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Add an Old Fashioned Glass to Your Barware Collection


An old-fashioned glass is a short tumbler for lowball drinks like whiskey on the rocks or cocktails like the Sazerac. Sometimes made of crystal, they add an opulence and luxury element to your barware collection.

Riedel has created this set to simplify bartending, with wide openings that accommodate large ice cubes and indented markings to identify two-ounce pours. Plus, they stack neatly and can even be put through the dishwasher!

Fortessa Jupiter

Whether you’re whipping up mojitos for guests or adding a splash of color to stylish tablescapes, Fortessa Jupiter adds charm and old-world craftsmanship to contemporary tables. Inspired by Parisian flea market finds, this vibrant glassware collection brings rainbow hues into any bar or table setting with handcrafted details like bands of beaded detailing, adding timeless style and craftsmanship.

This 10-oz Cornflower Blue rocks or double old-fashioned glass from Fortessa features varied beaded detailing characteristic of hobnail glass. Dishwasher safe, this beaded glass adds a splash of color to trendy tables and catered events alike. Other colors in this collection can also be mixed and matched to create an eye-catching tablescape.

Fortessa Tableware Solutions designs develops, and markets commercial and consumer tableware that brings elegance and durability to upper-tier restaurant and hotel dining rooms, quality-minded consumers, and quality-minded businesses. The company takes its craft seriously by sourcing materials and working closely with renowned manufacturers to produce long-lasting, high-quality products such as durable 18/10 stainless steel flatware or versatile glassware designed by Fortessa Tableware Solutions; from durable 18/10 silver to versatile glassware options with classic shapes or new extension pieces designed to add flair to any dining space; drinkware bakeware accessories make Fortessa a versatile option suitable for every style or event!

Reed & Barton

Reed & Barton has been producing classic silversmith pieces since 1824 and is revered by customers and critics for their elegant designs, sterling flatware, heirloom pieces, and limited-edition collections. Reed & Barton products have been used at high-profile events such as presidential inaugurations and royal weddings; designers collaborate with them on limited-edition pieces, while recently, financial issues led them to file bankruptcy in 2015. Lenox Corporation of Bristol, Massachusetts purchased Reed & Barton’s operating assets after filing bankruptcy proceedings were complete – taking ownership of them on January 4th, 2016.

Isaac Babbitt established Britannia Metal Company in Taunton, Massachusetts, in 1824 by producing Britannia metal, an alternative to pewter comprised of tin, antimony, and copper that proved superior to pewter as it offered more durability than its rivals such as gold or copper while being more cost-effective than solid silver.

At its height in the late 1800s, Comstock Lode mining operations produced enormous silver production that saw Reed & Barton shift their focus toward sterling silver production, employing hundreds of people and operating multiple factories at once. By World War II, however, production had switched entirely to stainless steel production to supply items to assist the war effort, such as surgical instruments for soldiers.

Sinclair Weeks assumed the presidency of Reed & Barton in 1971, leading them through various challenges, such as fluctuations in silver prices and shifting consumer tastes. Later, Reed & Barton would design and produce medals for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games held in Atlanta. Today, the company makes everyday stainless steel flatware designed for durability with modern amenities like dishwasher compatibility – as well as operating its factory store at its plant site and an outlet store at Wrentham Premium Outlets in Massachusetts.


LANFULA offers the ideal whiskey glass set to add to any collection or present. Crafted from crystal, they’re durable yet weighty and dishwasher-safe for effortless cleanup and transport! Also ideal for holding ice cubes! Presented in a satin-lined gift box, making this set suitable for any special event or celebration!

The Bavel Old-Fashioned Glass was created explicitly for cocktail enthusiasts who enjoy sipping on large and heavy lowball drinks. Each glass holds 11 ounces of liquid and can easily accommodate an oversized ice cube. Featuring thick walls and heavy-weighted bases for sturdy durability and elegant aesthetics – perfect additions to any bar cart.

Greenline Goods’ Rocks Whiskey Glass is the ideal accessory for anyone who appreciates bourbon. Crafted from borosilicate crystal and featuring fluted sides, this piece also has an ergonomic shape designed to fit comfortably in your hand – the ideal size for bourbon and cocktails!

The LUXU whiskey glass has been meticulously designed to amplify the flavors of your favorite drinks, delighting your senses with each sip. With its wide mouth and balanced form, the wide mouth allows the flavors of your drink to flourish fully while its comfortable grip provides an enjoyable drinking experience.


Luxu is a small town located in China that has approximately 1,300 residents. Luxu is also a renowned tourist destination with plenty of hotels available, and its natural beauty is famous. Tianhu Peak provides stunning panoramic views and is the ideal place for peaceful getaways surrounded by lush nature – offering visitors an idyllic spot to unwind and recharge their batteries.

After being found by the Master of Masters, Luxu was given new names, and Keyblades mirrored his heart. Luxu was short for Luxuria – Latin for “lust” or “delight.” Originally Luxu was an arrogant individual who assisted Master Xehanort in creating tragedy; over time, however, he developed into a more restrained individual as he matured.

He observed his fellow Foretellers from a distance, even after hearing from their Master that they wouldn’t receive copies of the Book of Prophecies to avoid temporal paradoxes. Instead, they received a mysterious Black Box as instructed. They instructed them not to open it at any point despite their curiosity and advice not to open it any time they wanted.

Luxu abided by his Master’s orders and watched as his allies participated in the first Keyblade War, believing his plan could finally defeat Darkness once and for all. When another “dark seeker” attempted to start another Keyblade War, Luxu intervened by taking on Braig, an apprentice of their Master.


Dorset, located in Southwest England, is famed for its picturesque landscapes and historical landmarks. Natural highlights of this English county include the Jurassic Coast with cliffs exposing fossils; towns feature sandy beaches that cater to various activities; Beaminster, Shaftesbury, and Poole all offer something to see or do for everyone – making Dorset an excellent way to experience local culture and history!

Dorset’s geology can be divided into two broad categories: limestone areas with predominantly chalk uplands and clay vales. Chalk areas are used primarily for dairy agriculture, while clay vales support extensive woodland and horticulture activities. Poole, Bournemouth, and Weymouth are Dorset’s three main towns, while smaller cities and villages are also throughout its borders. Agriculture remains an integral industry of Dorset even if its traditional importance has diminished somewhat.

Dorset County boasts many historical landmarks and an exceptional variety of restaurants and pubs that serve delicious, locally sourced cuisine such as fish ‘n chips, steak and kidney pie, fruity ciders, and much more! The county is known for its incredible culinary offerings.

Dorset boasts a rich literary legacy, and many of its inhabitants have left their mark on the arts. Notable residents include artist Sir James Thornhill, musician P. J. Harvey, archbishops John Morton and William Wake, paleontologist Mary Anning, and explorer Sir Walter Raleigh – not to mention numerous museums and attractions like Keep Military Museum at Dorchester and Tank Museum at Bovington; Madonna was even born here! Additionally, it is home to various attractions, museums, and attractions, and the birthplace of several celebrities such as singer Madonna and actor Martin Clunes!