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The Best Evergreen Fertilizer For Acid-Loving Soils


Evergreen trees such as pines and spruces require fertilization from planting through their fifth year when established; after that, they only require periodic applications of water-soluble or granular or spike fertilizers that contain nitrogen for lush foliage growth and phosphate to promote root development; they may even include low pH-lowering mix that lowers soil acidity levels.

Espoma 4-3-6 Acid-Loving Fertilizer

If your yard features acid-loving plants like rhododendrons, azaleas, and hydrangeas, as well as evergreen shrubs such as holly or laurels that require acidic soils for their survival, the Espoma 4-3-6 Acid-Loving Fertilizer is an ideal choice. As a slow-release formula that delivers essential nutrients without overdoing it, the granular formula can be applied directly onto soil surfaces or containers for easy application – use once in early spring for best results, then again when blooms appear for optimal growth before another application in late fall will promote root development as well as increase resistance against harsh winter temperatures.

Fertilizers like BlueBerry Plus or RaspberryFert are excellent for feeding fruit trees like blueberries and raspberries as well as garden vegetables, though if planting non-acid-loving trees like arborvitae or boxwoods that prefer neutral soil conditions like arborvitae or boxwoods you will require the more neutral Plant-Tone soil conditioner instead. Use according to package instructions for optimal results: broadcast granules before planting, then work them into the top four inches of soil in preparation for new growth; scatter this product around existing plants to encourage blooming flowers and fruit trees.

FoxFarm Happy Frog Acid Loving Plants Fertilizer, certified organically and with mycorrhizal fungi, contains slow-release nutrients that won’t burn or leach away quickly, keeping plants healthy and vibrant year-round. While some users have reported expired packages or yellowed leaves as potential issues, overall positive reviews make this an excellent option for acid-loving plants.

Espoma Organic Traditions Soil Acidifier is another excellent product to amend soil. This natural mineral lowers pH levels to improve nutrient absorption and plant health and promotes dark greening in plants and turning pink hydrangeas blue.

Jobe’s Slow-Release Evergreen Fertilizer

This time-release evergreen fertilizer is easy to use and designed to boost lush foliage on junipers, spruces, and Leyland cypress trees. Additionally, it supports root development while strengthening plants against cold or heat stress. With an optimal blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients iron, and copper plus regular application once annually in spring and fall, it’s ideal for newly planted evergreen trees and shrubs or established evergreen shrubs that have recently been transplanted – you’re bound to find this product available at most garden centers or home improvement stores!

Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes are pre-measured fertilizers designed to deliver nutrients directly to evergreen trees’ roots without wasteful runoff or mess. Specially formulated to feed acid-loving evergreens and shrubs easily through drip lines with their slow-release formula, it is ideal for novice and seasoned gardeners!

Before using spikes, it’s essential to prepare the planting area properly. Start by ensuring moist soil, then remove any weeds or debris. Dig holes of the recommended size listed on packaging around the base of plants before inserting spikes evenly spaced for even fertilization of each plant.

Apply spikes early spring and fall to achieve optimal results, using them on various types of evergreens, such as junipers or spruces, to keep your yard looking lush year-round.

If you’re searching for an easy and efficient way to nourish evergreens, The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s 13-3-3 formula could be needed. Comprised of 13% Nitrogen for healthy plants, 3% Phosphorus for vibrant blooms and fruiting, and 3% Potassium – with easy spike insertion into the ground without needing plastic caps – this fertilizer delivers nutrients directly into the root zone without the waste associated with plastic lids – thus decreasing waste as well as risk.

Miracle-Gro Shake ’N Feed Shrubs and Flowering Trees Evergreen Fertilizer

This product is an ideal solution for gardeners looking to keep evergreen shrubs and other plants healthy, and It features a long-acting formula with up to three months of continuous release feeding, suitable for keeping beautiful foliage throughout the year. Its easy application method makes this an excellent option for busy homeowners or more miniature landscapes.

Liquid plant food is ideal for lawns, flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees. Its comprehensive formula includes both macro and micronutrients to provide ample plant nourishment. Plus, this product boasts easy application and low odor, as well as its concentrated formula; all it requires per gallon of water to feed all your plants is just a small dose!

Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Shrubs and Flowering Trees Evergreen Fertilizer is an efficient, long-acting, and economical choice for evergreen shrubs and other acid-loving plants. With its easy shake-on application method, this product makes the application fast and effortless without the spread of messy granules. Iron helps protect against yellowing leaves for vibrant green foliage with colorful blooms!

Pre-measured spikes are easy to install and provide a constant supply of nutrients throughout the growing season. Their slow-release formula prevents overfertilization and groundwater contamination, making these spikes suitable for residential and commercial properties. Plus, there are even options to customize to different tree varieties!

These granules are an ideal option for homeowners looking to kill pests and enhance the health of their trees. Their formula has been designed to target Japanese beetles, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), and many others. Plus, the application is simple with high customer satisfaction levels despite some reviewers finding its cap design less-than-ideal; nevertheless, this product makes an excellent addition for home gardeners!

Bayer Advanced 4-4-6 Acid-Loving Fertilizer

Down To Earth’s Acid Mix, 4-3-6 fertilizer has been specially tailored for acid-loving plants like rhododendrons, azaleas, and camellias to thrive in soil with a lower pH level. Use it in early spring before vegetative growth starts and when blooms appear. Apply again once colors appear for maximum benefits from its low pH levels – for vegetative growth and blooms alike! It can help counter the negative impacts of alkaline soils by making essential nutrients more available – such as iron, which absorbs better from acid soils than soils with higher pH levels – as iron more readily absorbs from acidic soils than alkaline ones; fall application can promote root growth as well as help trees and shrubs survive winter temperatures better! Its natural formulation includes mineral and organic ingredients, making it safe for pets and children!