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How to Use Kingroot: The Best Guide


You have probably heard about Kingroot but do you know how to use Kingroot? If you do not know about Kingroot, we are about to change that. Kingroot is now of the best rooting apps available right now and this is because it is easy to use. This is one thing that has made people very comfortable with the application. Most people though tend to struggle when it comes to using it, well they won’t have t struggle anymore, with this How to use Kingroot guide.

How To Use Kingroot: Requirements

There are several requirements you need to make sure the application works. The first thing you need you to need to be able to use the application is a mobile phone with android2.2 or a better version. The Kingsoft app is compatible with all Android versions from 2.2 up to the latest version of android. The rooting process is quite power-intensive and as a requirement, your cellphone should have at least twenty percent battery life. Once these requirements are in place, the next thing you have to do is get their rooting going.

How To Use Kingroot: Downloading Kingroot

How To Use Kingroot

One thing we have t make clear is that you are not going to find Kingroot on the PlayStore. Kingroot can be downloaded from several third-party application stores and the official Kingroot website. If you fail to download it on the official Kingroot website, you can try Apkpure and you will download it there. Your Android device will not automatically install the Kingsoft application. You have t first allow your device to install applications from “unknown sources”. This is easy all you have to do is go to settings, open the security option and then go to device administration. Once you are there tick the unknown sources option.

How To Use Kingroot

How to Use Kingroot: Installing

Once you have downloaded the apk file for Kingroot, the next step is to install the application. Find the application in the downloads and install it.

How To Use Kingroot

The application will appear on your screen and all you to o is launch the application and you are ready to root your device.

How To Use Kingroot: Rooting the Device

Once the app is launched, the next thing you need to do is to get the rooting process going. The first screen that opens when you launch the app has a big blue button at the bottom. The blue button is the root button. Press the button and wait for the device to root.

The rooting process is quite easy. Once you have pressed the button all you have to do is wait. The process is short and within five minutes the rooting process would have been completed. After completion, there will be a notification that your phone has been rooted successfully. A green circle with a green inscription, “Root Successfully”.

How To Use Kingroot

How To Use Kingroot: What You Need To Know

Before you decide t root your device though, to avoid having complications after rooting the device. The first thing you need to know is that once you go through with the rooting process your warranty is most likely going to become void. This means your supplier can refuse t accept the device bac in case of faults.

The good thing though about using Kingroot is that you are not going to lose your files after rooting this means you do not have to worry about data loss. Another thing though is that you have to understand though is that once you have rooted your device you can always unroot it.

If you are planning to root your phone, the best way to do it is to use Kingroot. Give t a chance and root your phone.

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Is Kingroot free?

Kingroot is free

Can you use Kongroot on your iPhone?

Kingroot is not available on IOS

Can you delete Kingroot?

You can remove Kingroot and unroot your device