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How Much to Ship Car Across Country


The cost of shipping your car across the country varies significantly based on several factors. Your choice of company, season, and route all play an integral part. Terminal-to-terminal shipping offers significant cost savings by picking up and dropping off at central transport hubs. Select the Premium Auto Shipping.


The cost to ship a car across the United States depends on several variables. These include selecting an appropriate shipping method, time of year, and distance covered. Fuel costs also play a part; New York State and City fuel costs tend to be higher than in other regions across America.

The type of vehicle also impacts costs. Larger vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks tend to cost more to ship due to taking up more space and weight than their counterparts; additionally, special care must be taken during loading and unloading procedures and for inoperable cars, which must be towed or winched onto carriers – these costs will only increase.

Car shipping companies provide numerous methods for transporting vehicles, and each plan comes in its own price range. Open carrier transportation with terminal-to-terminal service tends to be the least costly choice, although this may make delivery less convenient for the customer.

Car shipping prices depend on several variables, such as vehicle size, condition, and destination/origin location. Shipments to rural areas tend to cost more since carriers need to travel further and spend more time driving in order to deliver vehicles on time – this increased expenditure adds additional expenses to their bills.

Shipping costs also fluctuate with seasonal changes, as demand for auto transport services increases during the summer and early fall months. Shipping during these times could save up to 15% off your overall shipping expenses.

Other factors affecting car shipping cost include distance and type of vehicle. A longer length will cost more per mile, while an SUV or pickup truck usually costs more to ship due to being larger in size and weight than sedans. Classic or exotic cars will often incur an increased cost due to needing special handling when loading manually.

Time frame

Car shipping can be an extensive process. Numerous factors can impact how quickly or slowly a vehicle arrives at its destination, including pickup/delivery locations and shipping routes, weather conditions and road closures, and potential transit time delays. But regardless of these delays, you must understand precisely how long your car will be in transit so you can plan accordingly.

Depending upon your route and vehicle size, transporting a car from New York to California could take anywhere from two days up to a week. Shipping costs will depend on the size and type of vehicle (for instance, an SUV will cost more). Seasonal demand has an effect; during summertime, for example, shipping rates tend to rise due to limited capacity.

At-peak shipping rates tend to increase costs up to 15% of your overall costs; off-peak seasons like fall and winter offer you the most significant opportunity for savings by avoiding these peak rates and saving 15% or more in overall transportation costs. In these times, there is less traffic, so carriers can more quickly drive your car from one location to the next.

Fuel prices also play a part in shipping costs. When gasoline prices increase, so will the price of transporting cars – though you could reduce this expense by opting for fuel-efficient methods like using an open or enclosed trailer instead.

Always bear in mind that no auto transport company can guarantee pickup or delivery dates, so make sure this is part of your planning when moving your car. Aim to allow at least 8-10 days for delivery; however, this could vary due to weather, traffic delays, and other unforeseen circumstances. Luckily, many companies provide delivery options tailored specifically for you based on schedule and budget – take the time to research each option carefully to identify one that meets both criteria so you can find a service that best meets both.


Shipping your car across the country usually incurs higher per-mile costs than sending it shorter distances, with carrier rates set according to supply and demand as well as your vehicle type. Extra services you include, such as expedited service or enclosed transport, are additional factors that impact shipping expenses. Furthermore, multiple-vehicle shipping will add further costs that must be considered.

Size does matter in regards to vehicle transport costs, as larger vehicles require larger trailers, containers, or trucks to hold them. Therefore, you must consult multiple auto transport companies and obtain free estimates prior to booking your shipment – this way, there are no unexpected price spikes when booking auto shipping services.

An additional factor influencing cross-country auto transport costs is vehicle weight. Heavier vehicles consume more fuel and thus cost more to ship across the country. Furthermore, their size can have an effect if loading and unloading must occur more often or the driver needs to carry additional weight when driving across.

Routes with high traffic or road closures will increase shipping rates, while direct routes usually cost less as carriers can take more efficient ways that save time. Furthermore, seasonality has an impact on shipping rates: during peak car transport season in summer, prices tend to surge more dramatically.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping can help you save money when moving across the country, as it is more cost effective than traditional open transport and allows you to drive your car away from the carrier’s facility at the start of the journey. Unfortunately, however, this option can take more time than bringing and dropping off your car at various terminals yourself.

Shipping your car isn’t cheap, but there are ways to keep costs under control without compromising quality or safety. To find out the actual cost of transporting our 2020 Honda Accord open carrier with Montway Auto Transport, Easy Auto Ship, and uShip, we compared their rates and averaged them over three routes before arriving at an estimate for available transport costs.

Type of transport

Cross-country car shipping (auto transport) is a service that transports your car over long distances from one location to the next. Because this can take two weeks or more, pickup and drop-off dates must be planned accordingly. Once a carrier is found for your car, a pickup window (estimated timeframe for driver arrival) will be given for pickup.

Before hiring a car transport company, it is advisable to conduct research into several companies and evaluate their services, pricing, reviews, and insurance policies. Once you find several that meet your criteria, get instant online quotes to see the costs involved with shipping your vehicle; these will include both total fees plus a breakdown of services offered.

Distance is the key factor affecting the cost of shipping your car; shipping it between the East and West Coast costs more than shipping between Midwest states like Minnesota or Wisconsin. Furthermore, vehicle type (ie, sedan is cheaper to ship than full-size SUV).

Season is another factor. Winter tends to be the cheapest time and place for car shipping companies to offer reduced rates due to lower demand. Early spring and late fall are also more affordable options compared with summer; however, it’s essential to keep in mind that seasonal factors may change, leading to price variations.

The final cost of shipping your car across the country depends on multiple factors, including fuel prices and road conditions, as well as whether or not an open or closed container trailer is chosen. You should remove personal items from your car prior to transport and clean its interior in order to prevent any messes or damages during transportation. Please also be aware that certain companies limit how much weight can be carried on their trucks.

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