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Using Twitter to Create Free Leads: How to Get Started


Hi, and kudos to you if you took the time to read this post and educate yourself on how to use Twitter to create leads and significantly increase your company’s revenue. Let’s get started, but before we do, I want to let readers know that there will be a link to a free webinar offering training on how to supercharge your business by using Twitter, Facebook, your blog, YouTube, and other platforms, much like the best marketers in your field do.

So, let’s get started. Your name will be the first thing you decide, and let me tell you why that’s so crucial. I advise you to begin with your real name, such as John Doe because choosing a corny name like “super biz builder” or “master marketer” is the last thing you want to do because nobody will want to follow you in most cases. You can alter this as time passes and you amass a respectable following, but I advise using your real name if you’re starting. The second thing we want to do is to buy a background for your Twitter page now that we have your name down. Unless you have the money to pay upfront for a wholly customized backdrop, I recommend starting with a free background. But, for those starting as I did on a tight budget, let’s go with the free set.,, and are all beautiful places to visit if you want to find free Twitter backdrops.

Moreover, choose an upbeat background that will truly highlight your page, some lovely landscape, a beach view, or anything elegant and alluring. Okay, now that we know your name and some of your background, let’s talk about your profile bio and why it’s crucial to write a strong one. It’s essential to remember that this is social media and that it’s not just about pitching your ads all day. You should connect with people and do your best to make sure that your bio reflects who you are and your personality. So be yourself, be original, and I promise people won’t want to follow you or engage with you if you direct message them.

You must post a picture to your profile after writing your bio. A picture is worth a thousand words on social media, but I don’t mean that you have to be America’s next top model or be able to win a beauty pageant; all you need to do is post an excellent image to your profile. It would be great to post a picture of yourself smiling to let potential followers know you are cheerful and upbeat. Why would you want to follow someone who consistently portrays themselves in a negative light? I can’t overstate how crucial it will be for you to start with that positive picture for your page, but most importantly, be yourself. In some places, like my picture on EzineArticles, it’s a serious picture, but that’s a big part of who I am. But when it comes to places like Facebook and Twitter, I can’t express how important it will be for you to start.

You’re all set to go now, my friend. To recap, we started with our name, acquired our background information, wrote our persuasive bios, and displayed our optimistic images. Let’s now discuss Twitter’s policies and how to manage your account and tweets. The majority of people, in my experience, think that they should tweet about their advertisements and brand continually; nevertheless, this is not what you will do. Providing value to your prospects and followers is crucial in today’s business world; the days of claiming, “Hey, my name is so and so, and I make this amount a month, see how you can do the same,” are long gone.

Instead, people regard you as being concerned for their best interests by giving away valuable information. It matters a lot to them in today’s economy, where delivering value is everything. Here are five critical pieces of high-quality material you should share on Twitter. The important word here is high-quality content. Articles, preferably your own, but if you’re starting, utilize someone else’s pieces until you can write your own. Just be sure to scrutinize them to ensure that the content is of a high standard. Also, people enjoy seeing quotes, whether

motivational, instructive, or of any other variety. Another fantastic thing to tweet is one of your videos, which allows people to see you and your work in addition to just reading it. Remember to find what fits you because people can detect if you are being phony with positive or valuable information, such as tweets about charitable organizations. Finally, while we want to tweet our advertisements, there is a general guideline you should go by.

Do three valuable tweets follow each ad you post to promote your website and business? Ten to fifteen tweets every day is what I’d advise, so for every three of those, post one advertisement. In this manner, everyone wins: Twitter wins because you don’t look to be a spammer, your followers win because they don’t have to worry about you, and you become a person of interest. You start publishing your content, such as videos and essays and position yourself as a leader by making a name online. Give it some time; use other people’s content at first, but keep working on your own so that as your list grows, you can move from using others’ content to saying, Hey, check out my post on attraction marketing, on how to use Twitter, and so on. So let’s talk about how to grow your follower list quickly yet sensibly.

The idea here is that the people you choose to follow, you are seeking them to follow you back. For your first week, you should follow 100 to 150 people daily. Those you follow will typically have an autoresponder that will automatically follow you back within 24 hours, often much earlier, so give them at least 24 hours to do so. To get my following-to-follower ratio roughly even, I unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed me in the past 24 hours. Then I start the process over with whoever I am now following. You are not required to do this, though. Now, if you’ve had your Twitter account for a while and have many followers, you can follow anywhere between 300 and 400 people per day without Twitter getting worried and blocking your account because they think you’re a spammer.

Follow the procedure of the first week, 100–150 days; the second week, 200–250 daily, and then gradually build up to 300–400 daily for new Twitter users. So you can see that once you have this baby rolling, you can significantly speed up the list-building process. We’ve covered the essentials of getting started with Twitter, but if you use this post to start utilizing Twitter, I’ll summarize it below, so you don’t have to locate your spot in the text continually. Remember that this was just getting started, so come back to read more advanced information when you expand your list. Be sure to read more articles from me about using Twitter to generate free leads. If you choose, you can soon put your Twitter account on autopilot literally.

Don’t forget to work at it at your own pace if you don’t have much time during the day. It’s okay if you can’t tweet that many times every day. There is no rush on your path to success; maintain your composure, avoid becoming overwhelmed, and keep in mind why you are working so hard. Learning to be a man of value can help you reach your goals because helping others always results in people assisting you and expanding your business.

Getting Going
Name, biography, and history.
2. Take your cheeriest photo ever; a picture is worth a thousand words.
3. Next: week 1: 100–150 per day, week 2: 200–250 per day, and week three and beyond: 300–400 per day
4. Tweets: Don’t spam; use articles, videos, unique information, and your adverts.

At the end of this article, you’ll find an invitation to free training provided by our master markers. I’m excited to share this training with you since it contains priceless material that would have cost you a lot of money if it had been compiled from every Monday’s training sessions. As information is everything, I sincerely hope you take advantage of this free opportunity. After all, we must put knowledge into practice. Consider the following calculation:

Actions and skills determine success.

If you possess beneficial skills but never use them correctly, you will experience complete failure. If you have big ambitions and take a lot of action but cannot support that activity or add value, your efforts will be in vain. No matter how high the number is, multiplying it by zero will always result in zero. Hence, accumulate as many skills as possible, and if you can do it for no cost, all the better. Then, put them to use.

“Understanding oneself is true wisdom; knowing others is intellect.
The actual power source is within; controlling others is strength.” anonymous.

FreeTraining] for an invitation to free training.

Charles K. Walker is currently a member of the US Coast Guard and operates a home-based business. Charles is a kind-hearted person who loves to serve others personally and professionally. He is a loyal spouse, a basketball and soccer fan, and enjoys traveling. Click the link below to learn more about Charles’ internet revenue stream.

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