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Lip Blushing Near Me in New York


Lip blushing can be done safely by an experienced professional; however, complications may arise with any semi-permanent tattoo procedure.

Before booking a session with any artist, always conduct thorough research. Review healed pictures from their clients and read up on their bios to make an informed decision. An ideal cosmetic tattoo artist will have an in-depth knowledge of your medical history and skin conditions that they can leverage when selecting a session design for you.

Personalized Results

Lip blushing can be a safe and effective treatment by an experienced professional, just like any cosmetic tattoo service. As with any procedure that uses ink on the skin, however, there are certain precautions you’ll want to take. As with other services that involve tattooing on the skin, such as lip blushing or tattooing on body parts such as arms and hands, certain precautions must be taken – for instance, ensuring there are no cold sores, rashes, or other conditions that might interfere with the healing process; avoid excessive sweating when working out before appointments as well as aspirin/ibuprofen/other medications which thin the blood.

At your initial session, an artist will apply numbing cream and map out your desired tattoo line before beginning the tattooing process. Depending on the artist, this may take approximately an hour; then, they’ll use a hand-held tool with a small blade to create minor marks similar to what pencil erasers do on skin before applying pigment to them for a natural-looking, permanent lip color that lasts.

Once the process is finished, touch-up sessions may be necessary to maintain results. On average, this means one to two per year; however, your lifestyle and skin type will affect how long your lip blush tattoo lasts; smoking, spending lots of time in direct sunlight, or having an iron deficiency could shorten its life significantly.

Make an appointment with an expert lip-blushing artist, and they can assess your skin, talk through the procedure, and draw up a sample for you to approve. They’ll also be able to tell you exactly how long treatment will last and what can be expected as it heals.

Brows & Beauty by Jana offers professional lip-blushing services in your neighborhood and has earned clients’ trust through years of expertise. She adheres to established safety and sanitization protocols to provide the optimal experience with knowledge in permanent makeup artistry and emphasizing natural-looking lip color while camouflaging scarring scars for an ageless appearance.

Safe & Reliable

As with any cosmetic procedure, there’s always the risk that your desired results might not materialize. To mitigate this possibility, conduct extensive research when choosing your technician; ensure they have testimonials from previous clients and images of healed results, and read through Google reviews before scheduling your appointment.

Jana Raris, a certified permanent makeup artist, will consult with you to assess your lip color and shape preferences and create an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically for you. She’ll follow all health and sanitization regulations to ensure comfort and safety.

Unlike semipermanent tattooing methods using one-size-fits-all formulas, this treatment uses organic pigments to achieve a natural-looking lip color and shape enhancement in one to two years. Like microblading your eyebrows, aestheticians make tiny cuts in lips to deposit pigment through micro stakes; however, scar tissue doesn’t form.

Though the process is generally non-painful, you should expect your lips to become swollen, reddened, and flaky for at least the first week. At this time, taking mild pain relievers such as Tylenol may help ease any discomfort. Also, remember not to pick at scabs during this period as this can cause infection; soothing products (Aquaphor, for instance) such as Aquaphor can provide comforting support.

As the micro cuts created during pigment delivery are minimal, the risk of infection is relatively minimal; however, like any tattoo or permanent makeup procedure, there may be an allergic reaction to the dye used.

Other factors that may cause complications include an active cold sore, lip fillers in the area, or sun-sensitizing products used nearby. Obtaining an antiviral prescription from your physician before any injection or filler treatments and waiting four weeks post-injection or filler treatments before completing the procedure. It is also vitally important that your technician is aware of your individual medical history – any allergies or sensitivities must also be communicated effectively.


Lip blushing can be an ideal solution for those seeking a natural-looking way to put together their look without makeup. It can help enhance your smile, create the appearance of fuller lips with more balance, create the impression of natural-looking pouts, and cover scars around the mouth. Results typically last up to one year, with touchups being recommended periodically to maintain the color intensity and enhance results.

The procedure is pain-free and can be done using topical anesthetic to lessen discomfort. A certified permanent makeup artist will use a sterilized needle or blade to tattoo an outline of your lips before filling them in with their desired lip color – the process generally takes 30-60 minutes; technicians provide plenty of numbing cream before beginning, as well as taking breaks as needed to reapply it when necessary.

Once your lips have healed, they may be tender and even start to scab over. They require plenty of hydration, and you should avoid picking at any scabs as they form. Furthermore, you must set reasonable expectations about the outcome of your procedure; otherwise, your lips could look too thick or fake-looking.

An expert permanent makeup artist should be able to apply this technique without making your lips appear too “done up.” When choosing your technician, make sure to do your research by reading reviews online and asking for pictures of healed work. Instagram offers many talented artists you can contact directly before scheduling an appointment.

Jana, a licensed permanent makeup artist, uses her artistic drawing, painting, and color-matching skills to provide her Brows and Beauty clients with safe yet attractive lip shading services. From adding definition, brightening pale lips, or creating peach tones to lighten dark lips in two shades, she can custom design a shade that complements your skin tone and natural lip shape – following established health and sanitization guidelines to ensure a safe experience! Schedule your consultation now!


Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup procedure with a cosmetic tattoo gun (set on low) and water-based inks to tint your lips. While lip blushing offers an alternative to fillers, it won’t change their size or make them feel any different; rather, it enhances natural lip symmetry, covers uneven pigmentation from scars or stretch marks, and adds a soft wash of color for an illusion of fuller and naturally flushed pout. Various shades are available that suit different skin tones – typically lasting for about a year before eventually fading over time.

As with any semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, conducting sufficient research and finding an experienced technician is crucial. Your artist should discuss any skin conditions or sensitivities that could impede results (eczema, cold sores, or acne) that could impact their results, treatments in the area, and allergies or sensitivities to numbing cream or tattoo ink as this will affect results significantly.

Once you find an aesthetician, they will apply topical anesthetic to your lips before drawing their shape with a white pencil to prepare for shade selection. Furthermore, they’ll consider any factors that might cause its fade-faster, such as sun exposure and smoking, to ensure optimal results.

There are various techniques you can try when it comes to lip color enhancement: lip blush (for a subtle tint with defined liner), aquarelle (natural look without a defined outline), and ombre (a two-tone effect that fades towards the center). Your choice will depend on your level of intensity as well as what color matches your natural lip color.

Touch-up appointments should be scheduled 4-6 weeks post-treatment to maintain results, and it’s strongly suggested to get one each year to keep them looking their best. While the color will gradually fade, reapplying lip blush can quickly refresh its tint to keep you looking your best at any given time – saving money and time as you will no longer need lipstick, lip gloss, or other similar products in the long run!