: WARNING: TOXIC; KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER INSIDE HUMAN BEINGS. The cure is more severe than the disease!

Then. Inside the church, I had an epiphany. I knew that if I were to outlive these cancers, I would need to cure myself using nontraditional, alternative therapies.

I discovered basic facts about cancer tissues. These cells refuse to die and keep increasing, unchecked by the body, to create masses and lesions which negatively affect vital cells and organs. Normal tissues die within 3-4 nights and are eliminated by the human body through the lymphatic system, skin layer, intestines, hard-working liver, and kidneys. Cancer can be a disease caused by the resistant systems’ inability to shut off and kill these absurd cells and eliminate all of them from the body.

I found that cancer cells feed on sugar formed from the intake of refined sugars and carbohydrates and drinking soda pops and sweetened fruit juices. With no supply of glucose, cancer tissues have no food source. They will eventually die, allowing the immune system to treat them like typical dead cells and eradicate them from the body.

Cancer cells thrive in an acidulent environment caused by stress, acidic foods, drinks, lack, and environmental pollutants and toxins. Remove the acids through the body, and you will present an adverse environment for the formation, development, and proliferation of malignancy cells.

Cancer cells enjoy a low level of oxygen by the body processes. The less oxygen is found, the faster it can expand. Oxygenate the body, and you will find a hostile environment for the cancer cells.

Cancer tissues are heat sensitive. Discover a way to increase the internal core temperatures of the body, and you will eliminate cancer cells.

I talked to dozens of people in the united states, Canada, the European Union, and India along with Australia, including physicians, oncologists, holistic healers, shamans, and cancer survivors; if they have information on curing cancer, I want to do it.

The most helpful research information that I compiled ended up being from a plethora of professionals diagnosed with dedicated their lives to curing cancer and distributing helpful information on nontraditional therapy protocols. Most have released books and papers on the subject and have helpful websites. They were all experienced, helpful, understanding, and willing to share their knowledge with me.

Even more valuable was the information I got from cancer survivors, men and women like myself who, sometimes by trial and error or through scientific research, had worked and succeeded in treating various types of malignancy. They were all prepared to share their experiences as well as treatment protocols. They provided appraised information and positive feedback, in addition to giving me the courage and hope that I may also cure my cancer by using nontraditional methods.

I had concluded my research and had a plan:

Detoxify the physique by eliminating all known toxic compounds, poisons, and contaminants.
Adjusting the body’s pH coming from acidic to alkaline.
Oxygenation of the body.

Fortification in the immune system by changes in diet regime, exercise, and the addition of connected vitamins, minerals, and vitamin supplements to the body.
Radical within one emotional state as well as a spiritual state.
Our bodies find bombarded with pollutants, unhealthy toxins, and contaminants every day, the two from the environment and those that individuals ingest: harmful foods and also contaminated water; the use of cellular phones and other electronic devices; environmental radiation; electronic radiation; electronic sound; traffic noise; airplane sound; heavy metals; etcetera in addition to ad nauseum.

We ingest and bathe in regular city water, an unoxygenated element soup full of toxins, toxic contamination, heavy metals, and compounds like fluoride, chlorine, bromine, mercury, and lye.

Lots of people are being poisoned by intermixture fillings in our teeth that will constantly leech mercury directly into our bodies, where it gathers up in our fat cells and also brains. Some of us have been confronted with lead from paint or even old water pipes. Insecticides, fungicides, estrogen, and synthetic body hormones are rampant in our food. Most pelagic fish, including swordfish, tuna, and whales, are full of heavy metals. It would be eaiest surprised at how many people are corrupted by yeasts, fungi, microbes, and parasites and are uninformed of these infections.

We must do everything we can to eliminate pollutants, toxins, and impurities from our environment.

Install a residence water filtration system. Stop having the dead, chemical broth that comes from your shoes.
When you use your cell phone, don it to speaker mode and have it away from your head if you find yourself communicating.
Have amalgam gas removed from your teeth.
Wear earplugs if you are constantly inundated together with noise pollution, and try to stay away from being present in excessively raucous environments.
Stop eating contaminated species of fish.
Eat only organically cultivated meats, poultry, and greens.
Do not consume foods that have GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
Have yourself checked to get systemic infections and intestinal and cure the microbe infections if need be.
If you live near a power plant, airport, highway, or any other constant method to obtain excessive noise, move!

After getting removed as many sources of carbon dioxide, toxins, and contamination through your environment, it is time to remove them through your body by completing an entire human body cleanse and detoxification. If you detoxify your body, start from underneath and work up. Cleanse the actual bowels; the urinary system; detoxify the liver; detox the gall bladder; detox the circulatory system

The actual bowel cleansing can be done in your home using an enema bag. Get daily warm water enemas intended for five days, followed using warm coffee enemas intended for five days. Using the clean, flavor-free coffee that can be found.

Cleanse the urinary pathway by drinking 12-16 oz . of 100% organic, unsweet ill-flavored cranberry juice for seven days. If you suffer from yeast or bacterial infection, anti-fungal or conventional medical therapy should first be given.

For the liver, gall bladder, and blood detoxification, the aid of a professional is in order. A specialist in holistic medicine or even an expert in Chinese medicine, along with acupuncture, is advised to help you through the therapy.

Once you have removed the pollutants, pollution, and toxins from your natural environment and body, it is now the period to alkalize your body. Cancer tissue thrives in an acidic atmosphere. If the pH of your person is lower than 7. 0 (neutral), your body is acidic and provides an atmosphere that allows cancer cells to create, thrive, and increase. The primary causes of body acidity tend to be:

Stress, anger, frustration, as well as fear.
Most tap water and 99% of bottled lakes and rivers are acidic.
All bubbly sodas.
All sports cocktails and energy-enhancing take-in.
Beer and challenging spirits.
Many foods are acidic. You may Google “acidic foods for the complete list.
The consumption of most pharmaceutical drug treatments.
Our bodies are composed of about 72% water, and our minds are composed of about 85% drinking water. Increasing the pH of the water we eat can rapidly alkalize the body. The easiest and most direct method to alkalize the body is to consume significant amounts of highly ionized, extremely oxygenated, high pH alkaline water.

pH is a way of measuring the acidity and alkalinity of a solution that is listed on a scale of zero to 14; 0 is acidic, seven currently being neutral, and 14 is alkaline. The “p” represents “the power of,” and the “H” represents “the hydrogen ion concentration.” Every single unit of change presents a tenfold change in acid solution or alkalinity.

The blood’s optimum pH is said to involve 7. 35, and seven. 45. I, and other malignancy survivors, believe that if you can raise the pH level of blood to 8. 5, over a hundredfold increase of alkalinity, one will present a severely modified hostile environment for the development, growth, and proliferation associated with cancer cells in that entire body.

How does one accomplish this outwardly tricky task? Simple: purchase a regular water ionization machine and take in only highly ionized, remarkably oxygenated, high pH alkaline water. There are many water ionization machines on the market today, and all of these people are significantly expensive, between $1 000 and $5 000 per product. When you factor in the facts, the average family spends between $1, 500 and $2, 000 per year on the dead, acidic bottled water; the cost of these machines will be tax deductible as a health expense, and the alternative prices of traditional cancer solutions are astronomical, this original cost is negligible.

Immediately after extensive research, I was motivated that the ionization machines generated by “Enagic,” a Japanese business that has been producing water ionization machines for 40 years, are the most effective machines on the market. I obtained an “Enagic” Leveluk SD501 machine for about $3, six-hundred. The reasons that I chose this model are: it contains seven reliable titanium electrolysis plates, plated in platinum; it comes along with a 5-year warranty; the item pre-filters the water to remove almost any contaminants and heavy mining harvests that your home water separates may have missed; it delivers five different types of water that contain nine different pH ideals; it “speaks” to you and possesses an automatic cleaning system.

I started by drinking a few quarts of the 8. a few pH glasses of water daily along with two weeks switched to on the lookout for. 0 pH water. For a month, I drank a new gallon of 9. 5 various pH water a day. You could think that drinking one gallon of water a day is excessive. Still, I wanted to help alkalize my body as soon as possible and flush out as many toxins and contaminants from my body as soon as possible. The water produced by this ionizer is micro-clustered. It has an insufficient ionic charge, allowing it to work at the cellular level and attach itself ionically to help positively charged free foncier and eliminate them from the body through the kidneys, liver, skin, and sebaceous glands.

My partner and I provided a hostile environment for any formation, growth and growth of cancer cells within my body, but as a bonus, has been protecting my body from damaging bacteria and viruses. Pathogenic (disease-causing) anaerobic bacteria and small viruses that will cause the most harmful microbe infections can not survive in an alkaline environment. Three healthy results for the price of one.

Another phase is oxygenation with the body. Oxygen equals a lifetime and makes up about 65% of the body’s mass. The item oxidizes and burns foods to create energy and warmth for our bodies. It also oxidizes and burns free foncier, which would otherwise be toxic to our cells, so they can end up being eliminated from our bodies. A minimal oxygen level at the mobile phone level is the primary leading cause of all diseases inside the human body.

Oxygen deficiency brings about an increase in stomach and typical body acidity; invasive systemic bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections; bronchial and circulatory problems; depression, fatigue in addition to irritability; irrational behavior; ram loss; lowered immunity; human body weakness; poor digestion plus the formation of tumors. Deficient oxygen levels provide cancer cells with a favorable environment that permits them to form and grow along with the increase.

The red and white blood cells (RBCs) are responsible for providing oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues and internal organs and returning carbon dioxide to the lungs for removal by expiration. RBCs tend to be formed from stem tissue in the red bone marrow that happens to be transformed into cells called hemolytoblasts in a process that takes around two days to complete. The balanced body produces only two 000 000 RBCs each second.

Hematocrit can be a measure of the percentage of RBCs in our blood. In a mature male, the hematocrit degree should measure between forty and 50%, and in a grownup female, between 38 as well as 44%.

The hemoglobin (a protein molecule in the RBCs) carries the o2 from the lungs and earnings carbon dioxide to the lungs intended for disposal. In the average grown-up male, the hemoglobin levels should be between 14 and 18 grams per deciliter, and the average adult woman should be between 12 and sixteen.

With a decrease in either of those levels, hemoglobin or hematocrit, the body’s tissues usually do not receive enough oxygen. They are subject to the symptoms of o2 deficiency as listed above. These low levels also typically damage the respiratory enzymes in new cells, so this tissue can not produce energy. Consequently, they are not able to utilize oxygen. All these depleted cells are likely to switch cancerous.

By feeding your body and the high brain amounts of oxygen, you can prolong living, increase cognitive functions, fight Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease, and most importantly, give a hostile environment for the development, growth, and proliferation associated with cancer cells.

Suppose you are hydrating your body correctly by sipping plenty of alkaline water from a proper ionization machine. In that case, you will ensure that your body is hydrated and oxygenated and that your hemoglobin and hematocrit quantities are within regular varieties. During the ionization process, the SD 501 unit that I purchased infuses the water with massive amounts of oxygen: between 700-750 times the amount of o2 provided by tap or water in bottles.

You can also increase the amount of accessible oxygen by purchasing a home air flow ionization machine (operator). A few cancer survivors swore in by drinking diluted hydrogen peroxide every day; they were driving more oxygen into their systems. Others spent time in hyperbaric oxygen chambers several times weekly. Still, others had actual oxygen injected directly into their very own bloodstream.

The third phase will be fortifying the immune system.

The immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within your body that shield it against disease. The immune system must detect, neutralize and remove a wide variety of harmful materials known as pathogens and be able to separate these pathogens from your usual, healthy tissues. It is impacted by various factors, including diet; sleep; exercise, strain; emotional states, and family genes.

All immune cells are sourced from precursor cells produced in the particular bone marrow. They separate and develop into mature cellular material through a series of changes that will occur in different parts of the body:

Skin is the first line of security against pathogens. Skin cells produce and secrete critical antimicrobial proteins. Different immune system cells are found in different coatings of the skin.

The heel bone marrow contains stem skin cells that differentiate into a number of innate cell types: neutrophils; eosinophils; basophils, mast cells; monocytes; dendritic cellular material and macrophages. These cellular materials are the body’s first series of responders against infection. Additional adaptive immune cells, C and T cells, have the effect of mounting responses to distinct microbes based on previous skills (immunologic memory). Natural great cells (NK cells) supply an immediate defense like built-in cells but may also represent adaptive cells. B, Capital t, and NK cells may also be lymphocytes.

Immune cellular material constantly circulates through the blood vessels, patrolling pathogens.

Capital t cells mature in the thymus gland, which produces your entire T cells by the time you reach puberty.

The Lymphatic System is a network connected with vessels and tissues made from lymph, an extracellular substance, and lymphoid organs, including lymph nodes. It is a canal for travel and conversation between tissues and the bloodstream. Immune cells are transported through the lymphatic system and converge in the lymph systems found throughout the body. Lymph nodes are communication hubs where immune cells can sample information brought in from their parts of the body. If adaptive resistant cells recognize pathogens from a distant area, they will trigger, replicate, and leave the lymph node typically to circulate along with addressing the pathogen anywhere it may be in the body. This action could potentially cause your lymph node to swell, indicating an active resistant response.

The spleen can be an organ located behind typically the stomach. While it is not instantly connected to the lymphatic system, it is vital for processing information in the bloodstream. Immune cells tend to be enriched in specific regions of the spleen, and on recognizing blood-borne pathogens, they will activate and react accordingly.

Mucosal Tissues, as well as surfaces, are primary places for pathogens. Specialized resistant hubs are strategically located throughout mucosal tissues like the respiratory system and the gut. The small where, which is responsible for 72% of the activity and productivity of the immune system, contains each B and T lymphocyte which attacks pathogens through the bloodstream.
The key to fortifying your immune system is the diet; “we are what we should eat.” As Hippocrates mentioned: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine become thy food.”

In significantly changing my diet, I had fashioned to identify acidic foods along with either eliminating them absolutely or severely restricting these people from my diet. I then had to identify alkaline food and consume them nearly exclusively. My goal was to consume 80% alkaline foods in support of 20% acidic foods. You can find complete lists of each alkaline and acidic meal on the internet. Purchasing only natural meats, fruits, and vegetables along with non-farmed fish was more pricey but well worth it as there are far fewer pesticides, substances, colorants, hormones,

and pollutants for my body to cleanse and eliminate. I mastered cooking mainly without oils, but when using natural oils, I used only extra virgin mobile coconut oil for high-temperature cooking and extra virgin coconut oil for low-heat and raw applications. I also ordered a “Magic Bullet” meal macerator for juicing and used it often to feed my body with raw, healthy nutrients. I tried to feed on at the exact times every day and rarely ate out in restaurants. I used “Himalayan Pink Salt,” exceptionally sparingly, as it contains essential minerals. As I adapted to be able to my new diet, the extra few pounds began to melt away and I sensed great, full of energy and tasted my new figure.

A critical factor in fortifying your disease-fighting capability is daily vitamin and also mineral supplement therapy. The particular regimen I followed has been gleaned from my analysis and the shared experiences regarding cancer survivors.


Vitamins A – 900 mcg/day
Vitamin B complex: 125 mg/day
Vitamin B 12 – 500 mcg/day
Vitamin supplements B 17 – by bitter apricot seeds instructions up to 30 seeds/day
Vitamin supplements C with Bioflavonoids: 2, 000 mg/day
Vitamins D – 200 IU/day
Vitamin D3 – a couple of, 000 iu/day
Vitamin E : 400 iu/day
Omega a few from fish oil – 2 . not 000 mg/day

Multimineral Supplement – 1 tablet/day
Selenium – 200 mcg/day
Chromium – 300 mcg/day
Zinc – 10 mg/day
Boron – 15 mg/day
Potassium iodide 4% additionally Iodine 2% solution instructions 4-6 drops/day
This appears like a tremendous number of pills to consider daily, but I was battling to save my life and had been willing to do anything possible to accomplish this goal.

Some general nutritional guidelines: never eat any processed or canned meals; severely limit your consumption of dairy; shop at “natures pharmacy” and consume the hottest, most organic, mostly alkaline diet possible; eat by far the rawest and most colorful and are also diet as possible; flavor your foods with spices similar to cayenne, turmeric, cumin, pinkish Himalayan salt, black salt and all of the fresh herbs that you require.

Regular exercise: swimming, extended daily walks, running, weight lifting, pilates, and any other required exercise is helpful. Remember that by simply sweating, you are eliminating harmful toxins and contaminants from the entire body.

Curing cancer is about attaining a balance, not only in your diet but in your emotional and religious life. In any effort, one’s attitude is crucial to success or failure. A positive mindset has half the fight won. When I decided to remedy my four cancers without help, I knew innately that I would be successful. I had no doubts.

The initial step I took in beefing up my emotional state was to simplify and eliminate all the stress from my life as possible. I learned to assign stressful and mundane responsibilities to other qualified people. My spouse and I hired an investment advisor to adopt over the management of all the investment accounts and spend all of my bills.

I was rehabilitating the kitchen and two bathrooms in my home during that time. I was performing all the work by myself, which was very stressful. I immediately called a vintage friend who was a learn contractor and hired your pet to complete the jobs.

Next, We severed all ties using those whom I regarded as being negative people, both “friends” and acquaintances, who were sometimes takers, pessimists, naysayers, or maybe dolts. A dozen men and women were involved in this separation, which was a harrowing and emotional experience. After I ended up being done cutting these scarves, I felt like I had fashioned removed a gangrenous arm or leg from my body. I then bounded myself only with optimistic and optimistic people.

Frivolity is the best medicine! I attempted to laugh several times a day simply by telling and listening to comments and watching comedic shows and videos on the internet wherever possible. I tried to be content and cheerful at all times.

At least 30 minutes of “trancendental meditation” a day left me in a very calm, composed, relaxed, and attractive state of mind.

I found a rub-down therapist who indulged me personally by having complete and strong body massages every week.

I came across an excellent chiropractor, and after typical treatments, I was pain and ache-free, walking erectly and sensing great.

Remembering that cancer tumor cells are heat vulnerable, one of the best ways to both wipe them out and fortify your current emotional state is by infrared sauna therapy, which warms the body from the inside out and also raises the internal body key temperature sufficiently enough to get very effective in killing tumor cells.

I can not stress adequately the need to fortify your religious state and “get right” with your higher power! Anyone who you worship, whether it is Christ, Moses, Mohamed, Buddha, the actual Dali Llama, Vishnu, Shiva, or Krishna, fortify your connection! If you are an atheist or even an agnostic, you are S i9000. O. L. in this respect.

Soon after my diagnosis, I was required to attend worship services, and I located myself in a church exactly where I had never been before. I was an emotional wreck then, wrought with doubt, worry, uncertainty, and stress. Before the service, I released myself and explained to the actual Pastor my recent analysis, and requested a special plea and blessing from him and the congregation. He was very accommodating and had the congregation, involving several hundred people, pray for all those cancer sufferers. After the assistance, Reverand approached me instantly and asked me if I would want to meet with him privately and additionally

discuss my situation. I was thrilled and began ending up with him several times a week about coffee, prayer, solace, and support. When I told your pet of the epiphany I experienced during one of his sermons and my decision to help remedy myself, he was openly amazed but remained significantly supportive. He said that God cherished me and that if I requested Him, He would help me to perform my quest. I sooner or later joined the church u genuinely believe that I was from the right place at the right time and received a “divine intervention” directly from God. Never undervalue the power of prayer and perception.

By January 2010, I had formed and fully implemented my intent to eradicate my cancer. Through mid-June of 2010, right after following my program for about six months, I went back to determine my doctors to take the latest set of tests to determine if my plan was working.

My Urologist performed yet another prostate biopsy and explained that my prostate cancers, which had previously eaten 25-30% of my human gland, had now decreased to only 10% associated with my prostate gland.

Right after having another full body scan, my Oncologist documented that my osteogenic sarcoma had shrunk from becoming the size of a walnut to the size of a pea and that there had been no metastasis (spreading) of this cancer to any other body organs. He was duly amazed and asked me how I accomplished this feat. I explained this treatment protocol to him or her, and he said: “God bless you,” to which I sent a reply: “He already has.”

This Dermatologist also found no signs of any recurring lesions on my skin on my body, and it was evident cancer free on the epithelial level.

With this optimistic reinforcement, I happily continued with my plan for six months, then repeated the process and went in for a different round of tests.

Immediately after another prostate biopsy, my very own Urologist was happy to survey that the lab had not been capable of finding any sign of a cancer tumor present in my prostate péripétie. He stated: “I know it is there, although we just can’t find it.” My dermatologist then set it up a clean bill regarding health. After another total body scan, my Oncologist was pleased to review that my osteogenic sarcoma had mysteriously faded and become only a shadow around the scan. And also stated there was still no metastasis to some other organ in my physique.

Every year I repeat this method and have been entirely cancer free of charge since the beginning of the year 2010. My name can now be included in the growing list of those who have “just said no” to the barbaric practices of revolutionary surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and by using an alternative, non-traumatic, noninvasive treatment protocol, healed and hopefully preventing this particular insidious disease from re-occurrence. To this day, I continue my subsequent protocol: detoxification, alkalinization; oxygenation; fortification of the immune system, and continually restarting both my emotional and religious states.

You are what you consume, drink, think and think! Will this treatment protocol meet your needs and cure your malignancy? Try it, and become a believer by adding your name to the expanding list of self-healed cancer survivors.

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