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Mobile Tech Reviews – Does anyone say innovation is dead in America alone? Every time I turn around, I am reading an article about a different innovative entrepreneur in a particular technology space. The rapid increase in new revolutions in mobile computing technologies is often overwhelming, and we have been bombarded with new ideas in addition to great concepts for over seven years.

Many people thought that after The bay area crashed, that was that. Famous, we see companies like Apple inc, Google, and others have been developing innovations faster than anyone could have imagined.

There was a fascinating article with Forbes Small Business Magazine in April of 2005 known as “Cell Calls by Football? And Arizona Entrepreneurs Low-priced Weather Balloons Are Swapping Expensive Telecom Satellites, micron by Justin Martin connected with Chandler Arizona. In this article, a company person used temperature balloons with a device not more significant than a four one-gallon milk container dangling by underneath.

Mobile Tech Reviews – It seems that rather than developing and launching more mobile phone communication satellites costing vast amounts of money, this gentleman could use inexpensive weather balloons, with all the equipment needed for close to nothing. Indeed it is an excellent system to solve a real difficulty, and his total cost per unit is only $400.

Along with “if he launched yet another Balloon every 12 hours, typically the annual fee would be $300 000 total, very well easily competing with the charges to put up a dish and DirecTV and keep that system doing work.

Mobile Tech Reviews – Is this the future of mobile engineering? Would you one day be using your laptop, notebook, or perhaps your Tablet PC and catching to the Internet via a cheap weather condition balloon – maybe. Also, complete access to the Internet, mobile phone, sending texts, e-mails, and everything that your iPhone can do, anything you would ever be able to care to do on a Capsule PC. It is indeed a superb concept, and if you’d like to take a look at this more, I recommend looking for this article on the Internet. I hope you, please look at all this.

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