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Sol Advocate Eternal


Sol Advocate Eternal is an angel from an unknown realm who can heal and revive the dead, as well as provide general healing support. A versatile card, it is suitable for many deck types. Here are its main archetypes of use:

The current price average for this card is estimated to be 4447$.


Sol Advocate Eternal is an exceptionally effective card that can help you achieve a variety of goals in Magic. It can reduce the cost of your commander, give you an inexpensive flying partner, and promote legendary creatures to new owners. Furthermore, its ability makes teamwork simpler, which may come in handy at critical junctures. However, be wary that it may drain mana. To avoid this draining effect altogether, play this card alongside some more expensive commanders; otherwise, it will drain too much mana from your pool entirely – though less popular today in current formats, you may still encounter it in certain archetypes!


Sol advocate eternal is an effective commander that can be used to accomplish a variety of goals. From controlling the board to increasing attack or defense capabilities and even becoming the best commander in the game – Sol Advocate Eternal can help you achieve your desired goals with relative ease. Its cost is also relatively low, making this card suitable for both aggressive and control decks alike. Here are some tips on how best to utilize Sol Advocate Eternal in order to meet your desired outcomes.

Teamwork — When attacking or blocking with both Sol, Advocate Eternal and its partner, support four and investigate four times. This card was introduced into Heroes of the Realm as a celebration card.


Sol Advocate Eternal is an extraordinary card that can help achieve many of your objectives. Suitable for use in any green deck requiring a significant number of lands, this card can help hit your ground drops more often or turn around games when your land drops are falling behind.

Ramping can also be an excellent way to gain access to new commanders, enabling you to switch out commanders at any given moment. Just be wary about running too much ramp – doing too much could result in not enough lands being available when doing all that ramp. Therefore, you must invest in an adequate ramp suite.


Sol Advocate Eternal is an immensely versatile card in EDH that can help achieve multiple objectives. A popular combination is pairing it up with a planeswalker; this strategy can make the game much more enjoyable! Another powerful use for Sol Advocate Eternal is increasing its power by pairing with other commanders in your deck to bolster them further and ultimately win games!

There are numerous strategies available to you when trying to reduce the power of Sol Advocate eternal. One practical approach is limiting how many copies of each unique card a player may play at once in order to avoid ramping and ensure an enjoyable game experience for all participants. Another possibility would be finding less powerful ramping alternatives than Sol Ring; some such options include Honor-Worn Shaku, Norin the Wary, and Mind Stone, which are available as potential solutions here.