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How To Use Android Beam – Proven Techniques


How To Use Android Beam – Bluetooth, share it, and many other methods are available to transfer data. But some of them need the user to download apps and others could sometimes be a little time taking or might not be available on some mobile phones. Here comes the Android beam technique.

How To Use Android Beam – Near-field communication technology is one of the amazing new technologies that have emerged during the past years. It is the base for many of the newly found android features. One of the older and a very interesting feature associated with android phones is the android beam. It allows the transfer of data within android phones in the form of a beam. But unfortunately, most of us are unaware of this great feature.

How To Use Android Beam

Here is a guide to let you know how to use the android beam to transfer data.

How to Enable Android Beam

How To Use Android BeamTo start using Android beam, you’ll first need to enable the feature. Most of the latest android phones have the feature, you will just need to enable the feature. Follow these simple steps to enable this amazing feature on your android phone:

  1. Swipe down the screen to open the options menu.
  2. There you will find the gear icon for settings, present at the bottom right corner in most mobile phones. However, it might have a different location on your android phone. In short, visit your phone’s settings.
  3. Once you reach the setting menu, Find the connected devices tab.
  4. Click connected devices to proceed.
  5. From there, tab connection preference.
  6. It will lead you to a list of toggle options.
  7. Here, turn on the NFC toggle.
  8. It will turn on the NFC software and as a result, you can use the android beam software.

How To Use Android Beam

After enabling the android beam feature, you can finally start using the feature to transfer data between apps. Remember that both mobile phones need to be physically connected. Follow these simple steps to transfer data:

  1. Unlock both your android phones.
  2. Enable the android beam feature on both android phones.
  3. Open the data you want to share.
  4. Place both the phones together, physically connected to each other.
  5. It will shrink the data to a smaller size.
  6. Tap to Beam will be written above the content you wish to share.
  7. Tap the screen to finish the transfer.

And here you are. Done transferring the desired files with these simple and easy to go procedures. It allows you to transfer files, pictures, and all other types of data.

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How To Use Android Beam

This was a complete and easy-to-understand guide on How To Use Android Beam. It contained every bit of knowledge from how to enable the android beam to how to use the android beam. IF you still have any ambiguities, this FAQ section might solve your further issues.

How do you use Android Beam?

To use android beam, first of all, enable the feature on your mobile phones. After that, open the desired file and place them back to back. Now tap the screen to finally transfer data.

Why is Android Beam not working?

Make sure you have enabled the feature from your phone’s settings. Although it is an android feature, it isn’t turned on by default. If you can’t find the feature in your mobile’s settings, your phone most probably doesn't have the feature.

Is Android Beam faster than Bluetooth?

No, Bluetooth is a bit faster than the Android beam. It is because the Near-field Communication Technology NFC does not provide a really faster way of transferring data. In fact, it is a bit slower than most of the data transferring options.