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How To Use Vysor: Dangling between your laptop and your mobile phone is a hell of a task. On one hand, a laptop provides a wider screen and a more comfortable experience, and on the other, a mobile phone provides a wide range of apps that are generally not available on a laptop.

This mix and match of benefits keep up switching from our mobile phones to laptops and vice versa. But Vysor provides an ultimate solution to this problem. It helps you to mirror your android screen on chrome. Now you should know how to use Vysor. This isn’t very difficult. You just need a simple guide to get the whole know-how and here is one for you.

How to Use Vysor

To start using Vysor, you’ll need to make a few changes to both your laptop, basically chrome, and your mobile phone.

Here is a guide for both procedures.

How To Use Vysor on your android device

To start with the visor, you will need to make some changes to your android device. Follow these steps for a simple procedure.

  1. Open Google play store and search Vysor.
  2. Allow the app for various permissions and click install.

And you are just done with your android phone.

How to start Vysor on your chrome

Before the chrome update, we needed to use Android Debug Bridge (ADB). But with the extension update, you can simply download the chrome extension. To start using Vysor:

  1. Open chrome web store and search for Vysor. Or you can visit the page directly.
  2. Click Add to Chrome to download the chrome extension.
  3. Once the download is complete, allow chrome to add the Vysor extension.

And here you are done with your chrome.

How to link chrome to your android device

Once you have gone through individual installations on both devices, it’s time to link both of them. For the procedure, follow these easy and simple steps.

  1. First, you will need to turn on USB debugging. For USB debugging, you have to turn on developer mode. Open settings and visit My Phone. You will find the Build Number. Click on it seven times. You will be prompted that you be a developer now.
  2. Once done, connect your phone to your laptop or PC via USB.
  3. Open Chrome and visit the Vysor app. Click Find devices to connect your android phone with your chrome.
  4. Select your device and click select.
  5. Vysor will show you a shortcut window to manage keyboard shortcuts. Click Ok.
  6. Now you will see your android screen on your chrome extension.

And at the end, you are done connecting your android device to your desktop. Now you can manage your android screen through your desktop, anywhere anytime.

How To Use Vysor – Vysor is a great app but there are few features that aren’t available in the free version, such as, the drag and drop option, wireless experience, and higher screen quality. If you wish to enjoy these options, you can go for the paid free version.

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How to Use Vysor

The above was a complete guide on How to use Vysor. It explained all the procedures very aptly. But if there still remain any questions, you can follow this FAQ guide to clear your further ambiguities.

How do I get my Vysor to work?

Vysor is a very useful app that is also very easy to use. You need to download the android app, the chrome extension, and then link both of them.

How can I control my phone from my PC?

You can have complete control over your android phone from your PC using the Vysor app.

How much does Vysor cost?

Though the app is free, there are in-app purchases available. The free version does not provide some great features that you can access through the premium version. You can buy the premium Vysor app for $2.50/mo, $10/yr, or $40/lifetime.