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How can I decide which basic science course is best when attending medical school?


Basic science is an essential part of the medical curriculum and gives students the fundamental knowledge needed in this field. A significant part of the medical study is devoted to the basic science program.

In the basic science courses in medical school, great emphasis is placed on how knowledge and skills will be used later for clinical studies and in residency.

Given the relevance that the basic science course holds, it is necessary that students choose the right medical school that can impart them with the knowledge required for their careers ahead.

Choosing the right course

Students who are going to become physicians in the future must have a strong foundational knowledge of important concepts such as cell and molecular biology and pharmacology and biochemistry.

To master this immensely large body of knowledge, students need to be taught a curriculum that incorporates this knowledge and also teaches its proper application. The course is not limited to learning but also helps students understand other complex issues, such as how a patient approaches their illness, the environment that impacts them, and so on.

This foundational knowledge not only teaches important concepts but their application in clinical settings and helps students cultivate the habit of inquiry and in-depth investigation into a diagnosis. So, choosing the right medical school that offers a good course in basic science is crucial for medical students.

Another core factor that needs to be kept in mind is that basic science prepares you for the USMLE-Step 1 exam and only after clearing this examination can students progress further in their medical training. Bypassing the USMLE- Step 1 exam on the first attempt will put you in a good position to gain residency.

Gaining a strong foundational knowledge

While there are several medical schools and each has basic science as part of its curriculum, it is crucial to pick one that focuses on helping students thoroughly gain this foundational knowledge.

The recognized medical schools in the Caribbean offer MD programs that give medical students in-depth learning. In the first semester, they are taught physical exam skills, history-taking, and other important tasks.

Basic science courses in the island medical schools are taught in small class sizes by expert faculty. This is to ensure individual attention and an ample amount of interaction between the faculty and the students.

It allows students to be able to discuss important points and even raise any curriculum-related query in the classroom. The MD program puts an equal amount of emphasis on gaining useful theoretical knowledge along with learning clinical skills.

Many students who have opted for the Caribbean medical schools have gone on to gain residency with established hospitals in the U.S. and made a thriving medical career for themselves. The popularity of the accredited medical degree offered by reputed Caribbean medical schools has resulted in many international students opting for studying on the Island.

Though, it is advisable to do your research and only opt for a medical school in the Caribbean that is recognized and fulfills all the necessary criteria needed for a successful career ahead.

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