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The Best Classic Movies of All Time


The greatest classic movies create an impactful response among audiences, whether changing our understanding of cinema or redefining what constitutes a classic film. Psycho was one such classic, while Christopher Nolan’s Mulholland Drive has challenged what can be shown onscreen. Find out the best info about Classic Movies on DVD.

The Godfather

Few films have endured as long as The Godfather. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring a brilliant ensemble cast including Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone and Al Pacino as Sonny Corleone (Al Pacino is Sonny himself), Francis Ford Coppola’s multigenerational crime saga was revered upon its initial release and remains iconic today due to its excellent writing, iconic score, and stunning cinematography – qualities which set it apart from its contemporaries.

This film doesn’t romanticize or whitewash organized crime; instead, it shows how it mirrors transitional American society. Power struggles mirror civil society, from warring countries to business conquests. Loyalty and honor remain timeless themes in popular culture today, as evidenced by numerous references such as homages, quotations, parodies, and visual references from pop culture references that continue to celebrate its legacy today. Animaniacs even inspired an animated series called the Goodfeathers, inspired by famous gangster characters from this movie, which is an animated series featuring them alongside legendary gangster characters from it!

Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing”

Do the Right Thing is one of Spike Lee’s landmark films and a compelling, provocative watch that explores many sensitive subjects without shying away from confrontation or controversy. Though challenging at times to watch, Do the Right Thing remains a mesmerizing and riveting film that bravely takes on racism head-on.

This movie depicts various ethnic groups cohabiting peacefully in a lower-class New York neighborhood until one perceived grievance (no pictures of black people hanging at an Italian-American pizza place) escalates into a full-blown race riot. Starring Ossie Davis and Rosie Perez.

This movie is filled with drama, humor, entertainment, and honesty – making it a must-see for anyone wanting to witness how a master filmmaker approaches such an essential issue as race relations. Indeed, its relevance still resonates today – indeed, it is a masterpiece.

“Citizen Kane”

This film captured audiences and revolutionized cinema. Its revolutionary techniques, such as deep-focus photography and nonlinear storytelling, cemented it as one of cinema’s most influential works ever produced.

Welles utilized his Mercury Theatre cast of highly trained classically trained actors to craft unforgettable performances as Charles Foster Kane. The story’s powerful themes of power, corruption, and vanity provide ample fodder for interpretation by Welles’ audience.

Some critics speculate that media mogul William Randolph Hearst loosely inspired Citizen Kane, as Kane is believed to be loosely modeled on Hearst himself. Unfortunately for Hearst and others involved with its production and release, however. Still considered a classic due to its groundbreaking narrative structure and complex themes, Citizen Kane continues to influence modern directors and change how movies are made today. However, its slow moments and continuity errors leave something to be desired.

“Before Sunrise”

Any movie can become a classic when it reaches a certain level of popularity, but only certain films truly deserve this designation. Classic movies feature captivating performances, thought-provoking dialogue, and authentic storytelling, which resonates deeply with audiences.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy star as Jesse and Celine in this 1995 romantic drama film. Meeting on a train, the two young people spend the night together in Vienna before exchanging feelings through playful banter about life, relationships, and personal aspirations. There are few “Love Tropes,” as the romance unfolds through conversation rather than romantic gestures.

After its success, this trilogy was then made. For optimal viewing experience, viewers should watch each film in order as its characters build upon one another’s discoveries over time. Furthermore, director Richard Linklater showcases his documentary-style interest in mundane rites of passage of bored and restless individuals, such as secondhand aphorisms, philosophical discussions, and gender dynamics – something found throughout his work as well.

“The Rules of the Game”

While contemporary movies often recycle storylines and styles from previous decades, classic films pushed boundaries beyond what had come before them. They created genres, altered moviemaking technology, and shared timeless tales that will still resonate a century from now.

Jean Renoir’s 1939 comedy of manners and misbehavior is a light-hearted and biting satire of upper-class superficiality, featuring sophisticated byplay, comic tragedy, and the pioneering use of free-roaming deep-focus photography to keep multiple intrigues going simultaneously. While under lesser directors, such an experiment could quickly go awry, Renoir managed to pull it off effortlessly – one of his many influential and complex social critiques ever committed to film; its lingering shots and shifting framing camera work continue to influence modern filmmakers alike.

“Toy Story”

The 1995 computer-animated film that launched a beloved franchise features vintage cowboy doll Woody and his misfit friends from Toy Story 3, who all share one secret: they’re alive!

The group attempts to keep this to themselves but is unsuccessful. The first film portrays jealousy, conflicts, and other issues threatening to destabilize their community.

Woody also experiences an emotional transition as he must spend his days in a museum with all his fellow toys. He is no longer Andy’s favorite toy and lives out his days there with them, becoming less appealing as time passes and less likely to play with Andy again. That moment makes this movie stand out among its predecessors and sequels; Sarah McLachlan gives an unforgettable performance as Woody that alone justifies admission fee; further installments continue this story by further developing characters so audiences love them even more!


Classic movies have an incredible legacy, inspiring audiences for decades after they were first released and shaping our understanding of cinema in general. Such classics often break new ground genre-wise or use innovative film techniques while telling universal human tales that even audiences a hundred years later will still relate to.

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror film “Psycho,” with its groundbreaking shower scene and twist ending, revolutionized horror cinema. It introduced audiences to psychological horror rather than supernatural supernaturalism, thus fostering the rise of the slasher film genre. Furthermore, it is widely considered amongst the best-made movies, recently being included in the National Film Registry as a must-watch experience featuring Janet Leigh as one of its stars and some incredible performances – it should not be missed!


Fargo, a beloved classic drama from FX, explores small-town crime and people being pushed beyond their limits. Each season brings new settings and characters led by Emmy-nominated showrunner Noah Hawley, with this latest season shifting the location to 1950s Kansas City, Missouri, and featuring Juno Temple as Dorothy Lyon.

Like The Coen Brothers’ previous film, No Country for Old Men, Fargo is inspired by actual events. Though they used this hook as an audience draw-in technique, the filmmakers ensured their source materials perfectly complemented their narrative intentions.

Though not a massive hit upon its release, The Best Years of Our Lives remains an indispensable classic film for film fans. Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in an age-old romance tale, the American Film Institute named it one of its top 10 classic movies.

“The Birth of a Nation”

Django Unchained’s release has reignited public discussion of DW Griffith’s racist 1915 film. It highlights how cinema paired socially destructive bigotry with commercial success, often at the expense of its critics and black viewers.

“The Birth of a Nation” stands out from its peers with its nontraditional historical retelling and epic scope, as well as its depiction of slavery as the cornerstone of America’s landscape. This fundamental belief – later adopted in movies like Gone with the Wind – still shapes much of America’s current racial attitudes.

Nate Parker stars as Turner, one of the most notorious slave revolt leaders before Civil War America. Parker’s performance as Turner is its greatest strength, giving us insight into him as both a loving and an angry individual.

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