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Read a Wonderful New World Chapter 186 Online


Read A Wonderful New World Chapter 186 online to experience its captivating marine tale with fantastic characters and an excellent main protagonist who underwent rigorous maritime training.

Juuzou and Touta appear, brought here via Gengorou’s powers. He explains his immortality and tells them there’s a way home.

1. Kaguya and Hayasaka’s Relationship

Hayasaka is Kaguya’s closest confidante, sharing an exceptional bond that may appear weak initially.

Hayasaka possesses an array of quirky quirks. These include her fashionable attire, alternate identities, and technological acumen – not forgetting her particular blood type, which adds yet another level of intrigue!

At first glance, Kaguya may appear cold and introverted, but underneath this outer facade lies an immensely compassionate individual. With her ability to persona-switch, Hayasaka plays along with Kaguya’s desires while providing much humor in their story arc. Hayasaka’s involvement also plays a large part in making the ship between Kaguya and Hayasaka so popular – they’re often seen hanging out together or kissing!

2. Kaguya’s Revenge

As the progenitor of chakra, Kaguya possesses immense strength. She can materialize massive chakra fists far more potent than any regular jinchuriki; moreover, her power allows her to fly and manipulate objects at an impressive scale, all qualities she shares with any ninja.

She believes she alone has the right to control the chakra of the world despite initially seeking peace. Instead, she used her power to subjugate humanity to her will and exert total dominion.

Hagoromo and Hamura sealed Kaguya away, hoping no one would revive her, but Black Zetsu rewrote the tablet in such a way as to prevent this and thus revived Kaguya so she could once more search for the Sacred Flower, this time alongside her sons; Kaguya has grown increasingly determined in her mission as she feels her chakra should belong solely to her.

3. Hayasaka’s Revenge

Hayasaka becomes increasingly frustrated as she sees Kaguya ignore her, leading her to attempt seducing Shirogane by dressing up like a boy; however, Shirogane turns down this plan because of his deep-seated feelings for Kaguya and refuses to participate.

On a Kyoto class trip, Hayasaka teases Miyuki by telling her she is obsessed with licking eyeballs. Additionally, Hayasaka mentions how Miyuki is the wealthiest member of their group, with an abundance of fantasies in her notebook.

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4. Kaguya’s Revenge Part 2

“Love is a multifaceted thing” may be accurate, but it can also be an epic battleground. That’s the premise of Masamune-kun’s Revenge – an anime version of The Breakfast Club with social outcasts at St. Chronica’s Academy as its protagonists.

This show has earned itself a reputation for its intense fight scenes, but its darker approach to romance may prove unpalatable for some viewers. Notably, the protagonists possess strong pride, leading them to fight each other at times despite trying to avoid it, leading to even further injury for both characters. Also notable, Code is no match for Boruto’s final adversary, Kaguya, as an adversary who deserves the role of an ultimate adversary.

5. Kaguya’s Revenge Part 3

After Madara cast Infinite Tsukuyomi and trapped everyone’s chakra within her God Tree, Kaguya appeared in her world in her elder form to witness two sons with powers comparable to her own; upon seeing their passion, she became furious and claimed all stolen chakra belonged to her alone.

Kaguya attempts to take them all out using her extended hair techniques and Byakugan but fails as Naruto and Sasuke use their Susanoos entirely. Additionally, Kaguya possesses expert-level x-ray vision via her Byakugan, bypassing Susanoo’s defenses.

Even though she failed to kill them, she did manage to stun them using her lightning-fast appearance and her ability to use needle-like hair strands with enough force to penetrate their bodies and incapacitate them entirely.

6. Kaguya’s Revenge Part 4

Kaguya was an elegant woman with flowing, light-colored hair nearly reaching the ground and two protrusions belonging to her sons. Additionally, she held both Byakugan and Fugen Dojutsu titles.

After being struck by Naruto’s multi-Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken, her chakra began reacting rapidly, transforming her into something she couldn’t control and eventually into a mass of raw chakra. This caused her to transform into an unpredictable rabbit-like form.

As her powers became unstable, she was forced into a period where her Rinnegan could no longer be used. At this time, she began viewing Sasuke and Naruto as children she cared deeply about, yet they could no longer protect her.

7. Kaguya’s Revenge Part 5

Kaguya’s powers have grown more formidable since her children, Hagoromo and Hamura, were born. She now possesses one of the most advanced Byakugans available to her eyes, granting near 360-degree vision and expert levels of x-ray vision. Additionally, she has exceptionally long hair that she uses to capture foes before unleashing needle-like strands that hit them directly – enough ferocity even to bypass Sasuke’s Perfect Susanoo defenses!

Black Zetsu can quickly marshal all her chakra into an enormous Truth-Seeking Ball when sensing a threat, according to Black Zetsu, housing every known nature transformation and capable of potentially destroying entire dimensions. When she realized Naruto possessed powers similar to those exhibited by Hagoromo, she became angry, declaring all stolen chakra should belong to her and planning on killing Naruto with hair technique but was prevented due to an eavesdropped conversation being remembered instead.

8. Kaguya’s Revenge Part 6

Two famous students engage in an epic battle of wills and hearts, pitting each other against the other to see who can confess their emotions first. Kaguya ultimately wins and breaks up her one-sided feud with Miyuki.

Kaguya’s Kekkei Genkai allows her to manipulate and weaponize her bones for maximum effect, unleashing All-Killing Ash Bones that can impale anyone she hits – a potent product that even kills Itachi Uchiha!

Kaguya becomes angry upon realizing her sons have developed powers similar to hers, prompting her to demand all stolen chakra be returned. Naruto and Sasuke respond quickly with combined attacks that deprive Kaguya of Black Zetsu; she soon finds herself enveloped by an intense energy field, which eventually consumes her entirely, and she laments about having only ever been an ordinary goddess.

9. Kaguya’s Revenge Part 7

Kaguya was incensed at how her sons used their power and made decisions that she found offensive. She even went as far as screaming at them both to stop using it like this and to hate them!

After Naruto used his Byakugan to stop her from attempting to use her hair against them with an attack, Team 7 orchestrated an effective counter-attack featuring speed, strength, and skill that saw her defeated quickly and decisively.

Boruto never explicitly establishes whether Code is seeking revenge against Kaguya; however, many fans assume this based on how Code was written previously and could make him likable as an adversary.

10. Kaguya’s Revenge Part 8

Masamune Makabe’s version of “love is many-splendored thing” takes it literally. He seduces Aki Adagaki to break her heart and exact revenge against her for insulting him earlier.

As soon as she meets Kagome and Inuyasha, she too is immediately taken with them – showing no disdain for their base desires, befriending them even in her illusory castle.

A Wonderful New World offers beautiful landscapes and an epic story, providing plenty to enjoy for manga fans. A remarkable change from the usual slice-of-life manga that many readers are used to seeing, this series should not be missed; check it out now on Crunchyroll or Funimation, or click here for more information about its release!