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How To Use Droidcam With Usb For Amazing Picture Quality


Droidcam is one of the most popular webcam apps but do you know How To use Droidcam with USB? We bet you do not and we are about to change that. Droidcam can connect wirelessly to PCs or Macs but in some cases need arises to use a cable. The bad news is that it is not as simple as it might seem and most people tend to struggle to accomplish it. How To use Droidcam with USB? We are going to be answering this question and more in this article, do read.

How To Use Droidcam With Usb

How To use Droidcam with USB: Advantages

Using a cable for Droidcam is a good idea and this backed up by a number of advantages. The making one has to be that there is no need for a wifi connection. Regardless of your location, you are able to use your cellphone to record as a webcam.

How To Use Droidcam With Usb –  Another reason why using Droidcam with a cable is a good idea is because the output quality terms of both sound ad video tend to be better. Saicneyou will also be using a cable connectivity problem are something you do not have to worry about People might disagree, but try it out yourself and which one gives better quality.

How To use Droidcam with USB: On Android

If you are using an android device, you need to connect your device to your PC using a data transfer cable. Both Type C cables and Classic cables will work with this method. Once you are connected to your PC open the settings option on your cellphone. Once The settings tab is open, select developer options. Several options are set to appear once you select this option, choose the “Enable USB Debugging” option.

After doing this launch the Droidcam app that is installed on your cellphone. Launch the Droidcam app on your PC, It is best to run the applications an administrator if you can, this will help you avoid errors. Once the PC application is up and running click the USB option and a drop-down menu with a start option will appear. Select the start option and wait for the app to find your device and establish a strong connection. Once you are connected, you are good to go. If the cable disconnects by mistake though, you might have to restart the entire process.

How To Use Droidcam With Usb

How To use Droidcam with USB on IOS

If you are in IOS you can also use the cable method for Droidcam. All you have to do is connect your IOS device, an iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC with a data transfer cable. If you want to use a PC you have to download iTunes first to be able to connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC via USB. You can download iTunes to the official iTunes website for free.

How To Use Droidcam With Usb – Once you are connected t your PC or Mac you have to setup your device to be able to use it as a webcam. Launch the Droidcam app on both your PC/Mac and your iPhone/iPad. Once you have launched the app on the iPhone/iPad, go to the PC/Mac app and choose the USB option. Once you select this option, press start and your cellphone will be connected. Once this is done you can use your cellphone as a webcam.

How To Use Droidcam With Usb

Using a cable to connect your phone to your PC/Mac might be a bit tedious but the quality of the video and the audio in most cases is worth it. Download the app today and enjoy the best of your phones webcam capabilities.


Can you connect Droidcam using a cable?

If you have a data transfer cable you can connect your phone to Droidcam using USB

Is Droidcam free?

You can download Droidcam for free

Does Droidcam work with MacOs

Yes, you can use Droidcamon your Mac.