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Eyelid Lifting Tape


Eyelid lifting tape can be an invaluable beauty hack that helps define a new crease and widen your eyes. Easy to apply and comfortable for extended use, eyelid lifting tape should only be used under careful consideration. Find out the best info about لیفت پلک.

Avoid rubbing or tugging at the skin around your eyes in order to reduce inflammation. Although most products are generally safe for use, always test a small patch first before making a total commitment.

360 Count of Double Eyelid Lifter Strips

These invisible strips are designed to lift hooded or droopy eyelids instantly, offering instant eyelid lift for a brighter and more awake look. Comfortable enough for extended wear time and natural-looking, these premium quality hidden double eyelid tapes are suitable for daily wear or special events alike. Crafted with premium-grade materials made to be gentle on the skin. Available in four different colors so they better suit individual skin tones, there are 600 pieces per set, ensuring plenty of protection over time.

These double-sided eyelid tapes are easy to apply and come in various sizes to fit different eye shapes. Wide strips work best for those with fuller upper lids, while narrow ones suit those with smaller eyes. Thin, narrow strips may help flatten puffy eyelids and open up your eyes more. However, some users reported these eyelid lifters did not hold as securely for those with plumper upper eyelids – therefore, adding adhesive eyelid tape is recommended to ensure your strips stay in place longer.

These double-sided eyelid lifting tapes are essential for anyone seeking an instant and dramatic eye lift without surgery. Comfortable to wear and suitable for uneven or monolids, they’re hypoallergenic and made with top-quality material that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Jouedo Eyelid Tape

Eyelid tape may have once been seen as an unconventional beauty hack for lifting lids, but now it has gone mainstream. These curved stickers help give an awake and youthful appearance without resorting to expensive plastic surgery procedures or makeup applications such as winged eyeliner.

Henitar’s invisible double eyelid tape is an easy and long-term solution that will help you create a more confident, beautiful appearance. Adapted for all skin tones, you can wear this look for any special event – complete with fork rods and tweezers in its kit!

This invisible double eyelid tape is ideal for anyone suffering from heavy, saggy, hooded, uneven, or mono-eyelids. Featuring 480 invisible eyelid lifter strips – as well as fork rods and tweezers for effortless application – the strips blend naturally with skin for an attractively youthful appearance.

These invisible 7mm eyelid lifter strips are an excellent solution for anyone who struggles with hooded eyes. Soft, comfortable, sweat- and humidity-proof, they can be worn all day long for optimal results. It is also convenient in size and constructed of top-quality materials.

Eyelid Tape 480 Count

BeautyVille Shine Eyelid Tape offers a non-surgical solution to instantly lift uneven or mono-eyelids with its 400 double eyelid lifter strips per package – ideal for anyone seeking bigger and brighter-looking eyes without surgery! Easy application makes wearing this tape comfortable.

With this product, you can create natural-looking double eyelids without needing surgical procedures. Thanks to its breathable and waterproof medical-grade bonded fiber material, it stays on throughout the day while offering high transparency – ideal for skin-friendly options that won’t clog your pores!

SILKDERMIS Eyelid Tape is another excellent solution to treat hooded eyes. This invisible double eyelid tape can last long-term without interfering with makeup application and contains plant-based ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation or eye strain.

This eyelid lifter comes in multiple colors to complement any style. With super strong adhesive backing that sticks deep inside your ideal eyelid crease and waterproof and sweat-proof features, this piece can be worn for any event and occasion. Furthermore, its moisture-rich formula nourishes eyelids for smoother lids. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved, the product also comes equipped with a forked rod and tweezers to make application simpler, making this an essential daily tool to boost confidence and enhance natural features.


Our premium eyelid tapes offer the ideal solution for hooded eyes. Easy and comfortable to wear, they produce long-term results while being worn day or night for rejuvenated appearances and prevent saggy upper eyelids for a natural and youthful appearance.

Droopy eyelids can be a natural beauty issue for women. They make the eyes seem tired and sad, so finding an effective solution to rid oneself of these pesky lids is critical. While plastic surgery is one option available to us all, other solutions might work as well – for instance, these transparent tapes can act like mini eyelid lifts that instantly rejuvenate and freshen up our eyes in no time! They’re even straightforward to use, so both men and women of any age can benefit.

Your eyes should be dry and clean! Use either tweezers or your fingernail to unstick one WONDERSTRIPES from its film packaging carefully; an easy method is sliding your nail under one corner of the strip before pulling it off quickly with your thumbnail. Place this WONDERSTRIPES strip in your eyelid crease; depending on its shape and your skin’s texture, its placement might differ accordingly.

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