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The Many Faces of Meme Faces


Meme faces take many shapes and forms – from sketches to full casts of characters – becoming part of digital communities and shared across digital networks. They represent a modern interpretation of folklore that’s created and shared among us all.

Since first appearing as paneled comics on 4chan, these faces have become a ubiquitous part of online culture. You can post them alone or combine them with other images to express a response or an opinion.

The Forever Alone Face

Forever Alone is a face used to convey the idea of being single forever without any hope for change. It is most frequently found in comic strips and advice animals; it has even become a meme. Typically featuring an enormous chin and squashed head, this meme shows sadness at never finding someone suitable enough for a relationship or love relationship.

The Forever Alone face was first popularized in 2010 and developed out of the Rage Comics genre. First created on 4chan and later appearing on other meme hub sites such as unFunnyJunk and Reddit, its popularity soon allowed it to transcend its rage comic origins, soon becoming used by men who knew they’d never find love again – fedora-wearing neckbeards or not!

There are various faces you can use to make the Forever Alone meme. Sometimes these additional faces add sadness or loneliness; examples include Trollface, FUCK YEA and Poker Face. Furthermore, their expressions can also be changed according to different emotions; for instance, if you wanted to make Forever Alone angry, then switching up their facial expressions like Trollface has crossed eyes or FUCK YEA has a demented grin – either would help make him angry!

The Forever Alone meme is very entertaining, and it has even made appearances in video games, television shows, and marketing campaigns. The meme first gained widespread exposure in 2012 around Valentine’s Day and remains popular on social media sites such as Facebook today. So popular has this phenomenon become that there’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to discussing it! /r/ForeverAlone community welcomes all discussions relating to it, including its various forms and other associated memes; any posts that breach these rules will be deleted immediately.

The Rage Guy Face

Rage faces, once just an obscure inside joke on 4chan, have now become a ubiquitous meme. These simple comics use a set of expressive characters to depict everyday and fantasy scenarios – unlike traditional cartoons, which may use more refined art techniques – thus adding an intentionally raw quality that adds appeal.

Rage comics typically center around one central character and his or her reactions to various situations. Rageguy is one of the most beloved rage characters, quickly reacting with extreme fury at any provocation he perceives. His success has inspired numerous spin-off characters such as Cereal Guy, who becomes distressed over the lack of cereal availability, or Forever Alone Guy, who struggles with feelings of loneliness.

In 2008, a four-pane comic created in Microsoft Paint depicting toilet splashback first made its debut on 4chan /b/. The fourth pane included an image of Rageguy with red eyes screaming in anger as a response to what was described in the previous three panes.

Soon enough, this meme would spread through various forums and websites such as Reddit and 9Gag. In fact, its format became so wildly popular that its subreddit existed: r/f7u12 (or f7u17).

Some rage faces have become instantly recognizable, while others remain less well known. Troll Face, for instance, recalls former US President Barack Obama and real-life celebrity Jackie Chan making an agitated expression when creating it; other rage faces draw inspiration from people such as Bitch Please Face, which bears similarities with sports star Yao Ming.

Rage comics are an often underappreciated form of web comedy, used to depict situations that could potentially cause outrage or other strong reactions in viewers. Successful rage comics usually provoke an authentic emotional response in viewers.