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Toy Box Tech Website Reviews – Are you contemplating buying a new mobile product or something else from the technological gadgets category? Within the previous years, we have seen a good explosion in the market of portable devices and new technology gadgets.

These cool brand new tech gadgets can do just as much, if not more in some cases than a vintage PC could. Like any gadget that runs programs, they require an operating system to do so. There are a few of those operating systems to choose from; the one most people are talking about now is the Android OPERATING SYSTEM from Google.

What is Google android?

Toy Box Tech Website Reviews – This is an operating system or OPERATING SYSTEM that runs mobile devices. This particular OS is based on an altered version of the Linux nucleus. Google originally purchased the device from Android Inc and also has continued to adapt as well as evolve it.

Other Cellular Operating Systems

The most commonly recognized operating systems to date have been Home windows Mobile OS, Apple Cellular OS, and Linux.

Toy Box Tech Website Reviews – In the future, we are seeing more systems being introduced which are making all the fore mentioned software program providers adapt and try to be the best in the hello there tech gadgets market.

And so which tech gadgets employ which operating systems and what is generally their advantages and disadvantages?

Windows Mobile phone OS/Windows CE

The Glass windows Mobile OS can be found with a wide range of phones from various brands. So let’s examine its good points:

  • Reputable and stable
  • A wide range of courses are available
  • Touch navigation has become improved by the new user interface
  • Very good sync capability along with Google Mobile and Swap
  • Handsets available on networks

So what now are the bad points:

  • Aged operating systems and is at period chunky and slow
  • Sporadic interface
  • Browser is reduced than others like Firefox
  • The interface is not yet really user friendly

Toy Box Tech Website Reviews – The reason for its achievement up until now has been the fact that Ms generally know what they are performing and come with a proven history, especially on some of the more popular tech gadgets like mobile phones, car DVD players as well as GPS navigators.


Apple company commanded a huge share from the mobile device market using the introduction of the iPhone that could be named amongst the best technology gadgets by various authors and pundits.

Toy Box Tech Website Reviews – The iPhone OS IN THIS HANDSET for now only runs in a relaxed manner on the iPhone itself, together with the iPad and iTouch building a version of this.

What are the pluses and minuses of the iPhone OS?
Understand the pros?

  • Very reliable
  • Loads of apps to choose from
  • The best effect navigation interface
  • Switch concerning apps seamlessly
  • Quick in addition to slick

What are the cons?

  • Apple inc devices can be expensive
  • The blog only available from Apple Often the Apple OS has been profitable because it was the best to be able to be released and when Apple unveiled its iPhone series it turned out new and designed for often the masses.

Toy Box Tech Website Reviews – Again together with the Linux Mobile OS, it can be available on a number of hi support gadgets, but what are the advantages and drawbacks?


  • Many Linux blog is free
  • Open source means any person can write programs because of it
  • Lots of support available on the internet


  • Still has some bugs
  • Simply no official helpline
  • Are unable to run Microsoft apps

Additional operating systems that are widely used will be the Symbian OS, the Hands OS, and BlackBerry.

At this time it seems that these operating systems are usually falling behind the ones talked about previously in the article.

It truly is new innovations and size appeal that are the main reasons behind this.

So why has the Android os operated system gain so much recognition?

Well, the main reason for this the point that it’s Linux-based. This implies it has a lot more third party software available for it.

So what will be the pros and cons?


  • As mentioned just before it is open source
  • Easily hacked
  • Powerful
  • Constant updates offered
  • Lots of providers designing programs for it


  • Handsets confined
  • Power management issues
  • Screen not user friendly

Toy Box Tech Website Reviews – With the family member cheapness of Chinese INDUSTRY products we have seen often the android being brought to considerably more people quickly. After perusing this article you should have a better perception of what mobile OS fits your condition.