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How to Install WordPress, Configure Your Email, Add Domains, and More with cPanel Hosting


I will give you an overview of cPanel in this educational 8-minute video and explain how to get the most out of using it. I’ll explain how to use key features in the cPanel interface and assist you in becoming more familiar with your cPanel hosting account.

Naturally, you must first have a hosting account with cPanel. If you have web hosting and your domain name, you can only access your cPanel hosting account. Once you have configured your complete history to meet these requirements, you can enter cPanel. After the setup is full, you will be given a username and password to access your cPanel hosting account. A primary homepage screen will appear once you have logged in.

What crucial cPanel features do you need to be aware of?

I will introduce you to the critical cPanel features in this part. Your experience as a user will be improved by being aware of these features.

The integrated video tutorials area in cPanel is one of its most crucial features. To view the built-in video tutorials, click on the relevant link. Your cPanel hosting account comes with a long number of tutorials that you can access.

There is a substantial selection of video themes available.
The videos are user-friendly and basic.
You can use the videos as a guide to fixing account problems.
Check out the video instructions. They are fundamental and helpful. The straightforward built-in video tutorials will assist you in solving any problems you may encounter now or in the future. You’ll also have a deeper understanding of your cPanel hosting account thanks to the videos. If you want, spend some time now looking through the videos.

How To Modify The cPanel Default Theme:

Get cPanel
Choose Change Style.
Choose a theme, skin, or template.
Embrace changes
The appearance of your cPanel hosting account is another crucial component. By selecting Change Style, you can alter how your cPanel hosting account looks. You can choose from a variety of skins, themes, or templates under the Change Style area to modify the look and feel of your cPanel hosting account. These adjustments are aesthetic and won’t affect or change how your cPanel hosting account operates. Your user experience will improve by changing how your cPanel hosting account looks by making the UI more aesthetically pleasing.

In cPanel, here’s how to create a new email address:

Using cPanel, establishing an unknown email address is simple. Just carry out these actions.

Get cPanel
Toggle to Email Accounts.
Make a new email address.
Choose Mailbox Limit
Choose Create
To access your new email account, click Mailbox.
Click Email Accounts to create a new email account linked to your domain name. You will be taken to the proper screen after that. You can choose your mailbox quota and create a new email address there. To finalize your new email address, click Create. Once the new email address has been added, you will get your password.

By default, clicking Mailbox in your cPanel hosting account will take you to this recently created email address. However, there are alternative email applications available, such as Microsoft Outlook. You can click the link “Do you desire to configure your account to function with a mail client?” if you need assistance setting up your email account on an email client. Choose yes. You’ll be taken to a page with instructions on how to set up your newly established email address with many widely used mail applications, including Microsoft Outlook.

You can browse to the bottom of the page to view more of your freshly formed email address’s technical details. Your mail, server, username, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, and supported protocols are all listed there, along with a range of manual settings. Start using the manual settings if you are familiar with configuring your email address in the email client manually.

How To Add Subdomains To Your Hosting Account Using cPanel:

Visit the cPanel hosting account’s home page. When you reach the bottom of the page and scroll down, you will notice the opportunity to add new subdomains to your account. Numerous choices are available, including redirects, parked, and add-on domains. Follow these simple instructions to add a subdomain…

Enter your hosting account’s cPanel.
To create a subdomain, click.
Put the subdomain URL here.
Your subdomain’s creation will be verified when you click the Create cPanel button.
Let’s talk about cPanel’s subdomain creation process. It is crucial to understand what a subdomain is and how it will impact your website. A subdomain is only an addition to your primary domain. Consider the natural part “” For instance, you might build a subdomain like “” to construct one for a helpline. To finish creating your new subdomain, click Create.

By selecting Manage Redirect, you can redirect the subdomain as needed. Depending on your preferences, you can reroute the subdomain to any other website, such as a blog.

How to Quickly Install WordPress and Many More Popular PHP Applications!

Using your Fantastico account, you may access and install WordPress and other blog platforms like b2evolution or Nucleus. Also, you can install several forums, including SMF Forum and phpBB Forum. You can utilize free e-Commerce software if you intend to sell goods online. Zen Care and OS Commerce are the superior options. Explore the other free software available in your Fantastico account at your leisure. Keep clicking on the Fantastico icon to access the free added-value products. How to Use Fantastico Autoinstaller in cPanel:

the cPanel home page
reach the page’s bottom by scrolling
Look for the smiley icon.
Toggle the smiley icon.
Use features
Detail-Oriented Exploration of Your cPanel Hosting Account

You can investigate cPanel features further. You can access tools like statistics if you’d like to know how many web messages your account receives. Also, you can modify your cPanel hosting account to suit your demands. First, you may collapse or enlarge the functions you use frequently or never use by going to your function icons. You are welcome to use that option frequently, as it will arrange your cPanel features by your requirements.

In your cPanel hosting account, you may also click and drag specific parts of your function icons. This is especially useful if you want to relocate boxes and sidebars or if you almost ever utilize particular features. The function icons that you do not use can also be collapsed. The adjustments in this part are aesthetic, but they’ll also help you arrange how your cPanel hosting account works and flows.

The cPanel hosting account’s Quick Start Tutorial is now complete. You are welcome to keep investigating the cPanel features and capabilities we have covered thus far.

Concerning this cPanel tutorial:

The wordPress theme designer and cPanel server administrator Carol Weathers. There are hundreds of free cPanel tutorials where she urges you to learn more about it.

What cPanel features can I utilize to increase traffic to my blog? How can I use cPanel to increase the security of WordPress? How can I move my WordPress website to a different cPanel host? You can find all of these solutions (and more) at

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