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Lil Huddy Tour – The Eulogy of You and Me


TikTok star and Hype House member Chase Hudson has won over audiences with his unique style and talent, inspiring followers to embrace their individuality and express it freely to the world.

Huddy is also an advocate for mental health awareness and seeks to assist those in need. He values his fanbase and hosts meet-and-greet events to show his appreciation.

Lil Huddy

Chase Hudson amassed millions of followers on TikTok under his nickname Lil Huddy and co-founded viral collective The Hype House before shifting his focus towards music in 2018. Rebranding himself as LILHUDDY, 19-year-old Hudson created eccentric pop-punk anthems that appealed to fans of Blink-182 and All Time Low while tapping into Gen Z’s demand for genre revival.

Huddy took no prior onstage experience into account when filling a room and connecting with his audience, yet was nonetheless an impressive performer on stage. His debut album, Teenage Heartbreak, stands as proof of his musical talent and ability to write catchy melodies with memorable lyrics.

Don’t Freak Out, the lead single off this album, features Iann Dior, Travis Barker of blink-182, and Tyson Ritter from All-American Rejects – creating a high-energy track that successfully blends pop punk music with some minor rap segments for an engaging musical experience. It makes this release genuinely distinctive among other pop-punk releases.

Huddy takes us on a journey through his teenage heartbreak on this album. With succinct storytelling and powerful riffs that capture its emotional truths, this collection of songs showcases modern emo’s revival.

Teenage Heartbreak, LILHUDDY’s debut album, is an impressive showcase of what can happen when talented artists take the time to hone their craft and dedicate themselves to improving it. His future looks bright – we can only look forward to more studio albums from LILHUDDY in the near future.

TikTok influencers are constantly changing, and music has long been a favorite outlet for TikTok stars to express themselves creatively. Many have even gone on to establish careers outside of TikTok; LILHUDDY may follow in this path if he continues releasing quality tracks; with so much talent waiting in his musical arsenal, it might only take time until one of these rising stars breaks through!

Teenage Heartbreak

At a time when the world is still recovering from COVID-19, many artists are eager to hit the road and entertain their audiences. Huddy is an ideal example. After becoming popular on TikTok as one of the founders of the Hype House collective, when he released his debut music under his new moniker of Huddy, it was evident he still had much to prove.

Huddy made it evident during his performance at Moment House that his primary priority was pleasing his fans. Devoted fans gathered near the front of the stage, and their energy provided constant motivation; Huddy engaged them immediately with his natural on-stage presence and quickly entertained the crowd.

Though Huddy was not technically part of a band, he did have a fantastic full-band backing band that provided music and brought exciting rockstar energy. Huddy took full advantage of their talents to reach out and engage his audience – something bands tend to do more effectively than solo acts like himself. Huddy proved himself to be more than just another TikTok influencer with music projects; he proved himself to be an exceptional entertainer who captured fans’ hearts while drawing them into an exciting pop-punk revival!

Don’t Freak Out

Huddy is an ambitious young person looking to make his mark. After co-founding TikTok collective Hype House, he’s now making music as an artist reminiscent of pop-punk, such as Blink-182 or All Time Low; his catchy yet encouraging tunes show signs of rock star potential that his audience has responded positively to.

“Go Cry on Someone Else’s Shoulder” features an exciting rhythm with frequent back-and-forth. Furthermore, this song marks the only one on this album to incorporate some harmonica sound, adding texture and interest. It provides an excellent start to this album’s songs.

Huddy has an incredible, rich voice that belies his young age. His songs are highly relatable and address everyday struggles such as teenage heartbreak, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, his live performances match up perfectly with his recorded work.

Though COVID-19 had temporarily put live entertainment on hold, many artists are slowly returning to the stage with new concerts and experiences – his fans eagerly anticipated Huddy!

The Eulogy of You and Me

The Eulogy of You and Me delves deeply into heartbreak, depicting both pain and loss associated with relationships. With its captivating lyrics and ethereal melodies, The Eulogy of You and Me resonates deeply with listeners – not to mention LILHUDDY himself, who found inspiration for his song in his own experiences and struggles in love.

Huddy has amassed an impressive fan base despite only being 19 years old. A California native, Huddy first rose to prominence as co-founder of the Hype House collective before going on to become an internet celebrity and fashion icon for e-boy fashion. Following this online success, the artist transitioned into music with Teenage Heartbreak, an album that solidified him as an emerging star and received widespread critical acclaim.

Huddy brings his signature rockstar energy onto any stage he performs at, no matter the audience size. He immediately engages the crowd by drawing in fans from the front row to form an enthusiastic circle around himself, then goes on to perform with a full backup band while unleashing high-energy hits such as “Shout It Out Loud.”

Huddy’s concerts are immensely popular due to his sound that blends the nostalgic sound of Blink-182 with Gen Z emo revivalist 5 Seconds of Summer, making for an engaging performance and showing that young influencers can also become true rockstars in their own right.