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How to Use Attraction Marketing to Create Leads: Develop a Lean Mean Marketing Machine


The “three-foot rule” is an old-fashioned MLM technique for finding new clients. It means talking about your company with anyone who essentially interacts with you. Everyone is a potential, including the server at your favorite restaurant and your aunt Betty. Stop right there; it’s 2010; attraction marketing has created new avenues for the typical individual to interact with potential clients and generate cash. Business potential on the Internet is enormous for online entrepreneurs. Aunt Betty may have been open to hearing about your items in the 1980s, but she’ll tell you upfront, “I’m not interested, dear,” today. There has never been a better time to start marketing your product or service online. Severe entrepreneurs must catch the new wave of exposing their products globally.

What does it mean to “leverage from the Internet”? Why is advertising my product or service online advantageous? How do I begin? When you first launch an online business, it’s simple to feel overwhelmed. How can I communicate with the billions of users online? How can I persuade people to purchase my goods? Just a moment there, slow down.

“Those who want to please everyone end up having no special significance to anyone.” The Renegade Network Marketer, Ann Sieg

The ‘Three Foot Rule’s’ premise is flawed since your product can’t offer everything to everyone. (I’m probably in every niche, but that’s a different story.) Even chocolate caters to diverse markets.

The niche for your goods must be identified. Who wants to purchase your offering? How do your product or service’s characteristics and advantages benefit your clients? You may better establish your marketing message for your niche by identifying who your target clients are. You want them to pay attention to you, feel at ease doing business with you, and become a devoted customer. Choosing the appropriate message aids in brand development (aka You Inc).

The commercial procedures used to advertise, sell and distribute a good or service are marketing.

You can develop a marketing campaign specifically targeting a critical demographic and tracking the outcomes. What content will be covered later in this series. Your primary target market is referred to as a niche.

A niche market is the segment of the market that a particular product focuses on; as a result, the niche market defines the specific product features meant to meet the needs of the market as well as the price range, production standards, and demographics intended to be impacted.

Here is an illustration of dividing a broad niche into smaller ones. One of the mega-niches is finance. Over time, you can develop marketing strategies for all the little places. For now, let’s keep things simple and concentrate on just one. (I appreciate your way of thinking, though).

3 Mega Niches-

1. Money;


launching a business

1c. Internet marketing

Real estate is 1d.

2. Relationships

3. Wellness & Health

To build a relationship with potential customers, you must first provide value. You can do this by correctly understanding what they need and giving them the required information. In the “information era,” also known as attraction marketing, offering value is helping people by addressing their problems and worries by giving them helpful knowledge for nothing. By doing this, you may demonstrate your subject matter expertise and draw clients to you rather than stalking them.

Finding a Niche: A Guide.

1. You’ll need paper, pens, and a peaceful area to generate ideas.

2. List all the various types of persons wanting to launch a small business.

a. Moms who desire a remote job.

a. Those seeking to quit the corporate setting

c. Producers of innovative goods, such as a new line of clothing

d. Individuals who wish to make their pastime into a side hustle can build their handmade fishing rods, for example, if they enjoy fishing.

3. Decide on a choice from your list. (Don’t discard this list. Based on one of these criteria, develop a profile of your ideal client. What are the likes and dislikes of mothers who wish to work from home? How much money are they ready to invest in a business? Who lives there? Which kinds of goods would they want to promote? Do they have any prior business experience? What type of education would they require? It would be best to have a profile of your ideal client or team member by now.

4. Individuals make purchases when their emotions are at their highest. (Another reason why the ‘Three-foot rule’ isn’t doing anyone any favors). Make a list of the current worries your client has. What exactly worries them so much? Is it the debt of their families? Is it regret over missing out on time with the kids? Do they have trouble managing their time? After having their last child, are they worried about their weight? Do they have difficulty finding clothing made of 100% cotton for their kids who have skin allergies? To give you some examples, I’ve been a little too general.

5. What will they require for assistance? How may your offering benefit them? What information would they be able to use to address their issues? What format does this information follow?

Please be aware that most of the information available online concerning niches depends on the structure of your message, such as whether you create an article, blog post, Squidoo lens, etc. Do not be misled by this; a niche is a group of people, not a message’s structure.

How can I tell if my profile is going in the right direction?

Make sure to format your profile so that you can refer to it. Find influential people in your sector, stay current on events, and watch for shifting trends in the kinds of content and presentation styles your potential clients prefer.


The “Three Foot Rule” should be abandoned; only approach customers who fit your chosen niche.

Describe the ideal person you want as a team member and a client.

Find out as much as you can about their issues and requirements. To assist in establishing rapport and attract people to you rather than running after them, center your message on how you can benefit them with the knowledge you offer for free.

Next steps;

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