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How To Use Mobdro – The Best Guide


How To Use Mobdro – Mobdro is an app that provides a television-like experience on your mobile phones. You can access any popular live stream from a single place. It also assembles all the streaming films and TV shows on separate lists so you can choose according to your taste. Mobdro is a great app to have a wonderful experience. If you want to know how to use Mobdro, continue reading. Here is a complete guide on the topic.

How to use Mobdro on your android phone

To use Mobdro on your android device, you need to install the app. But the app isn’t available in the Play store. The easiest way to get the app is as follows:

  1. Open Google and search Mobdro on android.
  2. Click the first search result that will take you to the web page. Or you can directly visit Mobdro.
  3. First, download the APK file.
  4. Now click security. From there click “Allow installation from this source”.
  5. Now go back and click install.
  6. Once the installation is complete click done.
  7. Now you can launch the app by clicking the icon on the main menu.

Here you are, all ready to use the app on your android phone.

How to use Mobdro on your desktop

You have already known how to use Mobdro on your android phone, but that isn’t enough. Watching movies and TV shows on mobile phones isn’t as convenient as watching on your wide desktop screen. No one wants to sit in uneasy postures for hours and squeaking one’s eyes to watch on the tiny screen. The best solution is to get the app on your desktop. You can easily download the app on your desktops to enjoy a great experience.

Follow these easy steps.

  1. First of all download the Bluestacks app.
  2. Once the download is complete, install bluestacks.
  3. Bluestacks allows one to download and install android apps and Mobdro is one of these apps.
  4. Install the app through bluestacks and you are all set to use Mobdro on your desktop.

Using bluestacks is the only way to use Mobdro on your PC and laptop as Mobdro does not have any desktop version or web version. You can use bluestacks without any concern regarding the security of your data. Bluestacks is an absolutely safe app. It has no virus or data-stealing threats. The same is true for Mobdro.

Using Mobdro to watch movies

Once you are done with the installation process, whether it be on your mobile phone or your desktop, you can start watching your favorite shows. The app provides two options. Either you can search among the various available TV channels streaming live you can choose from the list of films and TV shows streaming live. It allows you to select according to your likes and dislikes and provides you a wide range of options to select from. The app provides great picture quality both on android as well as desktop.

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How To Use Mobdro

Above was an in-depth guide on how to use Mobdro. It covers almost every aspect of downloading, installing, and using Mobdro both on an android device and desktop. But if you have any further ambiguities, have a look at these FAQs, they will cover them all.

Is Mobdro free to use?

Yes, Mobdro is absolutely free of cost. It streams channels from over 30 countries at no cost at all.

Is Mobdro legal?

No, Mobro is not legal. As it is not available on the play store, you have to download the apk file from google. But this does not overcome its huge benefit.

Can you watch live football on Mobdro?

Yes, you can watch any desired sport. Just open the live stream of any sports channel.