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The Business Student Association: What It Is And How To Join


If you’re a business student, there’s a good chance you’re looking for ways to get involved on campus. One great way to do this is through the Business Student Association (BSA). What Is The business students association? The BSA is a student-run organization that offers networking opportunities, leadership training, and resources for business students. In addition, the BSA operates several events throughout the year, including the annual Fall Leadership Summit and the Venture Summit. How to Join The BSA? If you’re interested in joining the BSA, ensure you’re eligible first. Membership is open to all business students who have completed at least one semester of coursework in business-related courses. Once you meet these eligibility requirements, you can apply online. Conclusion If you’re looking for ways to get involved on campus and improve your skills as a business student, the BSA is a great place to start.

What is the Business Student Association?

The Business Student Association (BSA) is a student-run organization that aims to improve the relationships between business students and promote entrepreneurship and innovation. The BSA offers career counseling, social events, and networking opportunities. Members must be enrolled in an undergraduate business program at a U.S.-accredited school to join the BSA. If you are interested in joining the BSA, please visit our website for more information or email us at

How to join the BSA

The Business Student Association (BSA) is a student-run organization that provides resources and support for business students at UNC Charlotte. Membership in the BSA is open to all students at UNC Charlotte, regardless of major.


To join the BSA, visit the organization’s website and complete an intake form. Once you have submitted your information, a membership coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview and discuss your membership eligibility.


The BSA offers many benefits to its members, including access to member-only events and consultations, leadership opportunities, and resources such as the Business Library and computer labs. If you are interested in joining the BSA, please visit our website for more information or contact our membership coordinator at

Benefits of being a member

The Business Student Association (BSA) is the premier student organization for business students at participating colleges and universities. As a BSA member, you will have access to a variety of resources and opportunities, including:


-Events and activities hosted by the BSA, such as networking events, speaker series, and career fairs

-Opportunities to get involved with your campus community through leadership roles or volunteer work

-Access to discounted rates on services from the BSA’s sponsor partners, such as accounting software and legal services


To join the BSA at your school, visit our website or contact us at

What to do if you have questions

If you have any questions about the Business Student Association, do not hesitate to email us at! We are here to help you get the most out of your time at U of T, and our chapter is always looking for new members.


The business students association is the perfect organization for business students who want to network and learn from experienced professionals. Membership benefits include access to events, resources, and mentorship opportunities. If you want to join the BSA, we encourage you to apply online today!

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