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The Best Freeze Dried Candy


Freeze-drying can transform candy into something entirely different, leaving a sticky candy that expands and has an intriguing texture.

Skittles is an experience – a sensory symphony of colors dancing across your palate. Lemon varieties provide a tart kick, while strawberry versions bring juicy bursts of fruity goodness.

Milk Duds

Milk Duds make the ideal movie-watching snack! Their caramel and chocolate coating makes these bite-sized candies soft, chewy, and sweet – an irresistibly enjoyable combination that no movie watcher should be without!

These delicious candies feature a luxurious milk chocolate coating encased by smooth and delectable caramel. In addition to being an irresistibly tasty candy on their own, caramel truffles also make an excellent ingredient in desserts and recipes – such as adding them into cookie dough or hot chocolate recipes for an unexpected twist on classic dishes!

If you love Milk Duds, then you will love this freeze-dried version. These treats have been freeze-dried to increase their shelf life and intensify their flavors, yet they remain just as chewy and satisfying to satisfy caramel or chocolate cravings!

When purchasing Milk Duds, be sure to scrutinize their expiration dates. If they appear stale or have lost texture and flavor, it is best to discard them immediately.

Milk Duds were met with some initial criticism when first released for sale; however, they quickly gained a loyal following and have become one of many candy lovers’ go-to treats ever since. Impressively, the candy only has two ingredients and has never been produced with additional flavors; to keep up with demand, the company makes about two million boxes weekly.

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers have been an iconic candy brand for decades, known for their combination of sweet and tart/sour flavors with a crunchy texture. Typical flavors of Jolly Ranchers candies include cherry, blue raspberry, grape, watermelons, and watermelons – and more unusual varieties such as lemon and strawberry flavors that can often be freeze-dried to maintain flavor and color integrity.

Bill and Dorothy Harmsen established The Jolly Rancher Company in 1949 Denver, Colorado. At first, their products were distributed via ice cream stores; however, due to low sales during winter months, the name ‘Jolly Rancher’ symbolized a friendly Western company. When this wasn’t successful enough for them, hard candies became their business focus instead.

Once the company gained prominence, Hershey purchased it in 1998. Since then, their product line has expanded to include gummies, fruit chews, jelly beans, filled pops, and gelatin desserts; this brand has also produced seasonal items like snowflake-shaped bags of candies.

Jolly Rancher candy goes beyond traditional hard candies; their collection also includes Jolly Rancher Hotties sour candies featuring fruit flavors and spicy heat. Available flavors of Hotties candies include watermelons with cayenne pepper, blue raspberry with Sriracha sauce, and cherries with habanero pepper. In addition, vegan versions have also been developed as suitable treats for people with food allergies and intolerances, as these candy bars are free from gluten and lactose.


Freeze-dried candy offers a unique way to enjoy your favorite sweets. This process removes 99% of the moisture in candy, creating an airy and lightweight texture while retaining its original taste and appearance. Freeze-dried candies also make an ideal treat when traveling; their lightweight yet compact nature makes them easy to transport, perfect for school lunches, road trips, or even space missions!

Freeze-drying candy is possible with almost any variety, though selecting one suitable for this process is essential. Gummy candies like Starburst can become chewy upon freeze-drying, so a type with a low moisture content, like Fruit-filled Gummies, may work best as they won’t become as tough when frozen-dried.

Freeze-dried candy products made with natural ingredients should be stored in a fantastic location such as a pantry or drawer. Refrigerator storage may also work; just be sure that drafts and direct sunlight don’t occur while they’re there! For best results, I suggest keeping these treats inside an airtight Mylar bag; this will protect their flavor and texture for as long as possible!

Freeze-dried candies make an unforgettable treat and an affordable present, perfect for anyone who enjoys candy of all varieties. Their portable package makes them the ideal addition to any celebration, making this present easy and memorable!

Mars Candy Company recently made headlines for eliminating artificial coloring and flavors from its products in response to consumers’ increased preference for natural foods. With this move, consumers will feel good about eating their candy while supporting healthy living practices.


If you love sweet treats and variety, freeze-dried candies should be on your radar. Their crunchy texture and bold flavors are sure to please, while the process also makes them lighter than regular candy and makes their flavors much more robust than their counterparts.

Skittles are unarguably the most iconic freeze-dried candy around. Their rainbow of vibrant hues is instantly recognizable, but through freeze-drying technology, their flavor and texture intensify even further, allowing you to pinpoint each shade in their spectrum of shades.

M&M’s candy is an iconic American treat produced by the Mars Chocolate Company of New Jersey, having more than 2 billion M&M’s per hour since 1941. Their logo became an enduring icon of America’s love of sweets – often appearing everywhere, from Times Square ads to Nascar drivers’ hoods!

M&M’s are an irresistibly delicious candy loved worldwide. Their factory in New Jersey employs over 2,500 workers and is a significant employer in the region. Their wide variety of colors and shapes makes them appealing to modern consumers; M&M regularly updates its characters or “spokes candies” to stay current with consumer tastes.

M&Ms were once considered the official candy of United States astronauts and were included as snacks on both the first and last space shuttle missions. Astronauts enjoyed M&M’s as healthy snacks that became an integral part of their diets during space missions; these sweet treats played an indispensable role in E.T. The movie.

Gummy Bears

Are You A Gummy Bear Lover? Chances are, if you love candy, you have tried gummy bears at some point! They have become such a hit that they have even appeared in fast food, furniture, jewelry, and toys! Gummy bears have quickly become one of the world’s most loved candy brands because their gelatinous rainbow-colored treats provide delicious fruity flavors in one convenient treat!

Though they’re trendy, something about these candies sets them apart. Not only are they crunchy in texture and distinctively shaped gummies, but their freeze-drying process turns their soft, chewy texture into an irresistibly crunchy snack that makes these treats irresistible!

Gummy bears have long been beloved candy treats, offering a delicious mix of fruity flavors in every bite. Now, with these freeze-dried versions of these classic treats, you can still enjoy all their goodness without risking overindulgence in sugar. Best part? They still come packaged in adorable little bags!

RJ Pantry offers an assortment of freeze-dried candy with unique flavors for those who like trying something new. Their popular options are their gummy bears, sour gummy worms, and strawberry hearts, all made with gluten-free ingredients in various sizes and flavors for you to try on a budget and support a small female-owned business!