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Fascist Rocker Lost Her Job!


He’s known as Lycantrop. His article showed up directly to Viking’s boss, prior to being released somewhere. No one knows just how he received the address and the actual name! This is the way a few hours later on Francesca Ortolani aka Viking, 23 yr old video publisher working for a north american film manufacturer and shows company, was dismissed.

All of us don’t know very much about Francesca’s boss. The girl greets him on the guide of her cd “Gloucester Road”. He is called Wayne, but all of us don’t know if it is the real brand. We know that he is an old guy, a film machine, a maker, he’s north american, he’s a naturalist. That i knew of the story coming from Ashtree Information Press Room’s spokesman Magnus Torricelli, a great Italian penalized journalist who also lives in the States, close friend of Viking’s. “He should have stolen the address” says Magnus “I can’t clarify it. Francesca has never demonstrated the video clips on which the girl was operating, so that no one could associate her to J. and the lads. This Lycantrop has no encounter, we how to start him. Your dog is too coward to show his face. inch

The English documentary Lycantrop wrote on the subject of is “Hate Rock” created by Neil It, awarded reporter and opinionist in Great britain, who fulfilled Viking in March 2006 for a job interview. I asked Magnus what the interview was intended for: “The interview was about white colored power music… you know, Francesca is a nationalist and the girl dedicates a lot of her music to these suggestions. She’s a common songwriter and producer with this scene, therefore she was included in the documentary”.

If you think that under the electoral camapaign everything is definitely permitted you must read the content he published. The article writer has a vibrant fantasy!
Lycantrop investigates Berlusconi’s relationship with British press: “The Italians are not ridiculous and they realize that Berlusconi can be controlling tv, but they can’t say for sure that this individual also creates his hype with the close friends of the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION through the United kingdom television, the sanguinary deal with of angel Francesca “Viking” Ortolani as well as the sex-symbol Donal MacIntyre. Francesca Ortolani brought in the skin flick to Croatia through a lengthy passionate assessment so that the lady could catch the attention upon herself and her good friends. Meanwhile Donal MacIntyre develops his personal alibi because anti-nazi saying he was assaulted by a few of these undermen. Persons don’t know that Francesca Ortolani aspires to work for the NATO even though she surface finishes to study, she gets been put in the mass media well, to create her hype with subconsciente messages, functioning as video tutorial editor to get an American organization. Who’s piloting this? Rose bush, Blair and Berlusconi. Viking’s university Mi Sapienza in Rome ought to expel her, but the Teachers of Executive must be damaged in the same game. Various professors help companies that produce armed service devices. inches

I’m exterior to the subject, I’m not really “building my very own alibi just like Donal MacIntyre”, I’m exterior even though Now i’m one of those 17000 downloaders (Magnus says the quantity is certainly not updated), and so i decided to fulfill Francesca Ortolani, the youthful singer Viking, for some queries. She fulfills me ahead of the Faculty of Engineering and she requires me basically want to imbibe something warm. She appears friendly and i also can tell Lycantrop her locks is true. The lady doesn’t appear neither just like a nazi terrorist nor a part of the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION. She has a teenage encounter, she’s extremely shy, yet she’s a determined female.

I inquire her what she will perform with Lycantrop. “I may know” your woman replies “I want to know whom he is. I don’t continue against people who slander me personally, but this person involved many folks in his tales and I no longer want to see persons fall for myself, so I’d personally do it, I had bring a task against him if the tale doesn’t quit here, nevertheless I’m unsure the additional mentioned persons in the document would be happy”.
She informs me about her job “I respect James’ decision. This kind of won’t rust our companionship. I understand his dreads. This individual worked a life to get his position. She has a great professionist, he created a great group and I experience happy since I have been just a little part of this. My function was to help to make trailers of his movies for the internet and other stations. I was likewise starting creating some music tracks for his documentaries”.

We tried to possess James’ get in touch with directly, however the man desires to remain fremmed so I asked
Magnus in the event that he can kindly ahead my inquiries to him. This really is James’ edition of the history:
“I’m incredibly sorry. I had formed told Francesca to stay away of light power music. She has nothing at all of
that world! She actually is a skilled songwriter, this wounderful woman has an charming voice and she do a great job for me personally. She’s acquired the skills since editor plus the touch as well as the experience of a producer although her age group. I’m sorry, I have to defend my personal work and my team”.

James is very reluctant in talking. Magnus thinks his decision was very hard. Intended for my lot of money
I could consider another see. It’s In., 30 yr old cameraman by Los Angeles who have works pertaining to James. This individual met Viking in London meant for work lately:
“She’s adorable. When you do my own job you meet many people every day and also you know that you will not meet all of them again. 1 day I achieved Francesca. I had been with M. We were recording… ” this individual doesn’t show me what they had been filming and what Francesca was performing there inch… and Goodness exists. L. begged her to write music for us and make a few promotional videos. Our team is a little family and Francesca is like a sister. I actually don’t need to lose her friendship. Lycantrop… idiot. My spouse and i don’t know exactly who he is. Basically knew that, he would become dead now”.

Lycantrop as well accuses Viking to present her new recording to France strategically throughout the campaign, to assist Silvio Berlusconi and Efficacia Italia to get ballots and sympathies for some with their initiatives like the making of motorways, high speed railways, re-introduction of elemental power through this country. This individual accuses Magnus Torricelli “who lives in the States” to work in back of and shuffle the credit cards writing the documentary censured Viking, taking attention about those censured parts, including Neil The company and business as members to this concealed game. “I have never regarded this Neil Mackay, I just don’t know in the event he’s high or brief, fat or perhaps slim” says Magnus “We aren’t producing any invisible game, rather I think and i also wrote the fact that documentary censured Viking”.

Viking, a mystical silent lady, looks at me personally first after blowing around the hot tea cup the woman tells me “The Lycantrop will need to win an initial prize designed for his book. He had little or nothing better to do this night if he wrote the content. I have a tendency serve any kind of political get together or applicant. This account must have been a joke nevertheless the real is actually how this individual got James’ name and address. inch
I request her if perhaps she feels spied and persecuted and this lady replies “I don’t know. We keep on coping with prudence and responsibility. This time around I don’t believe I’m the persecuted 1 and I have zero bug… inches. Viking refers to the fact that the content was place personally, not really posted via a remote place, in the da postagem boxes of James and Magnus in USA. They will live in diverse towns and states, they may have never attained before plus they are only close friends because they are good friends of Viking’s.

The author is certainly unknown, the prospective is unfamiliar, Viking understands only that Lycantrop probably knows German or someone translated this article for him. James received a version in English and Magnus received the First-rate version. Francesca didn’t get a copy from it. She does not know in the event the producer of “Hate Rock” and firm received a duplicate because this girl heard nothing at all from them. Your woman doesn’t leave out more replications will be propagate in European countries, so she actually is waiting. The woman doesn’t rule out the article will probably be published away from left-wing “collectives”. Magnus Torricelli wants to denunce the “invasion of privacy”, the film maker Adam “will carry out something”, the cameraman D. seems keen on the fact that Francesca is normally single right now. Silvio won’t know anything at all of this storyline (officially). Donal MacIntyre includes a new lover: Magnus’ grandma. Lycantrop offers disappeared at nighttime. Will this individual reappear in Europe? End of Show I.