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HDMI to USB C Converters


Many modern laptops feature USB C ports, while HDMI-based equipment only accepts an HDMI interface. To bridge this divide between standards, cables or adapters with both types of plugs (USB C and HDMI socket) must be made available for purchase or rental.

These adaptors can serve various functions, including mirroring mobile gaming or showing photos from friends and family members on a larger monitor. There are some factors to keep in mind before investing in USB-C to HDMI converters.


An HDMI to USB C converter enables you to mirror the display of a laptop or mobile device onto a television or monitor while also playing audio through its speakers. Most HDMI to USB-C adapters provide 4K resolution at 30Hz – suitable for most uses, and some even support HDCP 2.2 for ease of iTunes and Netflix content streaming without worrying about copyright issues.

The USB Type-C connector has become the standard in electronic devices such as laptops, phones, and monitors. Compared with old micro-USB ports, USB-C can carry more data and power while supporting alternate modes that enable devices such as DisplayPort or HDMI connections – giving you one cable solution that connects virtually any display and audio output device available today.

However, your adapter must be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty so you have peace of mind if it becomes defective; this is particularly essential if you plan to use it often, and the best way to do this is by referring to its warranty period allotted by its maker.

Consideration should also be given to the type of cabling used with a USB-C to HDMI converter. Nylon cabling is a popular choice as it provides economical yet effective protection from various forces, helping extend its lifespan by protecting against damage or abrasions.

Once you have the appropriate adapter, connecting it to your TV is straightforward. First, plug the USB-C end of the adapter into the USB-C port on your phone or tablet; next, insert its HDMI end into your television’s HDMI port; finally, navigate your television’s settings menu to change its source input port accordingly.

Though USB-C may not yet be as widely adopted as HDMI format, its usage will probably increase over time. Thanks to HDMI Licensing’s Alt Mode specification, cables using existing USB-C wires to transfer DisplayPort signals can then be easily converted to HDMI signals without extra dongles or converters being required.


USB C is an emerging technology designed to transfer high-definition audio and video signals. This reversible port can be found on many laptops, tablets, and smartphones – as well as some TVs and projectors – and delivers power directly to connected devices, so it makes connecting smartphones or tablets to more giant screens much simpler for watching movies, photos, or videos on the go.

As USB-C continues to gain in popularity, it will likely not completely replace HDMI. Both ports feature different pin configurations, and each serves its specific function: USB-C provides universal support, while HDMI specializes in HD video and audio content delivery. HDMI also offers more features than USB-C does, such as Audio Return Channel support and 3D compatibility, yet both can work together under certain conditions.

One of the primary uses for a USB-C to HDMI adapter is mirroring your mobile device’s screen onto a larger display, like a television or monitor. This makes displaying holiday photos or watching shows on a larger screen easy, but be aware that only compatible devices should use the adapter.

If you want a reliable USB-C to HDMI adapter, consider purchasing from a reputable manufacturer. Such adapters typically use high-grade materials and come with warranties. In addition, their sleek designs and lightweight construction help make them suitable for everyday use; some even feature nylon sheathing to shield their wires from damage.

The ideal USB-C to HDMI adapters are those that support the highest possible resolution and refresh rate, HDCP 2.2 for secure data transmission, as well as transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps – this ensures your content will be shown as intended and allows your device to perform efficiently.

The top USB-C to HDMI adapters will feature high-quality cables made with aluminum alloy connectors and double-braided nylon exterior that feel sturdy, providing reliable service even after being repeatedly unplugged and plugged in. They can withstand being frequently cleared from and replugged without experiencing any degradation over time.


Selecting the ideal length for a USB-C to HDMI cable is critical when connecting your computer and monitor, ideally long enough to keep them both in close proximity without constantly shifting the adapter/cable around. Most such lines come with either one-meter, two-meter, or six-foot cables; you should select what best meets your needs.

Rocstor offers this premium USB-C to HDMI cable as a premium solution that’s ideal for laptop, desktop, and Chromebook use. Designed to deliver an outstanding user experience and featuring an aluminum case that ensures long-term durability, heat dissipation also plays an essential role in maintaining stable connections and avoiding damage over time.

The USB-C to HDMI Adapter Cable makes connecting any laptop or tablet with a USB-C port that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode to an HDMI monitor or TV easier, providing both video and audio over one cable, working with displays up to 4K 60Hz. It is ideal for business users as it eliminates additional adapters and cables.

This USB-C to HDMI cable connects your computer with a USB-C port to devices with HDMI inputs, such as HDTVs, monitors, or projectors that support resolutions up to 4K 60Hz. Perfect for HDTVs, monitors, projectors, and HD monitors alike – easy use provides reliable, high-quality connectivity. A reversible plug-in means it will still function no matter which direction it’s inserted!


A USB-C to HDMI adapter enables you to transfer your computer screen onto an HDMI display, TV, or projector quickly and effortlessly. No extra cables, dongles, or power sources are needed – plus, this adapter ensures a stable connection and boosts 4K signal strength so your monitor or TV shows an impressive picture quality!

The USB-C to HDMI converter works with any mobile device with a USB-C port, such as most Samsung, LG, and Apple smartphones and MacBooks equipped with one. It supports the newer HDMI 1.4b standard that enables 3D video playback as well as Consumer Electronics Control, or CEC. In addition, its upstream power delivery port gives up to 60W (20 V / 3 A), supporting high-speed data transfer with maximum performance.

This Manhattan USB-C to HDMI cable makes connecting your laptop, smartphone, or other media devices with any HDMI monitor, TV, or projector simple and reliable. It features a solid connection without the need for extra cables or dongles, reducing clutter in the work area while remaining portable and compact for travel – perfect for business trips, allowing presentations on the go!

There are a variety of ways to connect your mobile device to a television screen, but USB-C to HDMI cables provide the best experience when gaming or watching movies on a large screen. They’re especially useful for gaming or watching movies without experiencing lag due to poor Wi-Fi signals or other factors.

An Anker USB-C to HDMI adapter offers an affordable solution that’s simple to set up, making installation straightforward. These adapters come in various lengths and include an 18-month worry-free warranty; their premium materials provide durability and performance. Besides supporting HDMI Thunderbolt 3, audio data transmission over one cable – plus other valuable adapters and cables will meet all your needs!