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Aluminum Channels for LED Strip Lighting


Aluminum channels (LED strip extrusions) perform several essential tasks for creating lighting fixtures with more of a finished aesthetic and functioning like finished fixtures. What do you consider about types of track lighting.

Aluminum protects your strips against dust, debris, weather conditions, and other external factors that could decrease their lifespan.

They act as diffusers to minimize any “LED dots” you might see when staring directly at your strips.


Whenever selecting an LED strip light for outdoor use, choose one with weatherproof properties. An IP67 rating indicates its ability to withstand water splashes while functioning effectively at various temperatures – some models even submerge completely!

Keep an eye on the power consumption of any LED strip lights you purchase, whether 12V or 24V. Also, please take note of their length; most come in strips five or 10 feet long, but reels of up to 165 feet in length may also be available for purchase.

Philips Hue outdoor light strips make it easy to customize your outdoor lighting, from direct to indirect illumination, and can even be bent and curved to highlight different areas in your home or business. Plus, voice control, intelligent accessories, or the Hue app simplify controlling it!


No matter where your home may need some added illumination, or you wish to show off a collection, LED strip lights offer an affordable and straightforward solution. Installed easily without breaking the bank or calling in professionals – LEDs make instantaneous transformation possible!

Starting your search for light strips requires considering your desired results – do you wish to create an atmosphere of calmness, seduction, energy, or safety? Once your desired atmosphere has been identified, select materials or objects you want to illuminate before determining whether this lighting is solely decorative or will also provide entertainment value.

LED strip lighting comes in many varieties, but there are certain things to remember when deciding. If you’re lighting the stairs of your home, seek a strip with an integrated heat sink to prevent overheating, or select one with multiple colored LEDs or one that syncs to music for greater flexibility.

An additional consideration when purchasing LED strip lighting is its length. Many come in various sizes ranging from one to 32 feet; waterproof options also make them suitable for outdoor applications. You may find channels with angled channels so that you can direct light where it is most needed.


Aluminum channels make LED strip lighting ideal for angled applications, providing a clean, built-in look while protecting from moisture and dust build-up. Furthermore, their uniform light distribution helps avoid glare. Plus, an assortment of colors and styles is available so that it’s easy to create the ideal LED lighting solution for your space!

StarlandLed V-shape channels are a popular option for angled track lighting. These V-shaped channels are constructed of a brushed silver aluminum frame and small flanges that retain its milky polycarbonate cover – designed with an arch contour that widens beam angles while decreasing glare – suitable for accent lighting in rooms, corners, and stairs.

KLUS flat track offers another alternative for an angled way. Available in either 1-meter or half-meter lengths, it can be cut to fit your space precisely and installed easily under cabinets, counters, and support beams.

Use LED channel lights with either flexible or rigid LED strip lights, controlled using wireless dimming systems, DMX controllers, or wall switches. When cutting these channels, use a new blade and work slowly – aluminum channels are fragile and easily break if cut with old or dull knives.


These surface-mount aluminum channels provide an elegant finished look when installed recessed and extend their lifespan by keeping strip lights cooler, which helps boost and lengthen their lifespan. An assortment of sizes and styles is available, so you can find one to meet your specific needs; some even come equipped with diffusers to soften light output or reduce the harshness of strip lighting.

These channels come equipped with built-in heat sinks that help dissipate any excess heat generated by LED strip lights, helping extend their lifetime by up to two times and possibly changing beam angles for greater versatility. You can purchase them in various shapes – even angled versions! – to meet specific beam angles.

Cove lighting channels are great for areas that require focused illumination, such as cove lighting or coved ceilings, as they allow you to focus light in specific directions and dim their intensity accordingly. You can also use them in environments that need to be dimmed down, such as bars and clubs. Crafted from anodized aluminum for corrosion and wear resistance, accessories for these channels, such as end caps and mounting brackets, provide a secure fitting that prevents the track from slipping off when hanging from ceilings – while polycarbonate covers give more protection from accidental impacts, which might occur from overhead lighting installations.

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