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How to Change the Hikvision Standard Password


Hikvision IP cameras and DVRs no longer come equipped with default passwords (for a few years). This practice helps protect users against hacking attacks by protecting against accidental user input errors and keeping hackers at bay. Discover the best info about هایک ویژن.

Change of default login password is typically straightforward for most models with recent firmware. Use a browser, the recorder’s built-in controls, or the iVMS-4200 software to change it.

Default Username

Installers of Hikvision video surveillance systems may need to know the default username and Password for their cameras in order to access their web interfaces, protecting against potential attacks from hackers. Furthermore, for maximum protection, use a secure password containing lowercase letters as well as special characters to block any unwarranted entry attempts.

Hikvision and OEM devices frequently come equipped with default usernames and passwords that are easily accessible to anyone who knows where to look; hackers could gain entry without detection, gaining access to sensitive data. This poses a significant security risk.

Hikvision devices with the latest firmware (V5.3.0 for DVRs and version 3.3.0 for NVRs) have unique default username and password combinations such as admin or 12345; instead, this manufacturer requires users to create their Password when first activating their device, so be sure to store this somewhere safe should it ever become forgotten.

Hikvision devices allow you to change their default password via an internet browser easily, the recorder’s onboard controls, or the iVMS-4200 software. Alternatively, contact an authorized dealer or reseller for help resetting it – although this method could take time as it involves reconfiguring all systems simultaneously.

Hikvision devices’ default password and user name can be found on their manufacturer’s website, while you can also use the iVMS-4200 software to access them remotely. Keep in mind that hackers can easily guess these passwords, so it is advised to change them as soon as possible.

Hackers have taken advantage of default passwords and usernames by creating user accounts that are easy to compromise – this enables them to gain entry to your video surveillance system even after you have changed it. Therefore, these user accounts must be monitored to make sure that hackers don’t exploit them for criminal activity.

Default Password

Security integrators frequently use hikvision cameras to access client video surveillance systems. Their default passwords often include “12345,” but can vary depending on which model of camera it is. Creating a difficult-to-guess password is crucial in protecting against hackers; should you forget your default password, you can reach out to one of their authorized distributors or local technical support teams; they will send a “key” that allows you to change it easily on your Hikvision device.

Hikvision devices of recent vintage do not feature default passwords; instead, users need to create one during the initial setup process in order to protect themselves against hacking attempts on devices accessible online and for the more straightforward device setup process. This approach provides more excellent protection from potential security threats while making setup quicker for the end-users.

Many users forget their default password for Hikvision cameras or recorders and can’t gain entry to them, creating issues when trying to obtain footage for use at home or business. We will show you how to change and reset it with ease using a DVR/NVR and Cameras by Hikvision.

Method 1: Change Password with iVMS-4200
Switching out the default password of any Hikvision device is quick and straightforward with the free iVMS-4200 monitoring software from Hikvision’s official website. Compatible with both PCs and Mac computers, iVMS-4200 enables remote connection to your DVR/NVR or IP camera from wherever it may be installed.

Hikvision’s iVMS-4200 software is designed to work seamlessly with most of its devices, such as DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras. Once the software is installed on your computer, you can add widgets and configure their settings easily using either web browsing or USB cables.

Use the iVMS-4200 software to change your Password directly on the device. Select your device from the list of online devices and click “Edit,” enter in your current username/password combination for that device, click “OK,” create and enter a new one, and then confirm. To complete the process.

Default IP Address

Default IP addresses can help prevent hacking attempts and increase security by connecting network devices like cameras, DVRs, and NVRs with default IP addresses. Before making use of them, however, certain factors must be taken into consideration, such as making sure they belong in the same subnet as your computer and frequently changing them for added protection.

HIKVISION’s newer products do not have a default password; as required, you have to set a unique admin password when first accessing your device. In order to do so, follow the steps outlined in your user manual or call your authorized reseller or dealer and have them reset it for you.

To reset a Hikvision camera, you must be familiar with its factory reset code and how to enter it. Otherwise, the camera may cease functioning normally until factory resetting has taken place; to achieve this, you must hold down on the reset button for 1.5 minutes (90 Seconds), disconnect the network cable for 30 seconds, and then read connect.

Hikvision cameras come equipped with the default username and Password of “admin” and “12345”, as well as their IP address, which is 192,.0.0.64; using SADP tools, this IP can be seen. These usernames and passwords may be used for Hikvision-branded products as well as OEM reseller equipment sold under these brand names: 3xLogic, Alibi (Supercircuits), Annke, Arcdyn Ezviz Hitachi Interlogix UTC LaView LTS Nelly’s SecurityTronix Sentry CCTV Technomate Toshiba Vantage Security Vezco CCTV Videoteknika Winic.

Hikvision DVR/NVR devices use “admin” as the default username and Password. To log in, log in to a web browser on your computer, type in the IP address of the recorder/camera into the URL bar of a browser supporting HTML5, such as Chrome or Mozilla, then and se SADP the tool to discover its IP address.

Factory Reset

Hikvision cameras and recorders no longer come equipped with default passwords (for several years now). Instead, during the initial setup process, the device requires users to create unique and strong passwords – this provides greater security by helping to prevent hacking attacks against devices. Unfortunately, though, some may forget after installing their Hikvision device, there are multiple ways you can reset its Password: you can contact an authorized Hikvision partner in your country to reset it for you, or you could use the Hik-Conthe next app, which allows users to manage both Password and username for each hikvision device connected with it.

To reset a hikvision DVR/NVR’s password, first install and properly configure the monitor program iVMS-4200 on your computer. Double Double-clicking near the left bottom of the login interface should bring up a password reset dialog; please note this process can take time, so this should only be tried if you feel overwhelmed by how to manage it correctly.

If you don’t own the iVMS-4200 monitor software, an alternative way of changing passwords would be using the NVR/DVR local GUI. In this method, you must know your device’s IP address (usually This information can be found by accessing its web interface through your browser or network discovery tools.

Within the NVR/DVR’s local GUI, locate and click on the camera icon. From here, change your administrator password by inputting your current one, entering a new one twice for confirmation, and then finally clicking “Save.” This method works on any Hikvision NVR or DVR with either an old or new interface.

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