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Will be Aging A Mental Disease – If So, What Is The Antivirus


“Age is nothing inside of it, but when you accept the idea of grow older and its limitations for yourself, that is bad. ”
– Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Life of a Yogi

To those individuals interested in living life to the fullest extent, the question of age and aging must be considered. To be able to sociologists, age is a socially constructed trait closely associated with limitations; in traditional Western remedies, aging is an inevitable means of living; however, to the yogi and the believer inside the power of thought over make a difference, aging is merely an emotional virus brought on by social expectations–a virus that can be cured by using an “anti-virus” consisting of super-consciousness; and applying the law of attraction–or the internalization of optimistic thoughts and habits.

Until recently, this sort of expanded mind has been limited to a small number of people. However, after the success of films such as The Secret (2006) and What the Bleep Can we Know (2004), it seems that the particular masses are considering the connection of thought to ‘reality.’ With that awakening, there is also the hope that we can affect remarkable changes in our lives. Speaking regarding myself, this has undoubtedly recently been the case.

The correlation between thought and reality is the cornerstone for many religions, particularly people who honor the power of silence and positive prayer (or thought) as the basis for their opinions. The most commonly known proven paradigm in the methodical Western community that supports the strength of thought is what has still been classified as the placebo effect (Dr. Henry K. Beecher, 1955), wherein people react to what these people’s beliefs to be accurate if it ‘is’ or not. Currently, quantum mechanics (QM), in addition to evolutionary psychology, applies the strength of thought over the matter as a basis for further research.

More convincingly, anyone can quickly test out the power of thought based on their experiences. Through taking an aware inventory of any one-day time or event, you might realize that what you believe or assume will happen usually does. We usually believe anything will happen because of our earlier experiences or familiarity with a specific natural or man-made law.

For the adventurous, anybody can also find evidence of the effectiveness of human thought as a general force. One hypothesis to the end is what is known as “The Hundredth Monkey Effect; Ecological Influence and our Practices are also essential ingredients in the unfolding of this mystery.

The particular Hundredth Monkey Effect (for those of you who are unaware of it is the origin) is an observation of your colony of macaque apes on the Japanese island associated with Koshima in the 1950s, which suggests that once a certain amount of group members learn a brand new trait, the same trait displays up in members of the same type without any physical contact happening (perhaps elaborate a little here). Although the observation and its findings are somewhat disputed, our experience tells us that if a critical percentage of the populace starts to learn to do something, it quickly spreads to the rest of the society–such as something as mundane as vogue.

As a speaker of English, Swedish, and Czech, plus a bi-continental resident, I bottom part some of my acceptance of the power of thought in my experience learning another language from the countries of origin. Underneath these conditions, I have been astonished to discover how much people chat without thinking. When we chat, we pretty much operate merely with our intention. The actual technique of speaking is a subconscious work. One of these subconscious patterns usually occurs when people are getting to understand me. They inevitably ask, “What would you do for a living? Inch and “How old are you currently? ” there it is! Age group consciousness. Beware… When I let them know my age, they instantly look at me and redouble their opinion of me personally. I can see it in their eyes.

Therefore what do people think once they ask what age you might be? It seems that most people are predicting a judgment of you, who you were, and who you will be. For example, if you appear younger than you say you will be, they think that you must have acceptable genes–or that perhaps you have been living away from sunshine, etc. However, if you appear older than you say you will be, they might conclude that you must possess bad genes or have spent too much time in the sun. In certain situations, they might even be considering your death.

This occurs to me that the unconscious and conscious thoughts and pictures related to age groups are overly prevalent and almost always negative. Therefore, we have to use our thoughts more energetically to repel reduced amount of prejudice. In other words, decline age-consciousness and practice beneficial thinking by applying the law involving attraction.

This is a different approach to looking at things, isn’t the idea? Since we know that views seem to hold the most electrical power in our lives than any other factor, could it be that views are the elixir of childhood? If it’s true in everything in our life that we comprehend accurately is maintained in our mind, and each of our minds dwells on it continuously, shouldn’t we examine our thoughts more ‘thoughtfully’? Through this kind of analysis, you will most certainly find that your thoughts are filled with rules and images that verify your current reality and project an image of an upcoming.

So, is the mind simply reacting to what it views in the outside world, and nothing we can do or even should do about this? Fortunately, depending on my knowledge from a level in physics, I must claim, “No, ” because, throughout Quantum Mechanics (QM), you cannot find any action-reaction principle. What you get instead is a mutual altogether agreement of all parties concerned. Every particle in the world, forwards and backward on time, must all agree on which something is going to happen, does happen, or is currently going on. That would include the neurons in the brain.

Therefore, if the mental faculties are the instrument holding the pictures that reflect the actual outside of you, could you change the images? Then the actual outside of you would change additionally? According to QM, that should be true, and since QM applies to all particles over the entire universe, this declaration must be valid. Also, it should transcend time and space too.

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