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Solo Leveling 197 – The Next Instalment


Solo Leveling 197 is a Korean action manhwa published by Kakao Page that follows Sung Jin-Woo, an ordinary hunter who gains extraordinary powers that help him conquer a world filled with monsters and talented hunters.

Suho had become weary of fighting, wondering whether he had progressed after so quickly dispatching Knight Shadow. Knight Shadow was genuinely astounded at Suho’s strength in battle and saw immense potential in him.

Release Date

Solo Leveling, a popular Korean action manhwa, is set for its next chapter. After Sung Sooho cleared 100 floors in the previous installment, fans eagerly anticipated its release – Chapter 197 – which promised Suho’s power in battle astounded Knight Shadow, yet Suho still had to learn how to harness all his abilities effectively.

This chapter begins with Sung Suho fighting a shadow monster. However, Suho was confused when the beast started crying while fighting him; nonetheless, he managed to defeat it, yet when he turned around, it had left. The next scene depicts an opening leading into another stage; suddenly, Suho finds himself in an unfamiliar area filled with numerous monsters!

Suho starts by attacking each monster one at a time and defeating them until he reaches the stage boss, who hits him with an energy blast to break through their defenses and blow up their mountain! Suho realizes this stage boss is a formidable opponent – after all, this boss is Jinwoo’s son!

Suho enters through a gate that appears to lead back to his main map, but, to his disbelief, it leads straight into D Tower of Songpa district! At first, he feels lost but eventually manages to find his way out.

Solo Leveling is an acclaimed manga series about an ordinary hunter who gains extraordinary powers to become the strongest hunter in his game. It has achieved tremendous success, translated to English by TappyToon, Tapas, Webnovel, and Pocket Comic – as well as receiving an anime adaptation directed by Shunsuke Nakashige and Noboru Kimura with airing dates set for 2022; fans can watch its subbed version through Crunchyroll until then.


Solo Leveling Chapter 197 is the next installment of this popular Korean action manga after Sung Sooho cleared 100 floors in previous chapters. Sung Sooho’s extraordinary power in battle stunned Knight Shadow, who believed Suho had untapped potential; however, Knight Shadow quickly realized Suho still wasn’t aware of how best to utilize her abilities.

Sung Sooho used his formidable strength to defeat monsters on the 50th floor and make his way up through it, eventually meeting Antares, Monarch of Destruction and strongest Monarch among all. Fighting this powerful creature proved easy for Sung Sooho, who trounced it. Tapas and Tappytoon in English are available on Tapas, while Kakao Page in South Korea provides access to Piccoma Japan. Piccoma is accessible in Japan. Kakao Webtoon is also accessible to Thai-Chinese users.


Solo Leveling is a manga series written and illustrated by Chugong that follows a man as he becomes one of the strongest hunters while still hunting low-rank monsters in Gates to pay his mother’s medical expenses. Published serially on Korean mobile Comics and Fiction Platform Kakao Page as well as via Piccoma Webtoon Publishing House in Thailand and China and Kakao Webtoon Publication Services in South Korea, Solo Leveling features in Thailand, China, and South Korea, respectively.

Chapter 197 of this popular manga will soon be out. Following Sung Sooho’s triumphant 100-floor clearance in Chapter 196, fans are eagerly awaiting this next installment. Suho’s power in battle amazed Knight Shadow, who saw potential in his young hunter; though not knowing exactly how to utilize his powers, he managed to generate incredible amounts of energy through their usage.

However, his true power will only become apparent once he confronts Antares of the Monarchs; thus his journey will extend far beyond human boundaries into an unfamiliar and dangerous universe of magic and monsters.

Release Location

Knight Shadow was dazzled by Suho’s battle power, believing him to have immense promise. Though unaware of how to utilize his powers correctly, Suho was still able to summon vast amounts of energy despite this lack of training – so much so that Knight Shadow promoted him even before Suho had conquered all the monsters that had died off.

Solo Leveling will soon return with Chapter 197, and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Sung Sooho recently cleared 100 floors in Chapter 196, so fans are excited about its release on tapas and Tappytoon; in Thailand and China, Kakao Webtoon, Piccoma in Japan, and Kakao Page will all also release it simultaneously.

A-1 Pictures, best known for Sword Art Online and Erased animation studio hits, will produce the Solo Leveling anime. Shunsuke Nakashige will direct with Noboru Kimura as head writer, Tomoko Sudo as character designer, and Hiroyuki Sawano from Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill fame as composer, contributing character design work as well. Thanks to A-1 Pictures’ experienced animation team behind Solo Leveling, anime will surely be successful, available across platforms like Kakao Webtoon in Thailand/Japan and Piccoma in China/South Korea platforms.