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What kind of career opportunities can you expect after an MBA in Berlin?


Are you thinking of pursuing an MBA in Berlin or any other exotic foreign destination? You aren’t alone! Thousands of international students move to Berlin yearly to pursue popular business degrees such as an MBA.

Berlin is one of the largest commercial centers in Germany and a hotspot for businesses and start-ups of all domains and sizes. Hence, you can find a high likelihood of great business management roles in the city.

An MBA is a great launchpad for your business career in Germany since it is generic enough to cover multiple business disciplines and provides you with many transferable skills. These days, MBA programs come in various formats, such as full-time, part-time, or online programs that yield additional flexibility.

An MBA is enough to provide the necessary business expertise and managerial skills you need for a modern business career. Read ahead to discover interesting career options that you can expect as an MBA graduate.

Why is Berlin the perfect destination for your business studies and career?

Did you know that Berlin is considered the start-up capital of Europe? A recent article in Forbes Magazine even predicted Berlin to outpace California in terms of business development opportunities in the coming years!

Additionally, Berlin also happens to be the European headquarters for many renowned MNCs like Siemens and Randstad. The city is rife with career opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring business professionals with such a bustling business sector.

Pursuing an MBA from a reputed school in the city can give you proximity to the bustling business space within the city, thereby providing career exposure.

What kind of business roles can you get after you complete your MBA?

With the business domain increasingly becoming fast-paced, you need to match dynamic management and business expertise to match up. A good MBA program can also improve your networking and communication skills which can help you find the right business role for yourself.

Here are some intriguing business management roles you can find as an MBA graduate in Berlin.

  1. Marketing manager: average salary is around € 70,000 each year
  2. Investment banker: average salary is around € 80,000 each year
  3. Management consultant: average salary is around € 110,000 each year
  4. Financial advisor: average salary is around € 70,000 each year
  5. Business analyst: average salary is around € 75,000 each year
  6. Administrative manager: average salary is around € 55,000 each year
  7. Human resource management executive: average salary is around € 45,000 each year
  8. The project manager: average salary is around € 65,000 each year
  9. Product development manager: average salary is around € 76,000 each year
  10. Supply chain manager: average salary is around € 56,000 each year
  11. Operations manager: average salary is around € 60,000 each year
  12. IT manager: average salary is around € 120,000 each year

There are plenty more roles in the industry that you can explore with an MBA from a reputed business school under your belt. Start looking for appropriate business schools in Berlin today that offer good MBA programs.

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