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Explosion game tutorial with Bitcoin | How to play with Bitcoin Blast?


How to play with Bitcoin Blast? In this post, we will review the game of explosion with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the most popular virtual currencies. Many people now make their online transactions using Bitcoin. Many people want to know how to use Bitcoin, especially betting sites. In the following, we will talk in full. Be with Football 91.

In this article, we read:

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin security and credibility

How to use bitcoin

How to charge an account with Bitcoin

How to play Blast using Bitcoin?

One of the most common questions betting site users asks is how to use Bitcoin to top up their account. Many people want to top up their Bitcoin account for more security and have a new blast gaming experience. There are now many sites that support Bitcoin, all of which have a high level of credibility. Let’s start the article with a brief description of bitcoin. آموزش بازی انفجار با بیت کوین | شارژ حساب با بیت کوین

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was first introduced in January 2009 by an anonymous individual or group called Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a digital currency, virtual currency, electronic money, or cryptocurrency. In addition to their specific uses, Bitcoin and digital currencies have also been considered investments, and in recent years, many people have become millionaires and billionaires.

Blast game tutorial with bitcoin | How to play with Bitcoin Blast?

Bitcoin; is a digital currency as well as a user-to-user payment network.

This network operates without the intervention and supervision of third parties, “banks and governments.”

Compared to other electronic currencies, the characteristic of Bitcoin is that it is decentralized.

Bitcoin is not sponsored or inspected by a specific body such as a central bank.

Bitcoin is exchanged between users in the form of digital codes.

Bitcoin is considered the future of digital money.

Bitcoin has a very high level of security.

How to buy bitcoin?

You have 2 options: buy a miner yourself, connect to the parent site, and start producing. Or buy from a reputable bitcoin exchange and leave the deposit process to them. Either way, you can bring a bitcoin wallet into your daily life with the help of your mobile phone, or you can bring a wallet to your computer just for the sake of it. Have online payments.

How to use Bitcoin on the Blast Game site?

You can get bitcoins by accepting bitcoins as payment for goods or services or buying them from a friend or anyone close to you. You can also buy bitcoins with your bank account. The number of traders accepting bitcoins is increasing day by day worldwide. You can use bitcoins to pay for them.

 How to top up your account with Bitcoin?

Shopping with Bitcoin and other digital currencies is very easy. Just follow the steps below step by step.

When you buy from an external site or want to top up your account:

“Choose to buy with Bitcoin / other digital currencies.”

In the last step, it gives you its volt address.

Volt is the address of their e-wallet.

You must transfer the fee to this address.

You will be taken to a page like the following:

Blast game tutorial with bitcoin | How to play with Bitcoin Blast?

Indicates the amount you want to pay “0.00055055”.

Volt address or e-wallet of the desired site:

“1CMC8ayrKvj9Zb9j4iBDRsYRwoeLXQzmbn” is.

You must deposit the amount to this address.

What if we do not have access to Bitcoin?

Register in one of the Iranian online exchange sites. These sites will ask you for documents for authentication and will contact you. It may take a day or two for you to verify your identity on these sites.

Blast game tutorial with bitcoin | How to play with Bitcoin Blast?

Now suppose you want to deposit 0.00055055 bitcoin to the volt address 1CMC8ayrKvj9Zb9j4iBDRsYRwoeLXQzmbn. To convert bitcoin to dollars, you can calculate the dollar equivalent of bitcoin from the “preeve” site: So 0.00055055 bitcoin is equivalent to 4,121 US dollars “according to the current price of bitcoin.”

Important note:

When you pay with Bitcoin, you will be charged a “fee” for the transaction fee. The amount of this transaction cost is about one dollar.

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