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The ability of CinemaTherapy – What I Discovered From The Movies


Growing up in the fifties and sixties, the two favorite things to do were starting to read comic books and visit the movies at a downtown theater, which was long before we had video gaming, personal computers, or DVDs.

We learned from comics that we wanted to be like superheroes, especially ‘Superman,’ because they often helped people who were in danger. At the theatre, it was amazing, the smell of weight loss plans and the thrill of breaking free from the doldrums of truth and into the world of the voyage.

Reaching adulthood, I started to be a Christian, and studying my Bible became a superior priority. I gained a good deal of comfort reading Proverbs as well as Psalms. It soothed the fears and helped me feel closer to God, which is something I have always wanted. I had my favorite Bible verses, like Philippians 4: 6, “Be nervous for nothing…… ” and Psalms 46: 10, “Be still and know that We are God…. “.

However, We still have a genuine interest in movies, and I discover that when I can’t get anyone to read a book for personal growth and advancement, I can always get them to view a good movie.

Here are some associated with my favorite quotes from excellent movies I have seen and learned from them:

“It is only at the end of a mans life when he realizes essential his decisions were in the beginning.”
-The King associated with Denmark from “The Knight in shining armor & Me.”

The knowledge of this statement hit me personally squarely between the eyes.

In the youth, we make options all the time, not breaking down the process as to how it will impact us later in life. When we, seeing that elders, try to share a wide variety of our hard-earned wisdom with children, they look at us just like we were from another entire world.

“Let us learn to indicate our friendship for a gentleman when he’s alive, definitely not after he’s dead.”
-Meyer Wolfsheim from “The Good Gatsby”

This conveys if you ask me that we should not take all of our friendships for granted. We should honor a friend while they live and do things for them. It is too late, once they have passed away, to show them how much we care about these individuals in this lifetime.

“Life adjustments because it has to. ”
-from “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

This is an excellent reminder for anyone of us who stay caught in our ways or, more seriously, stuck in the past. I have constantly promoted that we should “learn from the past, live in this current, and hope for the future.” This can be much harder to accomplish than it sounds, but it’s good advice.

“And remember….. don’t ever forget. You have promised to become a new person, Jean Valjean, my brother. You will no longer belong to evil. With this magic, I’ve bought your heart and soul. I’ve ransomed you from anxiety and hatred. Now I supply you with back to God. ”
-Monsignor from “Les Miserables”

As I heard this passage, the item gave me ‘goose bumps’ given it was so powerful.

My partner and I learned that incredible kindness could win over evil and a terme conseillé heart. Jean Valjean used the rest of his life doing sacrifices for others and show good kindness to his man (and woman). That movie was very electrifying about demonstrating the extreme form of a contrast between human cruelty in addition to human kindness. Ultimately, benevolence trumps cruelty in the end.

“You can’t have living not having dying. Don’t be afraid connected with death…… be afraid of the ‘unlived life'”
-Angus Tuck by “Tuck Everlasting”

I found these kinds to be powerful words because so many of us fear passing away. We can be so stressed with this fear that we fail to enjoy the life that we include. Life is so tiny and too precious to help waste.

“You got to find busy living or find busy dying.”
-Andy Dufresne from “The Shawshank Redemption”

It is easy to allow life’s situations to paralyze us in immobility, where we bum and accomplish nothing. In any respect, if we are not busy having a life, then spiritually and emotionally, we are dying. Andy chose to get busy dwelling.

“Never wrestle with a mouse…… you both get dirty; solely the pig likes it.”
-from “Good Advice.”

Because of this statement, we learn we must be careful with whom we battle. Some people thrive on conflict, and extremely little peace can be found in their particular relationships. We must “avoid obnoxious and aggressive persons, regarding they are vexations to the spirit” [from the poetry, Desiderata].

“I would rather have thirty minutes of ‘wonderful’ compared to a lifetime of ‘nothing special. inches
-Shelby from “Steel Magnolias”

Even though Shelby was adding her health at risk to get a baby, she still needed the experience and joy of needing a child. Even if it were designed, she would not live for as long. The desire to procreate and to mom or dad is a mighty one. In my opinion, she made a unique and compelling argument for having children or accomplishing something great for a moment as an alternative to “live the unlived life.”

“My momma generally said, ‘you got to your past behind you before you can go on’. ”
-Forrest by “Forrest Gump”

Sometimes I’m bogged down by functions from our past; therefore it may be difficult to move on with our lives because we can not escape it. Often most of us have to deal with our apperceptions, that is, how we believe ourselves, the world, and others, determined by our earlier emotional emotions.

“Its not who you are directly below, its what you do that becomes you. ”
-Rachel Dawes from “Batman Begins”

That statement reminds me of the outdated adage, “you have to be attentive of your thoughts because your thoughts grow to be your words. You have to be attentive of what you say, because your words grow to be your actions. You have to be attentive of what you do, because your actions grow to be your habits, and you have being careful about your habits since, collectively, your habits grow to be your character. ” Your ideas, words, actions, and behavior are behaviors that define you and what your ‘character’ are going to be.

“Now I have no choice….. Lord, put you in my way. very well
-Harry from “The several Feathers.”

Often, God can place people in our way, either to help them or to you can keep them helping us. It is a duty that the Lord gives us all when someone comes into our lives. We cannot shun which duty.

“You haven’t truly lived unless you have some thing to regret. ”
-Dr. Blalock from “Something God, the father Has Made.”

We all get some things wrong, and a part of living does things we regret. We heard this as a powerful statement about the current human condition of sin. Not that we ought to set out to do wrong; however, because we are not perfect, we are bound to make mistakes as well; hopefully, we will regret all those mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

“Every man is going to pass away……. Its what you do before perishing that’s important. ”
-from “Vertical Limit.”

Another fascinating statement about how we reside in the life that describes us. The message is actually, don’t waste what period you have. Make the most of living and perform things to help other people. This kind of, and God, is what presents our lives meaning.

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