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How To Use Google Voice on Android for Unbelievable Call Quality


If you have a cellphone we know there are times you wish you could just have a second number. If you know How To Use Google Voice On Android then you do not have to wish, you can do it. In this article, we are going to be taking you through a comprehensive guide on How To Use Google Voice On Android. Are ready to go for the privacy intensive experience on your Android phone. We know you are, and here is how you can activate and use Google voice on your android device.

How To Use Google Voice On Android: Requirements

To be able to use Google voice you need to have a US number for a Canadian number. This means you can not use the service without a mobile phone number. This is a strict requirement you really can’t get around. If you want to use the service your cellphone should also support Google services.

You also need internet connectivity to be able to effectively use the service. The service is from Google, a reputable service, which means you do not need to worry about your security. Their privacy policy is very strict and security is one thing you won’t have to worry about.

How To Use Google Voice On Android: Download and Install

If you are on Android devices, you need to download the Google Voice app. The app is available on the Google Playstore, you do not need to part with any money to get the app it is completely free. Although the app is available on third-party app stores we recommend that you download it from the Google Playstore. Just click the search icon in PlayStore and search for Google Voice. Click install and wait for the download install l process to complete.

How To Use Google Voice On Android

How To Use Google Voice On Android: Sign Up

Once the app is installed the next step is to sign in to the app using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account already, setting one up is easy, just click the signup option. Make sure you correctly enter your details to avoid having problems with the application.

How To Use Google Voice On Android – Once you are signed in using your Google account the next step is t choose the number you want to use for your Google voice. You can choose a Google number based on your area code or city. Choose your number and once you are done allow the application to verify your existing phone number.

You will receive a text with a code for registration completion. Type in the text code and confirm your existing phone number. Once you have confirmed your phone number your new number will be in use. The process is simple and will not take more than five minutes.

How To Use Google Voice On Android

How To Use Google Voice on Android: Making Calls

Once you have completed the registration the app will ask for permission to access your contacts. Be sure to allow the service to access these numbers. The app will also ask for permission to post notifications. Allow this again.

Once this is done find contact and try to call. The service use Voice over Internet Protocol technology. Having a second number shields you from identity theft as well as some cyber fraud tactics. The best part is the app is free so this makes quite a must-have option for everyone.


How To Use Google Voice On Android

Using Google Voice on Android has a pretty unfair advantage in terms of usability and efficiency. There are dozens of reasons why you need to be using Google Voice on Your Android. Download it today and find out.

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Is Google Voice free?

You can download Google Voice for free on theGooglePlayStore.

Is Google Voiceisavailable on IOS?

Yes you can use Google voice on IOS

Is Google Voice available on Android 4.4?

Yes if you have Android 4.4 or better you can download and install Google Voice