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What Courses Are Most Popular For Flight Training?


Would you like to take your passion for flying the big birds up the sky to the next level?  If yes, CPaT Global features an array of distance-learning flight training courses to choose from. Each of the lessons offers an immersive learning experience of hydraulic systems, Ground Manoeuvring and much more. However, you might want to narrow down your search for aircraft systems courses and here are the most popular flight training courses. They include:

Airbus Courses

Airbus Courses involve enhanced learning, systems diagrams and basic and different courses. Each course features Communication Systems, Fuel Systems, Engine, Weather Radar, just to mention a few. Airbus A330, Airbus A 220, Airbus A350 and the Airbus A 340 are some of the Airbus Courses in the Airbus family.

For those who prefer distance learning training, CPaT Global offers a distance learning solution thanks to its learning management platform.

ATR Courses

ATR Courses include the ATR 72/42- 500 and the ATR 72/42-600 courses which involve 6 modules namely the initial and recurrent aircraft systems training module, difference training from the ATR 72-500 to ATR42-500 module, real-time interaction with modern and aircraft systems module, FMS Skills module, Cockpit Procedures training module and the walk around training module.

Boeing Courses

The Boeing family continues to grow with the latest member of the Boeing family being the Boeing 737 NG. For this reason, the Maintenance Training Course for this new member of the family has been among the most popular among those who seek to pursue an aircraft systems course. Other Boeing courses include Boeing 737 MAX, Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737-200, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 747-8, Boeing 757 and Boeing 777and Boeing 787. Each course features unique learning experiences of the plane’s differences training, real-time interaction and learning of modern, complex aircraft systems and much more.

Bombardier Courses

The Bombardier Course includes three training courses which are the CRJ 700/900 CBT, DHC-8 100/300 CBT and the DHC-8 Q400 CBT recurrent and initial training courses. Some of the lessons in these courses include the three-dimensional cockpit procedural training, FMS procedural keypad emulator, navigation, electrical systems and much more.

Embraer Courses

The Embraer comes third of the largest producer of civil aircraft with Boeing and Airbus leading the way. Some of the most popular Embraer Courses include the Embraer ERJ 145  initial and recruitment training, the Embraer EMB 190  Initial, Recurrent and Differences Training. Additionally, this platform features assessment tests in every lesson for evaluation of your understanding in every training lesson.

Fokker Courses

The Fokker F100 courses are featured in the majority of flight training platforms with the CPaT Global enabling learners to access training lessons from anywhere at any time thanks to its Learning Management System and its mobile app. Some of the training lessons in a Fokker Course include the walk around trainer, and cockpit procedures training.


The aviation speciality courses and aircraft procedures are also other flight training courses you could seek to learn in the aviation industry. Nevertheless, regardless of your choice of flight training course, CPaT Global is equipped with the required resources that make it rank among the best distance learning flight training organizations.

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