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Chinese Food Delivery in Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Murfreesboro offers 10 Chinese eateries that deliver to Postmates; enter your address to see which are available near you.

General Tso Chicken is one of the most beloved American dishes, beloved for its sweet flavors and easy preparation. Egg rolls have become an indispensable appetizer – perhaps they were invented here!

General Tso Chicken

General Tso’s Chicken is an iconic Chinese-American takeout dish known for its sweet, sour, spicy, and tangy combination. Also referred to as Peking-Style chicken or House Special Crispy Chicken, it owes much of its popularity to being named after General Zuo Zontang rather than Hunan (although still popular today!).

This straightforward recipe uses chicken that has been marinated and coated, stir-fried, and then coated in an irresistibly delicious homemade sauce of hoisin sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, ginger, and garlic – finished off by some corn starch for extra luscious texture and crisp coating!

It can be served with vegetables and steamed rice for an accompaniment or enjoyed as a complete meal. For an unforgettable dining experience, pair this dish with another homemade Chinese food staple such as Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup or Ginger Fried Rice; it even pairs nicely with fresh Asian cucumber salad or baby bok choy steamed greens!

Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls are cylindrical appetizers typically prepared either baked, fried, or left uncooked and filled with chicken, pork, shrimp wood ear mushrooms, cellophane noodles, and onions. Ingredients are packed into store-bought egg roll wrappers and then tightly rolled for sealing – popular in Chinese restaurants, Asian markets, and some grocery stores – making this easy-to-make dish quick to put together at any time! Don’t forget a simple dipping sauce if desired for optimal presentation of this delectable appetizer!

Make the filling by mixing seasoned pork, shredded cabbage, and carrots in a large bowl before adding garlic salt, pepper, granulated sugar, and sesame oil. Combine well, adding additional ingredients such as garlic salt, pepper, coarse sugar, and sesame oil if desired (note that fish sauce or vinegar will alter the flavor of egg rolls). To assemble egg rolls correctly, place one egg roll wrapper on a work surface so its corner points towards you like a diamond and spread three tablespoons of the filling over its bottom edge before folding the right and left edges toward the center halfway point before moistening the final corner to seal. Repeat the process until all filling has been used up.

Wonton Soup

Created in 20 minutes with minimal prep required, this quick and satisfying soup features bok choy, mushrooms, and mini frozen wontons – perfect when you want something quick yet enjoyable without all the mess involved in cooking from scratch!

To create wontons, combine all filling ingredients (excluding scallions and ginger) in a bowl until thoroughly mixed. Spoon out two teaspoons of filling onto a wonton wrapper, brush the edges with water, fold opposite corners to enclose it, then moisten two corners and pinch to seal – repeat this step for each wrapper until finished and place onto a baking sheet covered in plastic wrap until firm.

Bring all the soup ingredients to a boil in a large pot, seasoning it with soy sauce, white pepper, and sesame oil (optional). When your wontons have finished cooking, remove them from the heat and add chopped scallions and ginger before ladling them into bowls with chili oil for an extra kick!

Roast Duck

Beautifully crisp skin and succulent, juicy meat make this roast duck the highlight of any table. Pair it with scallion pancakes, garlicky green beans, bittersweet endives, and orange salad or fluffy Parker House rolls for the perfect pairings.

Bring the duck back to room temperature by placing it back into the refrigerator 30 minutes before starting to work on it. Rinse inside and out with cold water, patting dry with a paper towel for a crispy skin finish. Mix salt with five-spice powder and rub all over, including in its cavity.

Fill a duck’s cavity with a bouquet of garni (thyme, parsley, juniper berries, and cloves) and peppercorns using toothpicks or skewers, sealing any openings using toothpicks or skewers.

Place the duck breast-side up into a roasting pan, adding a tray underneath for any fat that dribbles during roasting. Preheat your oven, cover the duck with foil, and roast for two hours, flipping every 30 minutes while brushing on honey-orange glaze every time flipping is completed. When its internal temperature reaches 175 degrees, please remove it from the oven.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are an indispensable snack at any Super Bowl party or restaurant meal, with three times more people devouring them during this event than on any typical Sunday, according to NPD Group figures.

Although frying may be the traditional method for chicken wings, they can also be prepared in the oven using this healthier approach to baking or roasting them instead. This process produces crispier skin than its fried counterpart; however, drying out the meat beforehand helps ensure the seasoning sticks better.

To prepare chicken wings, combine flour, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, and garlic powder in a large zipper bag before combining the chicken wings. Shake to coat evenly, drain on paper towels before tossing in melted butter mixed with reserved drippings before baking for 15-20 minutes until golden and an internal temperature of 165 degrees has been reached. Enjoy hot!