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Protect Your Shoes With a Sole Guard


The sole guard is designed to protect leather soles against early deterioration by limiting abrasion and penetration damage as well as helping prevent rust formation. Application is easy, and drying times are quick.

A shoe sole protector comprises three main elements, including a cushioned ground engaging portion, a wear-indicating layer, and an adhesive layer. This combination ensures maximum comfort during use.


Sole guards are an easy and cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your shoes. Their application is quick and effortless; made from rigid, waterproof material, they protect your footwear against moisture, wear and tear, and weathering for longer life. Custom cut to suit individual shoes’ soles, they’re also waterproof to stop saltwater penetration into leather soles as well as suede soles!

Sole protectors not only safeguard shoes against premature wear and tear, but they can also limit damage caused by abrasion. This is especially essential for shoes with leather soles, which can become easily eroded by saltwater and other chemicals. Sole protectors will keep their bottom dry to extend their lifespan and improve their look.

Shoe sole protectors offer another benefit of being accessible and pain-free to use – no unintended loss of balance is created when applying. Sprays may leave shoes feeling off balance when applied; sole protectors do not make this imbalance. You can quickly test this by stepping on a credit card while wearing your shoes and seeing how this affects their balance; if there is a significant change to this, another form of sole protection might be more suitable.

Waterproof shoe sole stickers also boast non-slip properties and can easily be cut to fit the bottoms of any pair of footwear. Offering an array of colors and designs, they make for ideal footwear accessories suitable for all kinds of footwear; use as replacement inserts or polish alternatives or in combination with shoelace guards!

These transparent shoe sole stickers can be used with high heels, stilettos, boots, open-toed shoes, flats, and sneakers of various types and can easily adhere to shoes of different styles without glue being needed for application. Peel away the white release paper on their backsides before sticking them onto your soles by pressing them firmly against them until the stickers adhere firmly to their positions. Once stuck onto their spots, press repeatedly to set them into place.


Sole guards are thin pieces of textured rubber applied to the outer surface of shoe soles to help prevent slipperiness on wet or slippery surfaces and to extend their life. Easy to use and without damage to sole surfaces, sole guards come in various colors and patterns to give your shoe its flair.

A premium kit for sole protection includes explicit material that can be used to create an exact template of the shoe’s sole and a precision razor blade, making the application of non-skid pads simpler and more accurate. In addition, this set contains a brush for cleaning off dirt or debris before applying non-skid pads in order to prevent sticking and keeping dirt away from damaging shoes’ soles.

Sole Protectors feature a textured surface designed to grip surfaces like walkways, warehouse floors, loading ramps, and machine operating areas. Their comfortable walking experience reduces foot fatigue by offering support on your shoe soles – great for work as well as casual wear! They can be applied directly onto shoes or boots and make great additions for both work and informal settings alike.

Non-skid coatings come in various materials, from rubber to urethane and silicone. Each material offers different advantages and drawbacks; all are designed to provide traction and safety. Rubber-based non-skid coatings are popular choices due to their excellent tensile strength, resistance to oil and chemicals, and ability to be cut or shaped easily to fit around any curves on shoes.


Sole protectors are thin films designed to cover the bottoms of shoes. Watertight and slip-resistant, it helps provide traction on slippery surfaces and helps prevent puncturing by sharp objects such as nails. The application requires no special tools.

Sole guards can also help delay premature wear on leather soles by limiting abrasion, salt penetration, and moisture entry into them. Their unique formulation nourishes and softens leather soles while simultaneously waterproofing them; perfect for people who regularly wear leather shoes and wish to extend their lifespan – these protection products won’t mark floors either; they are an excellent choice for work and home environments alike!

Note that sole guards are not meant to replace worn-out soles or patches; rather they act as preventive measures against premature wear on leather soles that have been cared for well and can act as an inexpensive way of shielding shoes from damage. Sole guards are an investment for shoes that have been appropriately maintained and may provide cost-effective protection from further wear on your investment shoes.

There are various types of sole guards on the market today. From thicker versions with adhesive backings to those that adhere directly to the sole of a shoe – you should choose exclusive guards carefully, as they should not restrict or cause discomfort for movement within your shoe and your foot. It is wise to try various options before settling on one!

Some shoemakers are resistant to customers using sole guards. Cobblers trained to sell lone guards are often told that exclusive guards prevent leather-soled shoes from breathing as much when, in reality, there is little difference between having or not having one; the only real difference will be an increase in weight for those wearing one.

Sole guards can be invaluable tools for those living with mobility challenges, particularly those having difficulty walking and standing. Affixed directly to the soles of shoes, exclusive guards help prevent injury caused by falls or rolling. Furthermore, pressure sore prevention devices such as Repose are being developed as reactive sole plates, which can be easily inflated using a small manual pump.

Easy to Apply

Sole guards can be an excellent way to safeguard the condition of new shoes from becoming damaged, providing water and rust protection, as well as prolonging the lifespan of leather soles. They’re easy to apply and can save your new kicks from water damage, rust, and scuffing damage. Additionally, exclusive guards may help extend their longevity by keeping out moisture.

To apply a sole protector, you will require scissors, something to trace with (pen, pencils, or markers), and a heat gun. In addition, any dirt and debris should be cleaned from your shoe before proceeding with the application of the guard. Once the shoe is clean and dry, trace around the area you wish to protect with a pencil or marker before cutting it out and applying it onto the sole of the shoe before heating it with your heat gun until fully adhered.

This product is ideal for barefoot hooves as it sets in 30 seconds and bonds securely to both sole and frog, providing cushion and dampening concussion. One 180cc cartridge typically covers three or four hooves.

Saphir Medaille d’Or Sole Guard is an essential product for anyone who wishes to extend the lifespan of their shoes. Its innovative formula has been specifically developed to resist water penetration, preserve leather soles, and nourish and soften leather soles; additionally, it won’t mark floors when applied, making it suitable for use in any setting.

Contrary to other sole protectors that can feel bulky and stiff in your shoe, this one has no detrimental impact on hoof flexibility. Composed of thin yet high-quality polymer that is invisible to the naked eye – plus has an extreme strength adhesive capable of adhering securely to any shoe – this sole protector does not compromise the flexibility of hoof movement or the flexibility of action in any way.

This solution is ideal for riders who wear their boots for extended periods, as well as protecting horses in concrete or paved environments where their heels bear most of the impact. It is easy to apply and stays bonded for two weeks of light riding.