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What is the Pixel Tablet?


The Pixel Tablet is an all-in-one Google Assistant device with unique Hub Mode functionality. When docked onto its magnetic dock, the Pixel Tablet becomes an intelligent display that anyone can control with voice-based voice control – be it streaming videos and music or managing home devices.

Create a morning routine to greet friends with warm greetings or turn down the lights for an intimate evening, then sync all your content and settings across accounts so you always have easy access to everything that matters.

It’s a brilliant display.

As an intelligent display, the Pixel Tablet serves as a digital photo frame, home screen, and remote control device. Plus, its built-in Google Assistant enables you to ask it questions and control devices hands-free – perfect for making getting ready more accessible in the morning, setting alarms, streaming entertainment – or starting video conference calls between family or coworkers!

The Pixel Tablet boasts an elegant and modern design as part of Google’s hardware portfolio. Featuring a flat power button and volume rocker on its left side and one USB-C port along its bottom edge, it comes in three colors – Porcelain Rose Hazel.

A Pixel Tablet is the ideal home screen solution for those who desire an intuitive home page that is easy to manage and update. It features a customizable home panel that displays photos, the weather forecast, and headline news, as well as Google Assistant functionality to make calls or send texts; additionally, it boasts high-resolution cameras providing crisp images.

In Hub Mode, your Pixel Tablet serves as an all-encompassing remote for all of your smart home devices. Use it to access music and TV shows, as well as search and control innovative products like lights, thermostats, and locks. Furthermore, video calling capabilities or live feed from cameras make this tablet ideal for monitoring children or animals while you are away from home.

As with other Android tablets, the Pixel Tablet allows users to multitask by simultaneously displaying two applications on its screen – for instance, YouTube while writing in Google Docs! Google has optimized several of its applications, such as Gmail and WhatsApp, specifically for larger displays, while third-party developers may provide split-screen views as an added option.

Pixel Tablet also features an innovative feature called the “Magic Eraser,” allowing you to remove distracting elements from photos taken with its camera discreetly. Furthermore, it can change the color and brightness of objects to blend in more smoothly with their surroundings.

It’s a smart speaker.

The Pixel Tablet is a multipurpose brilliant display and speaker. Featuring a premium nanoceramic finish with smooth rounded corners, its design stands out amongst its peers as an unmistakable part of Google’s Pixel family. The large display provides an immersive experience when using Google Assistant-based tasks and supports multiple users (with separate customized settings and apps, layouts, wallpapers, and widgets); it can recognize each voice to act as their assistant.

This feature makes the Pixel Tablet an excellent addition to the living room or home office, featuring powerful speaker output that fills even medium-sized spaces with high-quality sound, as well as hands-free calling support from supported services and an onboard microphone with hands-free calling support. Furthermore, its camera can automatically adjust the lighting in any environment to keep users centered in the frame for video calls or selfies; plus, it can shoot 4K videos while taking advantage of Night Sight to capture stunning photos even in low-lighting environments.

Not only can a tablet offer innovative capabilities of its own, but it can also connect with devices like Chromecast and other Google Home devices for an entertainment experience. This integration makes streaming movies, podcasts, TV shows, and audiobooks much simpler on a large-screen display. You could even listen to them while cooking or doing dishes – perfect!

Like its other Pixel gadgets, the Pixel Tablet runs Google’s tailored version of Android software. This interface matches up perfectly with that found on Pixel phones for ease of navigation, and its Tensor G2 processor powers all its flagship smartphones as well.

Hub Mode is another unique aspect of the Pixel Tablet that sets it apart. Once docked, it enters an advanced mode that serves as both a digital photo frame and smart home hub – showing photos from Google Photos as well as weather forecasts and calendar events on its home panel and providing control over smart home devices using Google Assistant.

It’s an intelligent camera.

The Pixel tablet stands out for several reasons. Its design is sleek and modern, made of aluminum with nanoceramic coating to make it feel sturdy and well-built. The flat power button and volume rocker are conveniently placed on its left edge, while a USB-C port sits below. Weighing only slightly over one pound and available in three colors, including Porcelain Rose Hazel, the Pixel tablet offers stunning images as quickly as it responds to commands.

Google has made a great effort to promote the Pixel tablet’s camera capabilities, with both front and rear 8MP fixed-focus shooters featuring video chat optimizations taken directly from Pixel phones. Google’s continuous framing feature keeps your face in the frame during video calls, while its unique f/2.0 lens reduces glare and blur.

As with other Android tablets, the Pixel tablet can perform all of the usual activities associated with tablet usage: browsing the internet and Gmail accounts, watching videos, listening to music and podcasts, using productivity apps like Docs and Sheets as well as making calls and messaging friends and making phone calls and messaging them as well as acting as digital photo frames, controlling smart home devices or playing games with kids.

Contrasting with other tablets, the Pixel tablet stands out by being placed into its Charging Speaker Dock to transition into “Hub Mode,” where it acts like an intelligent display with weather, clocks, or beautiful photos from Google Photos as screensavers; you can access smart home controls via an improved version of Google Home app; it is a unique concept which sets it apart from competitors.

The Pixel tablet was designed to meet your most pressing home needs. Dock it and enjoy music and video streaming with excellent sound, control your smart home system with ease, or say “Hey Google” for hands-free assistance. When family movie night comes around, set a routine that closes the shades, dims lights, starts your favorite flick on TV, and turns up the heat – perfect!

It’s a bright kitchen.

The Pixel Tablet is an impressive tablet with an unconventional feature: When attached magnetically to its Charging Speaker Dock, it transforms into something similar to Google’s Nest Hub Max bright display and enters a special mode that can function as either an interactive digital photo frame or home control hub. While in “Hub Mode,” users can access Google Assistant without unlocking their device first while seeing a panel of smart home controls displayed directly on its screen.

When in tablet mode, the Pixel provides all the functions expected from an advanced Android device – streaming video and searching the internet are among its capabilities; stereo speakers deliver clear audio; USI 2.0 stylus pens support clear audio quality while its split-screen multitasking enables simultaneous work on two apps at the same time. Unfortunately, though, no headphone jack was provided, which would have made life even more convenient.

Use of the Pixel as a kitchen hub can make it even more valuable; you can display photos as digital frames while receiving helpful tips and information from its screen. In addition, it can control smart home devices such as lights or doorbell cameras remotely, as well as help plan meals via its recipe feature.

Kitchen displays with intelligent technology such as the Pixel can be beneficial when cooking or hosting guests, displaying recipes and video from streaming services, while its immersive screen makes for the ideal way to watch television or movies. Plus, it allows hands-free calls through Google Duo!

The Pixel Tablet’s innovative kitchen capabilities are impressive, yet may be out of reach for most buyers. Unfortunately, many of the apps you use on your phone don’t take full advantage of its larger display – for instance, MLB’s app opens portrait mode instead of landscape, while Slack doesn’t feature its persistent sidebar like on an iPad would do – though still an excellent option for anyone wanting an authentic Google experience with innovative display capabilities.