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The Benefits of Attending a Rigging Course


If you want to learn how to rig a boat like a pro, then you should consider taking a rigging course. These courses offer instruction in both traditional and modern methods of rigging boats. In addition, these courses often include on-the-water practice sessions so that students can get hands-on experience with the material covered in class.

Whether you’re new to the sport or just need some refresher courses, taking a rigging course like the one offered by Tathong Academy is also an excellent way to improve your skills and knowledge of this important outdoor activity. In this article, we will be introducing to you what is a rigging course and the benefits of attending a course.

What is a Rigging Course?

The Rigging Course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as rigging technicians in the motion picture and television industry. The course includes classroom instruction and hands-on practice in rigging techniques, safety protocols, and machine operation. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in supervised fieldwork projects.

Rigging technicians are responsible for ensuring that motion picture and television sets are correctly rigged for filming, ensuring proper lighting and camera placement, and handling equipment malfunctions. With experience working on high-profile productions, students in the Rigging Course will be prepared for a career in the film or television industry.

What are the benefits of attending a Rigging Course?

Rigging is an essential skill for any engineer in the construction industry. A rigging course provides an overview of the different rigging systems used in construction, as well as safety and operation procedures. The benefits of attending a rigging course include:

1. Increased knowledge of construction rigging systems

It has been estimated that the construction rigging industry employs over 350,000 workers. The rigger course provides students with an increased knowledge of construction rigging systems, including the use of ropes, pulleys, and hooks. This knowledge is essential for safe and efficient work in this field.

2. Improved safety skills

A rigger course can improve safety skills for those in the industry. This type, of course, teaches students how to safely operate heavy equipment. Additionally, these courses can help students understand the different types of rigging systems.

3. More efficient work practices

The rigger course is designed to provide more efficient work practices for riggers. This course will teach the importance of using correct rigging techniques, as well as the proper procedures for handling and storing rigging equipment. By completing this course, riggers will be better prepared to safely and efficiently execute their duties.

How much does a Rigging Course cost?

The rigging course cost varies depending on the option that you choose. You can attend our program in person, or you can take our course online.

What are the requirements for attending a Rigging Course?

The Rigging Course Requirements are as follows:

– Minimum 2 years of experience rigging.

– Valid license to operate a power tool.

– Recent photo and resume of your rigging experience.

How to rig a boat like a pro in a Rigging Course?

In order to rig a boat like a pro, it is important to have some basic knowledge and experience. While there are many rigging courses available, learning from an experienced rigger can be the best way to learn. A Rigging Course can teach you the basics of how to properly rig a boat, including how to use different types of rigging materials and knots. Additionally, the course can provide you with the skills necessary to make safe and successful sailboat trips.

The rigging course is a program that provides you with the necessary skills to rig a boat safely. The course schedule offers you a variety of options to choose from, and the rigging course cost varies depending on the option that you choose. Be sure to check out Tathong Academy if you are considering enrolling in a rigging course today!

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