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How To Use Magisk For the Best Rooting Experience


Rooting your phone is something that will give you better performance and well security. If you know how to use Magisk, then you are one of the lucky ones. There are very few apps that come close to Magisk when it comes to rooting your device. The app is easy to use and is also compatible with most phones. This makes it the go-to app for rooting mobile phones. Do you want to know how to use Magisk? Well, this is the perfect article To walk you through Magisk.

How To Use Magisk

From Android Marshmallow, Google removed one of the easiest ways to root an android device. For a moment there seemed to be no solution place for those who wanted to root their devices. The development of Magisk is one of the best things to happen in the rooting world. Imagine a tool that requires no technical expertise or whatsoever to root your device, You do not need to imagine because Magisk does just that and we are about to show you how

How To Use Magisk: Downloading the App

How To Use Magisk

Magisk is not available in Google Playstore, you have to download it from a third-party app store or the official Magisk website. After downloading the app you have to install it. The app though requires you to have Android 5.0 or better. If you have an earlier version of Android it will not work. You also need to make sure that you allow your phone to install apps from “unknown sources”.

Just go to the settings ta find the unknown sources toggle and turn it on. You first need to download another application to be able to install Magisk. The application is called TWRP. The application is also available on the Magisk site. Once you have both apps on your phone the next step is to make sure that you install the TWRP app.

How to Use Magisk: Extraction and Installation

How To Use Magisk

How To Use MagiskExtraction is easy, once you launch the TWRP app, click the install tab on the top left corner. This will lead you to the Magisk zip file. Once you are at the Magisk .zip, select the install image tab at the bottom right and you are good to go. For the unzipping process is a complete notification will come through.

The notification means you have completed the install process. After completion, reboot your cellphone to complete the rooting process. Once the cellphone back up, your rooting process has competed all you have to do is confirm the rooting in the Magisk Manager.

How To Use Magisk

How To Use Magisk: Install Powershell and Transfer Documents

There is an application Called Powershell that you need to download if your phone cannot install TWRPthere si an alternative method. You have to make sure that you install Powershell on your PC and download the documents on the PC.

To be able to complete the rooting process you need to have fastboot on your PC. Launch the Magisk app on your computer whilst connected to your phone. Run the MAgisk patcher app that is in the folder you transferred to your PC. The app is key to the rooting process.

Once you are connected, boot your phone into bootloader mode. After booting your device go to the PC and type in this command into the Powershell window (fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img). This command will install will flaSH Magisk onto yourf[device. Reboot your device and once rebooted confirm the rooting in Magisk manager.

The good thing about Magisk is once you no ln0nger want a rooted device, you can uninstall the app and your phone will go back to normal. Download Magisk today and enjoy.

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Is Magisk free?

Yes, Magisk is completely free

Ca youUse Magisky on IOS

Magisk is not available on IOS

Is Magisk safe?

Yes, Magisk is safe, there have not been complaints